Best FireStick Apps in 2023 for Movies, Shows, & More

Hi, this is Nick. In this post, you will find the list of the best FireStick apps in 2023 for Movies, Series, Live TV, & More.

This list is updated regularly and contains only the best working apps.

You may like to bookmark this page for quick access anytime you want.

These apps work on FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K Max, and, Fire TV Cube as well as Nvidia Shield, Tivo Stream 4K, Mi Box, & Android TV.

We encourage you to drop a comment at the end of this guide if you think we missed any good app or if you feel any of these apps aren’t doing that great.

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FireStick comes with the official Amazon App Store, which is the place to install hundreds of applications.

However, the Amazon Store still does not feature some of the best apps for FireStick you would want to have.

Therefore, while I am including several apps you can directly install from the official Store, you will probably be more interested in the third-party apps here that help you cut the cord in the true sense.

best firestick apps

These third-party apps can be easily side-loaded on your FireStick or Fire TV.

I have provided the link to the detailed guides with some of the apps. The new guides are coming soon for the other apps.

With these best firestick apps, we have hand-picked for you, you can watch Movies, Shows, Live TV, Sports, and more.

Some of these apps are also part of the best Jailbreak Apps for FireStick.

Most of these third-party apps work on Android TV Boxes and Smart Android TVs as well.

Disclaimer: does not endorse the streaming of licensed or copyrighted content. This guide is for informational purposes only. Use the services provided in this guide at your own discretion. Always stream content available in the public domain.

Best FireStick Apps for Security & Privacy

It is extremely important that you hide your online activities and maintain your privacy while streaming.

⚠ Your IP address is exposed

There is a fair chance that your online streaming activities are being monitored and tracked by your ISP and even your Government.  Your streaming records can be used against you – legally. 

Here are the VPN apps that will secure your FireStick and prevent you from any kind of monitoring or tracking.

1. ExpressVPN – super-fast, reliable, highly secure

best apps for firestick expressvpn

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN I have used. The high-speed connections across most of its servers also make it one of the most streaming-friendly VPN.

Military-grade encryption, strict zero-log policy, and Kill-Switch mean ExpressVPN is highly secure and is a perfect tool to maintain your privacy.

Express VPN allows up to 5 connections and has easy to use apps for all your devices (including FireStick, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and more).

ExpressVPN is currently offering 49% discount on its yearly-plan with 3 months of extra service (with a 30 Day Money-back guarantee).

2. Surfshark – super cheap, very fast, reliable, highly secure

best firestick apps for security, movies, and tv shows

Surfshark is one of the best VPNs for FireStick as well as all your other devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. What’s more amazing is that you can install and use it on the UNLIMITED number of devices.

Surfshark completely secures your FireStick with AES-256 Military-grade encryption and makes sure your privacy is never compromised.

On the speed front, Surfshark is considerably fast too. It works flawlessly with all the third-party streaming apps listed in this article.

And, all of this comes at a super-cheap price – $47.76 for 2-years (a discount of 83% and average monthly charges just $1.99)30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

New FireStick Apps in 2023 for Movies & Shows & Live TV

Here is the list of the new 2023 FireStick apps:

  1. Syncler: An exciting new app to watch Movies, Shows, and More
  2. Media Lounge: It is an ALL IN ONE app. You can watch free Movies and Shows, as well as Live TV, Sports, and more.
  3. Rokkr: ALL IN ONE. For Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports
  4. Strix: Another ALL IN ONE app that offers Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV
  5. Ocean Streamz: ALL IN ONE app that lets you watch movies, shows, and Live TV as well

Quick List of Best FireStick Apps in 2023

Here is a quick list of the 10 best apps for FireStick in 2023.

If you are looking for a detailed description of each app (or wish to explore more apps), please scroll down to the next section.

1. Cinema HD APK: Movies, Shows, Documentaries

2. CyberFlix TV: Movies, Shows, Documentaries

3. Bee TV: Movies, Shows, Documentaries

4. Tea TV: Movies, Shows, Documentaries

5. Kodi: All-in-one (requires Kodi Addons)

6. HD Streamz: Live TV & Sports

7. Live Net TV: Live TV & Sports

8. Redbox TV: Live TV & Sports

9. Downloader: A must-have sideloading tool

10. Wolf Launcher: To change the look and feel of FireStick interface

Best FireStick Apps for Movies & Shows

We now get started with the list of the best Amazon Fire TV apps in 2023.

Cinema APK would be our first pick if you are looking for the best TV show or movie apps for FireStick

What do you think about it? Please do let us know in the comments section below.

best firestick apps

Cinema HD APK lets you watch unlimited movies and TV shows online on your FireStick, Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube.

It is one of the most downloaded apps and has a large user base around the world.

As the name suggests, Cinema HD offers high-quality content streaming services.

You can choose from multiple working links to watch HD movies and TV shows.

Cinema HD features loads of working links and the content is regularly updated. It brings you content from around the world, making sure you never miss out on your favorite movie or TV shows.

The interface is fairly intuitive that makes your TV shows, movies, and other content easy to navigate. There are no distractions and it’s a delight to watch content on.

It works impeccably on FireStick and other low specs devices. Solid content library and tools, a ton of useful perks, and regular updates make Cinema HD APK a must-download app for FireStick users.

It is not only one of the best free movie apps for FireStick, but it is also a great option to watch tons of TV Shows.

How to install Cinema HD APK on FireStick

2. Cyberflix TV (4.5/5) (one of the favorite movie apps for FireStick)

firestick apps

Cyberflix TV has great-looking graphics and tons of content that you can stream on your Amazon FireStick, Android TV Box, and Android Smart TV.

This FireStick app is getting better with every new update.

I initially downloaded this app because it seemed like a great alternative for Terrarium TV.

But I have started to truly enjoy it and even use it daily as it does just about everything right.

The content is well-organized which makes it really easy to access.

In addition, you can sort the content by genre & year and also ‘favorite’ videos for quick access.

With numerous streams and a smooth addictive interface, Cyberflix TV is a must-have for online video streamers.

How to install Cyberflix TV on FireStick

3. TeaTV (4/5)


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This Amazon Fire TV app gives you access to almost any TV shows and movies with incredible ease.

Featuring a tidy and clean interface, it has a huge catalog of free movies and TV series that you can watch without ever running out of things to watch.

You can play any movie /TV show just in a few seconds in HD quality and in its original language with your preferred subtitles. What else does one want?

It gets frequent updates from the developers, and multiple languages are available.

TeaTV keeps getting better than before with every single update and every streaming enthusiast should check it out.

How to install TeaTV on FireStick

4. UK Turks App (multipurpose FireStick app)

uk turks best firestick apps

UK Turks App had to be a part of our list of best FireStick Apps list.

It is an all-in-one app that gives you several different streaming categories to choose from.

Apart from regular categories such as Live TV, free Movies, and TV Shows, you will also find various other interesting categories like Sports TV, Standup Comedy specials, Concerts, Documentaries, Cartoons, and Radio.

The interface is incredibly user-friendly and the content is well-organized via various sub-categories.  

You can easily stream for hours and yet you will never run out of streaming choices on the app.

UK Turks is a solid FireStick App to have and I recommend you give it a try.

How to install UK Turks App on FireStick

5. BeeTV (3.5/5)

bee tv

Watching movies and TV shows online is only getting easier.

BeeTV is a great option for streaming your favorite content whenever you want.

BeeTV offers us a large catalog of free movies and television shows that can be watched with decent video quality.

It may not be the best FireStick apps for movies or shows, it is still quite good.

You can explore a wide range of content by category or year.

BeeTV Video performs its primary purpose very well, letting you stream bottomless high-quality content online.

Another plus is that it also supports Real-debrid. Be sure to give it a try.

Install BeeTV on FireStick

6. Nova TV APK (4.5/5)

amazon fire tv apps

A fairly new fork or clone of Terrarium TV, Nova TV APK is a free online Fire TV app.

It is a fun app for those who are always looking to watch new movies or TV shows online.

Nova TV offers an abundance of unique features and content, giving you bottomless content to watch.

It has an easy-to-use and fluid interface that makes your streaming experience even better than Terrarium TV.

With Nova TV APK installed on your FireStick, you will never have to miss your favorite content.

It is one of the best FireStick apps of its kind.

If you are looking for a new app to stream on-demand content, Nova TV gives you tons of options.

Being loaded with useful features and a huge content library, Nova TV is the one you should download.

Screenshot Guides:
Install Nova TV APK on FireStick
Install Nova TV APK on Android TV

Video Guide:

Nova TV APK Video Guide
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Step 2:  Choose the Search option from your FireStick home screen

search option

Step 3: Search for ExpressVPN and download it on FireStick

expressvpn firestick search

Step 4: Sign in with your ExpressVPN account

expressvpn sign in firestick

Step 5: Connect to an ExpressVPN server and stream safely and privately

expressvpn connect to server


7. Morpheus TV

best apps for firestick

Morpheus TV is a new favorite streaming app for watching on-demand movies and TV series.

This app has been revived recently and has been working better than ever.

Morpheus TV has an impressive catalog of free movies and shows that you can enjoy for hours.

You will never run out of streaming choices as new titles are regularly added to the app.

And the best part is that almost all the content is available in HD quality.

The app is lightweight, hence works smoothly on low-specs devices including FireStick.

Morpheus TV offers some useful features such as Real Debrid and Trakt integration option. It’s a solid app, in my opinion, give it a go!

How to Install Morpheus TV on FireStick

8. FilmPlus

best amazon fire stick apps

FilmPlus is another incredible streaming app if you want to watch movies and TV shows.

It is rumored to be the revamped version of the legendary but now defunct streaming app, Terrarium TV.

However, the FlimPlus app was created from scratch and not modding the Terrarium TV app.

It also employs a brand new scraping technology.

FilmPlus boasts a whole host of on-demand content in high quality.

The content library is frequently updated with the latest releases as soon as they are available. The layout of the app is user-friendly and engaging.

Moreover, it supports Real-Debrid & Trakt integration, which improves the streaming experience exponentially.

How to Install FilmPlus on FireStick

9. Media Lounge (4/5) (one of the best all-in-one apps for FireStick)

best apps for firestick media lounge

Media Lounge is one of the few ALL-IN-ONE apps for FireStick.

With this app, you can not only stream on-demand free Movies & Shows, but it also lets you watch Live TV, Sports, as well as Adult content.

The app is incredibly easy to install and use.

Even though it does not support Real Debrid, Media Lounge pulls tons of quality links on its own.

How to install Media Lounge on FireStick

10. Syncler (4/5)

Syncler is one of the newer video-on-demand apps that brings you access to your favorite TV shows and movies.

The interface of the app is incredibly user-friendly.

The content catalog is vast, offering you hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Unlike other apps, Syncler does not fetch links by itself.

You need to add a provider package or a real-debrid premium account to access content on the app.

Syncler allows Real-debrid and Trakt integration, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

Even though Syncler is still being developed, it looks like a promising app. Therefore, we included it in our Best FireStick Apps list.

How to Install Syncler on FireStick

11. Viva TV

best fires tv stick apps viva tv

Viva TV is an on-demand FireStick app.

It features a wide range of free movies as well as TV shows.

This app has an easy-to-use interface allowing you to find your favorite content quickly.

Viva TV works fine on all Fire TV devices, including FireStick.

It pulls quality streams and supports Real Debrid.

How to Install Viva TV on FireStick

12. Megabox HD

firestick apps

Megabox HD is yet another app that lets you watch movies and shows.

With a decent collection of content, Megabox HD has made it to our list of best apps for FireStick and Fire TV.

Even though this app does not support Real Debrid at this time, it is still fetching quality streams from reliable sources.

How to Install Megabox HD on FireStick

13. Cuco TV

best apps for firestick

Cuco TV is the rebranded version of the erstwhile ZiniTivi app.

With Cuco TV, you can watch your favorite free movies and TV series.

Cuco TV has a fine collection of content.

It may not pull as many streams as compared to the other apps on this list and it may not necessarily be the best FireStick app, it is still worth a try.

How to Install Cuco TV on FireStick

14. Flixoid


Flixoid is probably the clone of the once very popular and now-defunct app CatMouse APK.

It is an on-demand, free app with a huge line-up of free movies and shows.

Flixoid itself gets you working links. However, Real Debrid support ensures a quality and hassle-free streaming experience.

How to Install Flixoid on FireStick

15. Ocean Streamz

best firestick apps

Ocean Streamz is another one of the best free streaming apps.

It offers an unending collection of your favorite movies and TV shows.

Ocean Streamz will get you working links for most movie titles and episodes.

However, it would have worked a lot better if it supported Real Debrid.

How to Install Ocean Streamz on FireStick

16. Kodi (4.5/5)

kodi app for firestick

Kodi is excellent for watching videos online, and with frequent updates, the app continues to improve with new features and tools.

It is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite and is considered one of the best FireStick Apps. It truly improves your online streaming experience immensely.

With Kodi, all your entertainment needs are sorted on a single platform.

It is available not only on FireStick but many other operating systems including Mac, Windows, iOS, and more.

By installing a few Kodi Add-ons, you can watch content across various categories such as movies, TV shows, sports, kids, documentaries, and a lot more.

It gives you the liberty to watch even the premium channels for free.

Kodi might be one of the oldest streaming apps, but the reason it is still immensely popular is that the developers continue to pay attention to the users and add new tools and features that will help them watch videos seamlessly.

We have rated the Kodi app for FireStick 4.5 out of 5 because of its versatility and the ability to provide access to unlimited content in all categories.

How to install Kodi on FireStick

17. OneBox HD (3/5)

onebox hd

OneBox Hd movie has a lot of users across the world.

There are two reasons someone would want to take a look at OneBox Hd.

Firstly, it’s free. There are no charges for streaming content, downloads, or subtitles.

Secondly, it provides quality streaming links, which means that you won’t have to waste a lot of time finding good quality, working links.

One problem with OneBox HD is that it does not feature any built-in video player.

You must have a third-party video player called MV-Cast Player for it to work.

How to install OneBox HD on FireStick

18. Plex

firestick apps plex

Plex is arguably the best Media Server app that you can have.

It turns your Computer/ NAS device into a Plex media server and lets you stream your own media collection on your Computer on almost any device.

This is an extremely handy feature when it comes to low-spec devices like FireStick as you need not save anything on FireStick itself.

All you need to make sure is that both the Plex server and Plex streaming device must be on an active Internet connection.

But it’s only a fraction of what the app can do­­.

Plex also functions as a streaming app, offering you a diverse range of content including movies, Web Shows, Live TV, podcasts, and more.

Even though Plex offers Plex Pass subscription plans, the best parts of the app are absolutely free.

Plex is certainly well worth your time. Give it a try!

How to Install Plex on FireStick

19. Vudu


Vudu is also an online streaming service that allows you access to movies and series.

However, it is not like Netflix or Hulu that require monthly subscriptions.

Vudu lets you buy or rent the movie, show, or episode you want to watch.

In other words, you must only pay for exactly what you want to watch.

This OTT platform features a lot of content that is not available for streaming anywhere else.

How to Install Vudu on FireStick

20. Peacock TV

best fire tv stick apps

Peacock TV is one of the most popular streaming services for FireStick.

It is owned by NBC and features tons of NBC Original programming.

In addition, you can also watch content from the WWE Network.

Peacock TV is a freemium service. Meaning, it offers limited free content.

You can unlock the entire range of on-demand content by subscribing to Peacock Premium ($4.99/month) or Peacock Premium Plus ($9.99/month)

The Premium Plus plan is basically the Premium plan but without any ads.

You can download Peacock TV app from the Amazon App Store.

Peacock TV Official Website

21. Cloud Stream

free app for firestick cloudstream

Cloud Stream is one of the new streaming services (as of writing this).

This app offers a huge catalog of on-demand content, including free movies, shows, and anime.

Anime videos are the key-feature of this app though.

By default, the app displays the line-up of anime content.

You can explore movies and TV shows by changing the categories.

However, CloudStream does not support Real Debrid or Trakt integration.

Therefore, I would recommend using one of the other (better) apps on this list.

How to Install CloudStream on FireStick

22. PopcornFlix

streaming service firestick app

PopcornFlix is an on-demand streaming service that lets you watch a huge range of free movies and TV shows.

It is an official app and you can install it directly from the Amazon App Store.

PopcornFlix is completely free.

It does not even require registration or signup.

However, if you do sign up, you can sync your viewing history and favorites across devices.

You can create an account on the official website of PopcornFlix.

PopcornFlix is available on Fire TV, Android TV Boxes, Android Smart TVs, Android Smartphones, iOS, and more.

23. Apple TV+

fire tv stick app

Apple TV is an on-demand video streaming service that lets you watch TV shows and movies.

This subscription- based service features syndicated content as well as several Apple Originals.

If you already have an Apple TV account, you can also access your existing purchases and rentals through this FireStick app.

Apple TV Official Website

24. Sony Entertainment

sony entertainment streaming app for fire stick

Sony Entertainment is an over-the-top FireStick app with tons of video content.

You can watch TV Shows, movies, as well as live TV.

This online media service is available only in India.

You can install it on a Fire TV device, Android phone, Android TV, etc.

Official Website

25. HBO Max

hbo max for FireStick fire tv

HBO Max is a FireStick app that brings to you the best of HBO in one place.

This app gives you access to HBO Originals, new releases, and a huge media library of your favorite video content.

HBO Max is a premium service with subscriptions starting from $9.99 per month.

You can download this app from the Amazon Store.

HBO Max Official Website

Best FireStick Apps for Live TV

For the best Live TV apps for FireStick, I would pick Redbox, HD Streamz, Live Net TV.

Here is the complete list

1. HD Streamz (3/5)

best fire tv stick apps

HD Streamz makes streaming Live TV easy with the touch of only a couple of buttons.

There are tons of live streams to watch at any given moment.

It has an easy-to-understand interface, and the ability to stream channels from across the world is surprisingly compelling.

HD Streamz app features On-Demand content and Radio as well.

However, don’t place your hopes on them as they don’t have much to offer as of now.

Although this app has these little bumpy edges to smooth out, HD Streamz is presently the best way to stream live videos.

Install HD Streamz on FireStick

2. Live NetTV (3.5/5)

best apps for jailbroken firestick

Live NetTV is addictive and intriguing, but also extremely enjoyable to watch videos online.

With more than 800 channels to stream live, this app never runs out of stuff to watch.

Its channels are updated every day in order to offer new content constantly.

With a FireStick-friendly interface and bottomless content, Live NetTV is a great choice for streaming TV channels.

Live NetTV is a fun FireStick app that is enormously addictive– Once you get into the groove, you just want to keep watching more and more.

Install Live Net TV on FireStick

3. Redbox TV (3/5)

firestick tv apps

Gone are the days when we spent hours looking for ways to watch our favorite Live TV channels online.

RedBox TV app is a blessing to people like us as it is currently one of the best FireStick apps available to stream satellite-TV content.

With RedBox, users now have access to recent news, movies, TV shows, and other media content in HD qualities.

It has a huge lineup of many channels, and each of them has alternative options in case you find a non-working source link.

Do give it a try and enjoy a fantastic streaming experience!

Install Redbox TV on FireStick

4. Rokkr

best firestick apps

Rokkr has a solid collection of Live TV channels from all around the world (including the USA).

In addition, the Rokkr app also offers a huge catalog of on-demand movies and shows.

It is a multipurpose FireStick app and we recommend that you give it a try.

How to Install Rokkr on FiresTick

5. Strix

best apps for firestick

Strix is an all-in-one app for FireStick that lets you watch just about anything you may want to watch, including Live TV, movies, shows, sports, and more. 

You will find all the popular channels from across the world in this app. The content library is regularly updated and new channels are added to the catalog frequently.

Apart from Live TV and on-demand content, Strix also has an Adult section for its users.

The app does a fabulous job of pulling quality links from several sources.

The real-debrid integration feature is also available within Strix, allowing an enhanced streaming experience. Do give it a try!

How to Install Strix on FireStick

6. TVTap (4/5)

tv tap

TVTap may not work for some users

TVTap brings live TV channels from around the globe. It is probably one of the best Firestick apps to watch Live TV.

It has a simple and clear design. Its strongest selling points are fast playback and high-quality TV streams.

TVTap isn’t the first streaming-video app for FireStick and other android devices, but its ease of use, stability and the ability to browse a huge catalog of online channels that we can watch for free puts it in front of the rest of its kind.

7. News by Fire TV

news app for firestick fire tv

The News by Fire TV is an app by Amazon and comes preinstalled with your FireStick and other Fire TV devices.

The app is completely free.

You can watch multiple live news channels, including ABC News, CBS News, ET News, USA Today, and more.

News by Fire TV also features variety of local news channels as well, such as CBSN – New York, ABC7 New York, WUSA 9, and a few more.

If you are looking for free streaming of local or national news, you can try this app.

8. Sling TV

live tv apps sling tv

Sling TV is a premium live TV online media service.

It is one of the most popular live streaming platforms in the USA.

It is a subscription-based service with plans starting from $30 per month.

You may also get a free trial for a few days to give the app a test drive.

Sling TV Official Website

Additional Amazon FireStick Apps for Utility and Streaming

Here is the list of some of the additional apps for FireStick you may like.

1. Downloader (to sideload apps on FireStick)

best fire tv stick apps

We are lucky enough to live in a time with an endless number of options when it comes to online video streaming.

However, not all apps can be downloaded on your device directly and you need to sideload them. This is where the Downloader app comes handy.

It allows Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV users to easily download files onto their devices.

You just need to enter a URL for the particular file you wish to download, or you can even use its built-in web browser to find the URL you are looking for.

The app is Fire TV remote-friendly, therefore makes your task much smoother.

Once the file is downloaded, you can install them on your device if they are APK files. You can use the app as a web-browser as well; however, we are going to primarily use it to sideload apps on our FireStick or FireTV devices.

Given that both the app and the service are free, you have all the reasons to download it.

It is an intriguing mix of features and ease of use that steamers will find worthwhile.

How to side load apps on FireStick

2. Mouse Toggle (navigate apps that are not remote compatible)

best apps for firestick

Due to compatibility issues, some apps simply do not work on our Amazon Fire TV or FireStick devices.

This generally happens with the apps developed for devices with a touch-screen.

You may be able to use them partially with your remote or not at all.

To get around this problem, you need to add a mouse cursor to your remote control.

This is where Mouse Toggle comes into the picture.

It is a fantastic and useful app that lets you use mouse functions with your FireStick remote.

It lets you easily navigate those touch-friendly apps on your FireStick by presenting you with a mouse pointer.

You can switch between normal remote functions and Mouse Toggle functions whenever you like.

It’s a must-have app on your FireStick and certainly merits a place in our Best FireStick apps list.

Install Mouse Toggle on FireStick

3. MX Player

best fire tv stick apps

MX Player is a media player. It is extremely popular among the FireStick and Fire TV users.

MX Player can be used as an external video player with a wide range of third-party applications, such as Cinema HD.

Most streaming apps come with a built-in media player.

Therefore, many users prefer watching their favorite movies and TV shows via MX Player.

Please do not confuse MX Player media player with the Indian streaming service of the same name.

The MX Player media player is not available on Amazon Store.

It must be sideloaded onto your device.

How to Install MX Player on FireStick

4. VLC Player

best apps for fire tv stick

VLC is probably the most popular and the most widely used media player for PC and mobiles.

It is also available on FireStick and all the Fire TV devices.

You can download it from the Amazon Store.

You can integrate VLC Player with a number of official as well as third-party apps (such as Cinema HD).

However, MX Player is more common among the sideloaded FireStick apps.

5. Amazon Silk Browser

fire tv stick apps for utility vlc player

Silk Browser is probably the only officially supported browser by FireStick and Fire TV devices.

Just like with any other browser, you need to enter the website link or URL to start browsing.

Silk Browser gives you the ability to access those websites on FireStick that do not have apps.

Unfortunately, you cannot sideload apps using Silk. Browser downloads are disabled on FireStick.

You can download Silk Browser from the Amazon App Store.

6. Wolf Launcher

best amazon firestick apps

Wolf Launcher is a utility FireStick app that changes the interface of your device.

FireStick offers a user-friendly interface. However, the default interface is hardly customizable and comes with many limitations.

If you are bored of the original FireStick interface and wish to experience it in a new style, try Wolf Launcher.

The good thing is that Wolf Launcher does not change the interface permanently. You can fall back to the original looks with just a couple of clicks.

How to Install & Use Wolf Launcher on FireStick

7. AppLinked

firestick app

AppLinked is a file-sharing utility for FireStick and other Android devices.

It is one of the most widely used alternatives of FileLinked, which is now defunct.

With AppLinked, you can quickly download and install a wide range of APKs on FireStick. All you need is the right AppLinked code.

AppLinked offers a user-friendly interface.

All you need to do is enter the desired code and start downloading your favorite applications.

How to Install AppLinked on FireStick

8. UnLinked

best firestick apps unlinked

UnLinked is another file-sharing app and it is also one of the best alternatives to FileLinked.

UnLinked offers an easy-to-use interface. You can install your favorite FireStick apps within a few seconds.

Also Read: List of Best UnLinked Codes

How to Install UnLinked on FireStick

9. FileSynced


FileSynced is also a file-sharing app for FireStick and serves as a FileLinked replacement.

This app lets you install APKs on FireStick with just a few clicks.

Just like AppLinked, you need a FileSynced code in order to get access to the apps.

There are many free codes out there and you can find them easily on the internet. You can download multiple apps with one code.

How to Install FileSynced on FireStick

10. Aptoide

apps firestick aptoide

Aptoide is a third-party app store for FireStick and Android devices.

You can download a variety of apps from the Amazon Store.

However, there are lots of exciting and useful apps that are not available on the official Amazon Store.

Thankfully, you can get such apps from the Aptoide store.

Aptoide hosts a wide range of third-party apps in various categories including entertainment, utility, and more. I believe it is a must-have app for FireStick.

How to Install Aptoide on FireStick

11. Aurora Store

best firestick apps aurora store

Just like Aptoide, Aurora Store is also a third-party app store for Fire Stick and other Android devices.

Even though it is not as popular as Aptoide, it is still quite handy when it comes to installing unofficial apps onto your device.

Aurora Store apps hosts apps like Kodi, media players, utility apps, and a lot more.

How to Install Aurora Store on FireStick

12. Internet Speed Test App

fire tv stick app for internet speed test

Internet Speed Test App is probably the easiest way to test your Wi-Fi speed on FireStick and Fire TV.

You can download this app from the Amazon App Store.

Once you launch the app, you can test the Internet speed with just one click.

The app shows both Download and Upload speeds (the most important aspects to consider for speed).

It also displays the Ping and Jitter time.

In addition, based on your results, it also lets you know the resolution of the content you can stream (SD, HD, 4K, or 8K).

13. Analiti – Speed Test WiFi Analyzer


While Internet Speed Test App is a simple app that gives you quick results, Speed Test WiFi Analyzer by Analiti has more advanced options.

Analiti also has a “quick test” option that gives you the basic download/upload speed test results (along with ping time).

It also shows which resolution streaming the speed is good enough for (1080p, 1440p, 4K, 8K, 1080p Gaming, 4K Gaming)

The quick-test option runs automatically when you start the app (you can change that in the app settings).

The “detailed test” gives you more advanced information on your Wi-Fi, such as detailed signal strength, Phy Speed, Router Ping RTT, Router DNS Name Query RTT, and more.

Most users do not need such detailed knowledge. Basic speed test is enough for most of us.

You can download Analiti from the Amazon App Store.

 14. Internet Speed Test – Fire TVs, Smart TVs, Phone, Tablets

best apps firestick, fire tv

This is another, simple to use speed test app that works on your FireStick, Fire TV, and other devices (as the name suggests).

It is a basic app which gives you Download, Upload, and Latency results.

It also tells you what kind of activity the internet speed is capable of (such as Music, SD, HD, UHD, or Gaming).

Just click the start button on the app and you get the results.

15. Test NetSpeed

best apps for amazon firestick, fire tv

Just like the other speed test apps on this list, Test NetSpeed also tells you how fast (or slow) your Internet connection is on FireStick.

However, unlike the other apps, Test NetSpeed does not display the upload speed. It only shows the download speed.

The app also has a Smart Test feature which claims to detect any ISP throttling (whether or not your ISP is slowing down your speed deliberately).

I think Smart Test is not exactly accurate but it could be a good indicator

Test NetSpeed is also available on the Amazon Store.

16. Background Apps & Processes List: Made for Fire TV and Fire Tablets

Background Apps & Processes List

If your FireStick is going slow, it could be due to multiple apps running in the background.

Even when you exit/close an app, it may continue to run in the background and slow down your device.

With Background Apps & Processes app, you can find and close all such apps.

It also displays the system apps running in the background. But you can’t close the as they are required for the proper functioning of Fire TV.

This app is free and you can download it from the Amazon App Store.

17. Task Killer

apps for amazon firestick, fire tv

This is another app you can use to close apps running in the background and free up memory.

Task Killer is quite a straightforward app (and incredibly easy to use).

It closes all your unnecessary background applications with just one click.

Simply open the app and it will do the rest for you automatically. No manual action is required once you launch this utility app.

Task Killer is currently unavailable on the Amazon Store. You can sideload it onto your device.

617240 is the Downloader code to install this app.

How to Install Apps with Downloader Codes

18. YouTube


YouTube App has a clean and intuitive interface that keeps it simple.

Stable performance and ease of use are among its best attributes.

With its reliable performance over the years, this app should be your go-to means to watch YouTube videos because, quite frankly, it is simply the best and packed with tons of useful features.

The YouTube app on FireStick is comparable to its desktop version’s features and stability.

It has nearly all the same features and is easy to use as most of us have used YouTube before. If not, it is still easy to use once you find your way around.

If you are one of those people who routinely turn to YouTube as a convenient jukebox or to watch other videos, then the YouTube app is a must-have for you.

19. Netflix

apps for amazon firestick

Netflix is arguably the most popular streaming application out there.

This app lets the subscribers watch movies and TV shows from its bottomless watch library.

It has a straightforward design and shows you your most recently viewed shows that are unfinished at the top of the screen for easy access.

It also gives you smart recommendations based on your previous viewing history.

The content is well-categorized by seasons, genre, and alphabetical order.

The video quality is outstanding. The playback is stable with no blips, skips, or freezes to speak of.

Even though the Netflix app itself is free, we need to subscribe to its packages to take advantage of the service. Currently, you can do so for $8/month.

If you love to binge-watch movies and shows, the Netflix app is undoubtedly one of the best available for doing so.

20. Hulu

firestick apps

Hulu is another popular streaming app, offering its users access to its huge on-demand library for as low as $5.99/month.

Arguably, the best part about having a Hulu plan is TV shows.

You can browse content by genre, alphabetical order, and also sort content by date and popularity.

This app offers a feature-rich experience. The video and sound quality are remarkable, and the controls are smooth, which makes it a must-download for any online streamer.

Hulu also offers a Hulu+ plan for $44.99/ month which also includes 60+ live TV channels apart from the on-demand content.

If you want to access live TV, this is the plan you should go for.

If you are a regular streamer of movies and TV shows, there is absolutely no reason not to download Hulu.

How to Fix Hulu Not Working on FireStick

21. EarthCam

best fire tv stick apps

If you are interested in watching webcam feeds from some interesting and exciting locations of the world, you should definitely try EarthCam.

This popular service lets you watch the live feed from webcams and CCTVs from around the world.

How to watch EarthCam on FireStick

22. Virus Total

best apps for fire tv cube

If you are regularly installing third-party apps (from outside the Amazon Store) you are likely to be worried about safety of your device.

Virus Total is an antivirus software that lets you scan your device for any viruses.

It is a great way to find out whether the APK is safe or not and if it contains any malicious content.

Virus Total itself is a third-party app and hence it is sideloaded onto your device.

You can install Virus Total on FireStick using the Downloader Code 327167

Read: How to Install APKS on FireStick with Downloader Code

23. AirScreen

apps for firestick fire tv

If you like to cast your smartphone or any other compatible device to FireStick, AirScreen is a great way to do it.

While FireStick comes with a built-in cast/mirror option, with AirScreen you get more features and flexibility.

This app supports AirPlay, Mircast, Cast, DLNA, SMB, NFS, and more.

You can cast your mobile, tablet, and even PC or Mac.

AirScreen is free if you are looking for basic mirroring or casting.

However, if you want advanced features, such as multi-device connection, you may buy a Pro plan.

Read: How to Cast to FireStick

24. Twitch

fire tv cube apps

Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming services.

While Twitch is more widely used for streaming video games, you can watch plenty of other interesting live streams as well.

Twitch is a freemium service.

Some Twitch videos are free, for others, you will need to pay.

Nevertheless, if you are bored of watching movies and TV shows and are looking for something different, you can try Twitch.

Twitch is available on the Amazon App Store.

Twitch Official Website

25. Spotify

fire stick app

Spotify app is now available on the Amazon Store and it is compatible with FireStick and all other Fire TV devices.

The TV version of the Spotify app gives you access to all the music, podcast, and everything that you enjoyed on your mobile app.

You can sign in with your Spotify account and view your playlists, albums, artist pages, and tons of songs.

You can control the Spotify app with the FireStick remote or Spotify Connect on your smartphone.

If you don’t have a Spotify account, you can sign up on the official website.

Spotify offers both free and premium services.

26. TikTok

tiktok tv streaming service

The TV version of this short-video service is now available in the United States.

You can download it directly from the Amazon Store.

TikTok is a free app that gives you access to thousands of short videos from around the world.

It features user-generated content, mainly in the prank, dance, jokes, and other genres.

TikTok Official Website

List of Legacy Amazon Fire Stick Apps that No Longer Work

In this section, I am providing the list of the FireStick apps that are no longer functional. I am keeping them here to help you identify and ignore them in the event you run into them on the internet.

Please note that the following apps DO NOT work anymore.

1. CatMouse (3.5/5)

free apps for firestick

CatMouse is among those Amazon free movie apps that give you unlimited access to Movies & TV Shows. It is also known to be a fork of the previously popular Terrarium TV App, which is no longer functional.

The App has a pleasing and clean design that’s easy enough for anyone to use.

You can browse movies and TV shows by various categories such as Trending, Recently Updated, Most Popular, New Shows, Most Watched, Premieres, By Year, etc., which makes the App quite engaging and easy to navigate.

It’s one of my most used Apps and for all the right reasons. If you have ever been into watching Movies and TV shows, you have got every reason to try out the CatMouse App.

Install CatMouse APK on FireStick & Android TV

2. Mobdro (4.5/5)

live tv apps for firestick

Mobdro is definitely one of the best FireStick apps to watch Live TV. You can easily find video streams for channels from across the globe, from every genre and in various languages.

It continuously looks up the web for the best quality free video streams and brings them to you.

Mobdro has a bonus feature that lets you enjoy an ad-free experience with its premium subscription.

However, I believe that the free version is good enough for most users. It has commercials but they are not too intrusive.

Install Mobdro APK on FireStick

3. Typhoon TV APK (3.5/5)

best firestick apps typhoon tv apk

The Typhoon TV APK allows its users to stream their favorite content online. With Typhoon TV installed on your device, you won’t miss out on any popular or latest release of movies and TV Shows.

The app is constantly updated with the latest content.

This app is quickly gaining popularity among the online streamers for streaming Movies and TV Shows contents off the web. And it’s not surprising as Typhoon TV APK is one of the best apps available on the market at the moment.

The developers behind Typhoon TV APK update their app to keep it functional and work hard to ensure that all the latest content is available in the app.

Typhoon TV APK also supports Real Debrid and Trakt.TV, helping you stream HD content. also presents great recommendations based on your viewing history. With a smooth performance and solid content library, Typhoon TV APK should be your go-to for streaming your favorite content off the web.

Screenshot guide: How to install Typhoon TV APK on Firestick

4. Morph TV (3.5/5)

best apps for jailbroken firestick

Morph TV is undoubtedly one of the best Amazon FireStick apps out there in the market to stream movies and TV shows.

It is another great alternative for Terrarium TV and is backed by an active team of developers.  It fetches quality streams from the web rather quickly.

With that said, I still wish it had Real-Debrid support.

It is a clone of Morpheus TV. Much like the Morpheus TV, Morph TV integrates a variety of sources into a single feed.

It has a simple interface that’s easy for anyone to use. It is definitely worth downloading.

Install Morph TV on FireStick

5. Unlock My TV (4/5)

Unlock MyTV APK is a Cinema HD fork and is also one of the finest alternatives to Terrarium TV.

It gives you access to thousands of channels. One of the finest aspects of the UnlockMyTV App is that it has a neat and clutter-free interface. The content is well-organized and updated regularly.

The navigation tools are smart and make it easier to find the stuff you want to watch. With loads of working links, it makes watching your favorite content extremely easy and hassle-free.

All the upgrades since its release make sure that it has a wealth of useful features.

Anyone who wants well-rounded firestick movie apps that also offers a rich library of TV shows should get this app.

How to install UnlockMyTV APK on FireStick

6. Theatre Plus APK (3.5/5)

best apps for firestick for movies theater plus apk

Theatre Plus APK is on our list of best apps because of its incredible performance and overall viewing experience that it offers.

Now, this is a fairly new but an incredible on-demand app you need to have to stream your favorite movies and TV episodes.

Theatre Plus APK has an extensive content library, which also gets regularly updated– making sure you find new content within minutes of its public release.

With this app installed on your device, you will get hundreds of hours of non-stop entertainment.

The app pulls out dozens of working links using some of the top-notch scrapers. The quality of the videos is awesome and it only gets better with Real-Debrid sign-in.

Another amazing thing about Theatre Plus APK is its extensive library.

The interface is easy to navigate with well-organized content and useful features. The app is easy to use and does its job well and that is all that matters. Right? Do give it a try!

Install Theater Plus APK on FireStick

7. FileLinked (sideloading tool)

ALTERNATIVE: Applinked on FireStick

The revamped version of the DroidAdmin app, the Filelinked app lets us simultaneously download multiple files onto our device without having to enter URLs. By just introducing the corresponding code, you can access online file repositories to download any file, which makes the downloading process much faster and easier. With Filelinked, downloading multiple files is a breeze!

It is also great for sharing all the different types of files such as music, videos, photos or APK files. All you need to do is upload your files on the app and then give the receiver (whoever you want to share the files with) the corresponding code, they enter the code in their app and they will be able to access those files. If you are a FireSTick user, this app is essential for you.

Install FileLinked on FireStick

8. Titanium TV (4/5)

titanium tv

Titanium TV is a fantastic application that rightfully replaces extremely popular Terrarium TV. So, if you are a TV Buff, then you will absolutely love Titanium TV. Titanium TV has a great-looking interface and is loaded with tons of content, but it is the smooth playback that keeps me coming back for more.

Titanium TV gets almost everything right with smooth navigation, tons of content to explore, and it is a huge improvement over the popular Terrarium TV in almost every way. Besides this, you can access Live TV and various TV channels from all around the globe.

You can also sign in to your Real-Debrid account and increase the number of Full HD links.

Install Titanium TV on FireStick & Android TV

FAQs for Best FireStick Apps

Which is the best FireStick app for movies?

Cinema APK is probably the best app for Movies. However, Typhoon TV and Titanium TV are doing fine too.

Which is the best FiresTick app for Live TV?

If I were to pick one, I will choose Live Net TV. However, HD Streamz is also doing a fine job.

Can I use FireStick apps on other Android devices?

Yes, all FireStick apps are compatible with Android TV and Android Mobile devices. You can install them on Nvidia Shield, Mi Box, Android Phones & Tablets, Smart Android TVs, Amazon Kindle, Fire TV Cube, and more.

Is it legal to side load third-party FireStick apps?

It is legal to sideload apps, but it is not legal to watch pirated content. Always watch videos in the public domain. Also, connect to a VPN to stay anonymous.

Winding Up Best FireStick Apps List

This is our list of best FireStick and Fire TV apps in 2023. We will keep adding new apps to this list whenever we find something that we believe could be a good streaming option for you. As I said earlier if you have any suggestions, let us know via the comments section below.

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