How to Install EarthCam on FireStick

Hello Everyone, I am Poppy! In this guide, I will discuss the steps to install the EarthCam on FireStick. These steps given in this guide will work more or less the same way on all Fire TV devices, Android boxes, Mi Boxes, and many more. I have also included steps to install EarthCam App on PC later in this guide. This method can be used to access EarthCam on tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices.

EarthCam offers exclusive webcam content via stream webcams located in interesting locations from around the world. This app will transport you to some scenic and landmark destinations. You will also find videos from some unparalleled locations and perspectives that may be difficult or impossible to visit in person. For example, EarthCam allows you to enjoy the sights from the torch balcony at the Statue of Liberty, which has been closed to the public since 1916.

This is a perfect app for times when can’t travel but still would like to explore the World from the comfort of your home. I really enjoy EarthCam and believe you will too. Therefore, I have included it in our catalog of Best Apps for Amazon Fire Stick.

How to install EarthCam on FireStick

There are two ways to watch EarthCam on FireStick. We will discuss both in this guide; you may choose whichever option is more suitable for you.

Method-1: How to watch EarthCam on FireStick via the Official App

The EarthCam is available on the official Amazon Store, therefore it’s pretty easy to install.  You can install the EarthCam App on FireStick/ Fire TV devices easily by following the instructions provided below:

1. From the FireStick Home Screen, go to the Search feature

EarthCam APK for Firestick

2. Type Earthcam using the on-screen keyboard and then click Earthcam from the quick suggestion under the on-screen keypad.

how to install EarthCam APK on Firestick

3. Click the EarthcamTV app icon

EarthCam APK

4. Click Get /Download

click get

5. Once the installation process is complete, click Open to launch it

click open

6. EarthCam app will launch

how to get EarthCam APK on amazon Firestick

We will get to how you can use the app just in a second.

Method-2: How to use EarthCam on FireStick via a Browser

Since EarthCam has its website, you can also use any web browser to access EarthCam. In this guide, I am going to use the Amazon Silk browser as an example. However, you may use any other browser that you prefer. The installation process will pretty much the same.

Here is how you install any browser on FireStick (in this case, Silk browser):

1. From the FireStick Home Screen and go to the Search feature

search feature

2. Type in the word Silk Browser using the on-screen keypad.  A Quick-suggestions list will appear under the on-screen keypad. Choose Silk Browser from there

Choose Silk Browser

3. Click the Silk Browser app icon

how to watch EarthCam on Firestick

4. Click Get/ Download

download EarthCam APK on Firestick

5. Wait for the installation to finish, click Open

click open

The Silk Browser will launch immediately at this point.

(You can access the app later by holding down the Home button on your FireStick remote> Apps> Silk Browser)

6. In the Silk Brower home screen, go to the Search/URL bar

set up EarthCam on Firestick

7. You will see an on-screen keypad on the screen. Using that, type in the following URL: (alternate URL:

💡 Use the FireStick Remote App for mobiles to type faster and easier

Hit Go

EarthCam APK for Firestick

8. Wait for the website to load completely.

This is how the EarthCam website home page looks on Amazon Silk Browser:

set up EarthCam on Firestick

In the next section, we will talk about how to use it.

How to Use EarthCam on FireStick and Fire TV

If you wish to access the EarthCam app on FireStick later, here’s what you need to do:

1. Hold down the Home button on your Amazon FireStick remote. Once you see the popup menu, click Apps.

click apps

2. Now, from the list of your installed apps, scroll down to the EarthCam app icon and click to run it

click EarthCam

Once the website loads fully, this is how the Home screen of EarthCam looks like:

how to use EarthCam APK on Firestick

The App also has a user manual for the FireStick remote on its home screen:

steps to install EarthCam APK

If you click the left navigation button on your remote, you can view the complete list of live webcam stream categories. It features some interesting categories like Trending & Featured, Animals, Beaches, Cities, Landmarks, Lakes Rivers Oceans, Nature, MyEarthCam, Youtube, Time-lapse, and more.

how to install EarthCam APK on firestick

You can even explore streams from the live YouTube webcams.

You can choose any category of your choice and start streaming. There is a solid catalog of live streams available from various locations across the world such as St. Louis Arch, Hollywood Blvd, Times Square, World Trade Center in New York, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Wrigleyville in Chicago, Tokyo skyline, and more. Most of these webcam streams are also available in real-time!

If you would like to watch a specific location, use the Search button to find it

access the search feature

On the home screen of the app, one live webcam stream will display for a set period. It changes every 1 to 5 minutes.

On the bottom of the screen, you will also find information about the location such as the overview and weather of that particular location.

EarthCam APK for Firestick

You can add this particular webcam stream to Favourites or Watchlist by clicking the Heart Icon (Add to Favorites) or Plus Icon (Watchlist)

The interface of the app is pretty user-friendly.

If you click the Menu button (3 lines) on your FireStick remote, the settings menu will open.  There are quite a few settings features available on the app. These are the options:

how to install EarthCam APK on Firestick

Display Settings

It has several self-explanatory settings that you can explore.

display settings

Watchlist Settings

You can change watch-time for each camera and more from here.

how to use EarthCam

Audio Settings

You can choose soundtracks for the webcam streams.  There are quite a few music styles to choose from.

install EarthCam APK on fire stick

All Access Pass

It has several benefits such as unlimited watch time, ad-free streaming, and more.

how to use EarthCam APK on Firestick

How to use EarthCam App on PC/Tablets

Since EarthCam has its website, using it on a PC is incredibly easy. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Open a browser of your choice.

2. Head to the address bar and type the following URL: (alternate URL:

3. Hit Enter key on the keyboard

4. Wait for the website to load fully.

5. This is the homepage of EarthCam:

watch EarthCam on PC

6. The Hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) on the left side has all the streaming categories that you can choose from. Simply click on any of them and start streaming

how to get EarthCam APK on amazon Firestick

If you are looking for a specific location, you can use the search bar on the homepage to look for it.

EarthCam FAQs

What is EarthCam?

EarthCam is a popular webcam streaming service. It provides its users access to webcam live streams from across the globe.

Is EarthCam legal?

Yes, all content available on this site belongs to EarthCam, Inc., or its content suppliers. The app is available on the official Amazon Store; therefore you need not worry about the legality of this site.

Can I access EarthCam on other devices?

Yes, you can access EarthCam on nearly any device. Besides the app, EarthCam also has two websites that you can easily access on any device that supports web browsers.

Is EarthCam free?

EarthCam is free, however, their All Access Pass will give you several benefits like unlimited watch-time, ad-free streaming, and more. You can find out more about it in the How to Use EarthCam section of this guide.

Wrapping up

EarthCam offers webcam live streams from various locations around the World. From tourist destinations to nature– there is a decent variety of locations for you to choose from. It’s an interesting app that will help you bring a bit of the outside world into your life. Give it try!

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