How to Install, Set up, and Use Wolf Launcher on FireStick

Hi! I’m Nick, and in this article, you will learn how to install and set up Wolf Launcher on Firestick.

Wolf Launcher, from Sween Wolf, masks the default user interface of your Firestick and applies an alternative UI. It serves the purpose of a custom launcher. Wolf Launcher has very similar functionality to the Leanback Launcher customizer.

Many have become unhappy about the default user interface provided by Amazon. This need has propelled the widespread popularity of this app. Wolf Launcher is also popular due to some of its amazing customization features:

  • Ad Blocking: Sponsored ads are a great source of revenue for online companies. Ads can also be a nuisance to the users at times. Using Wolf Launcher will allow you to block any such ads and remove suggested or sponsored content.
  • Display hidden apps: Whenever you sideload an app on a device like Firestick, the sideloaded apps are usually hidden from the main menu. Wolf Launcher also allows you to create your customized interface where sideloaded apps are visible.
  • Data Saving: If you have limited data plans for your Internet Service, then you will love Wolf Launcher’s data-saving capabilities. A lot of download and upload data is saved by blocking sponsored banners and apps.
  • Security: Wolf Launcher is not all about customization; it also allows you to make your folders password protected and hide apps that you don’t want to display openly.
  • Smooth UI: Wolf Launcher has a smooth user interface and does not slow down Firestick at all. You can customize everything about your UI right from the tile features, background and tile sections, etc.

Is Wolf Launcher Safe?

Wolf Launcher’s APK was scanned using Kaspersky’s paid edition of anti-virus, and it did not detect any malware. Moreover, I have been using this custom launcher without any problems for some time now.

Quick Installation Steps (Without Images)

Here are the quick steps to install Wolf Launcher on FireStick. For detailed steps along with images, please scroll down.

  1. From the home screen of your FireStick, go to Find and then to Search.
  2. In the search bar, type “Downloader”. Open the result.
  3. In the download screen, click Download/Get.
  4. Navigate to the Home screen after the download completes.
  5. Open the following: Settings->My Fire TV->Developer options.
  6. Enable Install Unknown apps (you may find this option as “Apps from Unknown Sources” for some devices) for the Downloader app by turning it ON.
  7. Launch Downloader.
  8. Grant access to media and other files by clicking on Allow in Downloader.
  9. Download Wolf Launcher Manager: In the URL box, type the following: 75142 and click on Go.
  10. Tap Install
  11. Download Wolf Launcher: In the URL box, type the following: 75892 and click on Go. 
  12. Tap Install.
  13. Click on Open or Done.

Installing Wolf Launcher on Firestick

Since Wolf Launcher is a third-party app, it cannot be installed directly from Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. It needs to be sideloaded using an app like Downloader. You will also need to authorize Downloader to be able to load third-party apps on your FireStick. Therefore, this tutorial has been divided into four parts dealing with Downloader installation, allowing installation of apps from unknown sources on FireStick, downloading the Launcher Manager and finally sideloading Wolf Launcher using Downloader.

Part-1 Installing Downloader

Before you can install Wolf Launcher, you will need Downloader. If you already have it on your FireStick, then you can move on to the next part of the installation process. Otherwise, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the home screen of FireStick by pressing the Home button on the FireStick remote.
  2. Navigate to Find and Search.

wolf launcher on firestick

3, Now, type the following in the search bar: “Downloader”. You can also make use of FireStick’s voice search by long-pressing the mic button on your remote.

wolf launcher on firestick

4. You will get any one of the following two options in the present screen: Download or Get. Hit whichever option that you get to continue downloading the app.

how to install wolf launcher on firestick

5. Wait for the download and installation process to get over.

Part-2 Enabling Developer Option for External Apps

Now that you have Downloader on your FireStick, you will need to authorize it to be able to start sideloading apps. Skip to the next step if you have already done this in the past. Go through the following steps to authorize it:

  1. Press Home on your Firestick’s remote.
  2. Choose the Settings icon on the right-hand side.

go to settings

3. Enter My Fire TV from the setting menu.

how to install wolf launcher on firestick

4. In the My Fire TV menu, search for Developer Options and open it.

how to use wolf launcher on firestick

5. You can either get the option Install Unknown Apps or Apps from Unknown Sources. In the case of Install Unknown Apps, you will be provided with a setting for individual apps. install wolf launcher on fire tv stick

Note: Depending on your Firestick’s software version, you could get the Apps from Unknown Sources option. This is a general option for authenticating all apps. Turn it ON.

6. In the list, search Downloader and turn it On.

wolf launcher on firestick

Part-3 Installing Wolf Launcher Manager

You will need an additional app called Wolf Launcher Manager to change the stock launcher on your Firestick to Wolf Launcher.  Follow the steps given below to get it:

1. Start Downloader on your Firestick.

Only for first-time users: you will need to permit Downloader to access your device’s media and files. Choose Allow. If you have used Downloader already, then proceed to the next step directly.

Only for first-time users: Select OK on the Quickstart guide.

2. You will see the home screen of Downloader now.

install wolf launcher on firestick

3. In the home screen of the Downloader app, type the following into the URL box: 75142. Click Go

wolf launcher on firestick

4. Firestick will start sideloading Wolf Launcher in the next prompt.

wolf launcher on firestick

5. Now, the download process will start.

wolf launcher on firestick

6. Choose Install

7. Once installed, click Open

wolf launcher firestick

Part-4 Installing Wolf Launcher

When you have completed the above process, your Firestick is ready to install Wolf Launcher. Follow the steps given below to get Wolf Launcher:

1. Start Downloader on your Firestick.

2. In the home screen of the Downloader app, type the following into the URL box: 75892 and tap Go.

wolf launcher on firestick

3. Wolf Launcher will begin sideloading in the next prompt.

4. Now, tap on Install when the download completes.

5. Once installation is done, you will get Done and Open as your options. Press Open to launch the app.

wolf launcher firestick

How to set up your custom UI with Wolf Launcher on FireStick

Now that you have Wolf launcher installed, you will want to customize your UI. Follow the steps given below to set up Wolf launcher:

  1. Press & hold the Home Button on the FireStick emote. Go to the Apps option

open apps and games

2. From this screen, click Wolf Manager (the one with the cog/gear icon and NOT the Wolf Launcher at this point)

wolf launcher on firestick

3. Click Launcher Options

how to use wolf launcher on firestick

4. Turn your current launcher into Wolf Launcher by selecting Enable Custom Launcher from the settings menu.

enable custom launcher

5. Now, go back to Your Apps & Games and this time open the Wolf Launcher app

go back to Your Apps & Game

6. This is your new FireStick interface with the Wolf Launcher

wolf launhcer on firestick

FAQs for Wolf Launcher on FireStick

Can Wolf Launcher be installed on FireStick?

Yes. If you wish to have your custom User Interface for Firestick, Wolf Launcher is a great option to have.

Is Wolf Launcher safe to use on FireStick?

Wolf Launcher has been shown to be safe by a malware scan with Kaspersky’s Paid Edition. Several people have been using it without any problems as of yet.

What are the things that you can customize with Wolf Launcher?

You can entirely customize the Firestick’s user interface by changing the Wallpaper, password protecting important folders, hiding private apps, and blocking sponsored ads and banners.


So, this is how you can install and use Wolf Launcher on your Firestick. Wolf Launcher provides you with a very smooth and customizable UI.

You can choose to uplift the gloomy appearance of the Default launcher and also make it more convenient by changing the visibility of sideloaded apps.

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