How to install and use the Amazon Fire TV / FireStick Remote App

In this post, I will show you how to install and use the FireStick Remote App on your mobiles and tablets. The Remote App is available on Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire Tablets.

Amazon Fire TV Remote App is the official remote-control application from Amazon for FireStick and Fire TV devices. This app can be used to control your FireStick, just like the physical remote.

The Remote App is a great option as an extra set of free remote-controller. You don’t need to buy a new one.

The Fire TV Remote App functions a whole the same way, but with some distinct advantages over its physical remote counterpart. What I like the best is its ability to type into FireStick directly with the mobile keyboard – a much-needed utility when you must type long URLs or search words.

It could also be quite handy when your physical remote is damaged or is not working for any reason.

This remote-control application is compatible with Fire TV Cube and all the other Fire TV equipment.

amazon fire tv remote app

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Why use the Amazon Fire TV or FireStick Remote App (benefits)

  • You can use the mobile Remote App to type long URLs and other texts/phrases onto your FireStick
  • You can use the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote as a replacement for the physical remote; great option when your physical FireStick remote does not work
  • The Remote App lets you launch the FireStick apps directly from the mobile or tablet
  • It almost has the same layout and buttons as the physical remote
  • The Remote App even supports Alexa voice control
  • It uses a touchpad to navigate and interact with FireStick (if that’s what you prefer)

How to install Amazon the FireStick Remote App on your mobiles

Amazon Fire TV remote app is available through the official app stores for the following mobile platforms:

  1. Android Smartphones & Tablets (4.0.3 OS or newer): Download Fire Stick TV Remote App from Google Play Store
  2. iOS (7.0 or later on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): Download Fire Stick TV Remote App from Apple App Store
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets (4th Gen or newer): Download Fire Stick TV Remote App from Amazon Store

Install the FireStick Remote app like you would install any other app:

  • Open the app store for your device
  • Look up for the app by the keywords Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV
  • Choose the app in the search results
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and install the app

How to set up the Fire TV remote app for the first time

Required: Your Fire TV and the device on which you have downloaded the Fire TV Remote App must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network

Here are the steps to set up your Fire TV Remote app and pair it with your FireStick/Fire TV

1: Power on your FireStick

2: Open the FireStick Remote App on your handheld/mobile device

3: You should see the App searching for the Fire TV devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile

best firestick remote app

4: Tap the option Sign In at the bottom of the screen

Tip: You can use the Fire TV app without signing in. You can start using the app by clicking your Fire TV device it has found

amazon fire tv remote app

5: Enter your Amazon account credentials and hit Sign in

Tip: You can sign in with a different Amazon Account than your Fire TV device

amazon fire tv remote app

6: Tap your FireStick device to start

amazon fire tv remote app not connecting

7: Check your FireStick TV screen. You must see the Fire TV Remote App Connection Request

This window also displays a 4-digit code number

best firestick remote app

8: Return to the Fire TV Remote app on your mobile/tablet

Enter the 4-digit code number from your TV

best firestick remote app

9: Allow a couple of seconds for the FireStick remote app to pair with your FireStick device

firestick remote app not working

You are now ready to remote control your FireStick with the App

How to Use the Amazon Fire TV Remote App

The FireStick Remote app is much the same as the physical remote with only minor functional differences as I have highlighted in one of the sections below

Here is how you can use the mobile/tablet app as the FireStick remote replacement

Navigate with the touchpad

One of the key differences between the remote app and physical remote is that the app has a touchpad in place of the Navigation Ring and Okay/Select button

firestick remote app
  • For vertical navigation, swipe up and down on the touchpad
  • For horizontal navigation, swipe left and right on the touchpad
  • You can swipe on the touchpad to select any navigable item on your FireStick screen (like you would do with the up, down and left, right buttons on the Navigation Ring)

Open items by tapping on the touchpad

Once you have navigated to and selected the item you want to open, tap on the touchpad to open it.

  • For instance, select an app you want to access by swiping on the touchpad. Tap the touchpad once to open the app. To click any option within the app, again navigate with the touchpad. To click the option, tap the touchpad once.
  • You can tap anywhere on the touchpad to mimic the click (same as pressing the Select/Okay button on the physical remote)
  • It works the same way as the touchpad on the laptops.

Use the FireStick Remote App keyboard option to type into your FireStick TV screen

You can use your mobile/tablet device keyboard to type onto FireStick.

This is one of the biggest advantages of the Remote App. It is especially useful when you are sideloading apps or Kodi addons on FireStick and need to type long URLs.

It eliminates the need to go through the tedious process of typing each character one by one with the physical remote (which is also prone to mistakes)

Choose the window on your FireStick where you need to type. I am using the FireStick Downloader app URL textbox to type a URL in the image below.

Open the Fire TV Stick remote app and tap the keyboard icon in the top-right corner

keyboard icon

Anything you type on the mobile/tablet Remote App also gets typed in on FireStick

2 firestick remote app typing (1)

Use the Fire TV Remote App to launch apps on FireStick

Tap the Apps icon in the top menu bar on the Remote App (on the left of the keyboard icon)

fire stick tv remote

This opens Your Apps & Games window within the App. Tap the app icon you want to launch on FireStick

firestick remote app

Alexa Access with Fire TV Stick Remote App

You can access Alexa voice control directly from your mobile/tablet using the Remote App.

Depending upon the mobile device you are using the Remote App on, do one of the following:

  • Tap the microphone icon and pull it down and hold it (pulled down). Speak into your phone to use Alexa voice controls
  • Tap and hold the microphone icon to speak into your phone and use the Alexa voice controls on your FireStick
amazon fire tv remote app

Tip: Tapping the microphone icon once opens the Amazon Store search option on FireStick. You can use it to look up for, download, and install official Amazon FireStick apps.

fire stick tv remote

Access FireStick Settings or put FireStick to Sleep with the Remote App

You can quickly access FireStick Settings with the remote app and navigate it with the touchpad

Tap the gear icon on the top-left side of the remote app on your mobile or tablet

best firestick remote app

Tap Settings on the popup window on the app

firestick remote app not working

To put FireStick to sleep, tap the Sleep option

Using other Control buttons on the Amazon Fire TV Remote App

In the bottom section of the Remote App, you will find the following buttons arranged in the same order as your physical FireStick remote:

  • 1st Row: Back, Home, Menu
  • 2nd Row: Rewind, Play/Pause, Forward
mazon fire tv remote

They work exactly the same way as your physical Fire TV Remote

Differences between the App and physical remote

While both the remotes are essentially the same, there are some significant differences. Here is a quick list:

  • Physical FireStick remote does not have a keyboard/keypad. Amazon Fire TV remote app uses your mobile device keypad to type on your TV screen (a huge plus)
  • Fire TV Stick remote app lets you launch the FireStick apps directly with a single touch from the mobile or tablet. With the physical remote, you must navigate to the app to launch it
  • The physical remote is paired over Bluetooth. Remote App is connected to your device over Wi-Fi

What is it that the App CANNOT do?

While normally there is more you can do with the Remote App than the physical remote, there is a situation where it won’t be of any help

You CANNOT set up your FireStick just with the Fire TV Remote App. That’s because you cannot use the APP during the initial parts of the setup.

By FireStick setup I mean when you configure your device the first time you take it out of the box (or when you configure it after the factory reset)

The very first thing you need to do after powering up your new (or reset) FireStick is pair the physical remote.

fire tv set up start

There is no option to connect your FireStick to a Wi-Fi network at this point. You must have a physical remote to advance to the next step of the setup process. Therefore, the Remote App cannot be used here.

FAQs – Amazon FireStick Remote App

Can I use my mobile as a FireStick remote?

Yes! With the FireStick Remote App, you can use your Android and iOS mobiles & tablets as the remote app.

Can I connect the FireStick Remote app via Bluetooth?

No! Your mobile phone on which you have installed the FireStick Remote app and your FireStick must be connected to the same Wi-Fi

Can I control multiple FireStick/Fire TV devices with one app?

Yes! You can connect multiple FireStick/Fire TV devices and control them with one app

Is FireStick Remote app for mobiles free?

Yes, the FireStick Remote app from Amazon is free.

Winding Up

So, here is our take on the Amazon FireStick Remote App. I use this app quite regularly. I believe that it is a must-have Fire TV accessory for all the users. If you need any help or have any feedback, let us know through the comments section below. Protection Status

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    This app used to work perfectly with older iPhone and IOS versions. With the updated iPhone 11, you have to keep shutting it down for it to connect. This makes the remote useless at times.

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