How to Install Plex on FireStick

Hi Everyone, I am Nick and in this guide, I will share with you the detailed steps to install Plex on FireStick. These steps work well on Fire TVs, Mi Boxes, Mobiles, NVIDIA Shields, Android TV boxes, and more. I have also covered the installation steps to set up the Plex media server in this guide.

Plex is a Media Server cum streaming app. Plex allows you to access all your favorite media content on any device, anytime. You can watch your personal media collection and also a stellar lineup of online content using this app.

Now, if you are not familiar with the term Media Server, it’s simply a software application that allows you to store and access digital media such as videos, images, and audios. You can access them over any network.

set up Plex on FireStick

You will be able to play your personal media on any external devices like Fire TVs, personal computers (Windows, Mac, & Linux), Smart TVs, NAS (Network Attached Storage), Apple and Android devices, etc.

Plex is a lot like Kodi. However, there is one key difference. Kodi can play media from the local storage or content available over the internet. On the other hand, Plex not only plays local media but can also play media on your device (such as FireStick) remotely stored on your computer.

Plex is based on a client-server model. It offers official client apps for various devices like FireStick, Android TV Box, and more, allowing you to stream the content on its media server easily.

Note:  Both your computer and the external device must be connected to the internet for you to access the stored media on the server. However, they NEED NOT be connected to the same Internet network (or same Wi-Fi), which is a big plus if you wish to access your media remotely.

Apart from that, Plex also gives you free access to a variety of content including movies & shows, Web Shows, Live TV, podcasts, music, and lots more.

You can also subscribe to Plex Pass and start enjoying tons of other benefits like deals, discounts, early looks, and unlimited media content.

Plex is a great tool to have. For all the benefits it offers, it has been added to our Catalog of Best Apps for FireStick.

Sign Up for Plex to access on FireStick and other Devices

Before installing the Plex app, we need to sign up for a Plex account:

1. On a browser of your computer or mobile, go to

2. Click Sign Up in the top right corner

Plex for FireStick

3. You can create a new account by providing the necessary details. Or, you can even use your Google, Apple, or Facebook account to sign up.

how to install Plex on FireStick

Once you have a Plex account, our next step is to install Plex on FireStick.

Plex also offers Plex Pass with premium benefits. We will talk more about it later in the guide. The free version also offers you several perks, so if you do not want to get the premium membership, you can still use Plex for free.

How to install Plex on FireStick

Installing Plex on FireStick is incredibly easy as the Plex app is available on the official Amazon Store. Simply follow the instructions provided below to install Plex on FireStick:

1. From the top panel of the FireStick home screen, click the Search icon (magnifying glass)

Plex APK

2. Start typing Plex. As soon as you do that, you will see quick suggestions below the on-screen keypad. Click on Plex

type plex

3. On the next screen, click on the Plex app icon

install Plex on fire stick

4. Click on Get / Download, the app will automatically get installed on your device. You will see Get, if you are downloading the app for the first time.

how to get Plex on Amazon FireStick

5. Once the downloading process is done, the app will install automatically

6. Click on Open to start using the app.

how to install Plex APK on FireStick

How to Use Plex on FireStick and Fire TV

This is how you can access Plex on FireStick:

1. Press down the Home button of the FireStick remote.  The shortcut menu will be displayed on the screen

2. Click Apps.

Click Apps

3. To run the Plex app, simply scroll down to the app and click on the Plex app icon

download Plex on FireStick

4. Here is the main screen of the Plex on FireStick:

set up Plex on FireStick

As you can see, there are several free media contents available on the home screen of the app. The left menu panel features various categories like Movies & Shows, Web Shows, Live TV, Podcasts, Music, Your Media, and Settings.

The Settings section has various useful features that you can explore.

Plex APK download

Now, you need to sign in to your Plex account, here how you do it:

1. From the left menu panel on the home screen, click Sign In

how to install Plex on FireStick

2. Click SIGN IN again

steps to install Plex `

3. A code will appear on your FireStick screen

you will see a code

4. On your mobile or computer’s browser, visit

5. Enter the code displayed on your FireStick screen here. Click Link.

Plex for FireStick

Note: You are required to sign in to the Plex account on the browser as well. 

6. Once linked, you will see the Account Linked message on the browser.

account linked notification

Now, you can stream the free content on the app. You will find lots of Web Shows, Live TV channels, Movies, Podcasts, and much more.

To add/watch personal media collection to your Plex app, you need to set up a Plex server first.

We will talk about how to set up the Plex server with your Plex account in the next section.

How to Set Up the Plex Server

One of the biggest benefits Plex offers is that you can turn your Computer into a Plex server. It allows you to access media files of your choice on any device. Plex app is available on almost every platform including FireStick, mobiles, and more.

The Plex server could only be set up on a PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices.

Note: To be able to access media on another device such as FireStick, the computer acting as the Plex server must be turned on and connected to an Internet connection. However, it doesn’t have to be necessarily connected to the same internet as your FireStick.

Here’s how you set up the Plex server:

1. On a browser of your Computer, visit

2. Under Plex Media Server, you will see a drop-down menu. Click on it and select the operating system of your computer.

how to install Plex on FireStick

3. There are various options available here. I am selecting Windows here as I am using a Windows Computer.

4. Once done, click the Download button on the right side.

click download

5. Shortly, the Plex Media Server will be downloaded onto your device.

6. Run the downloaded file.

7. Click Install to install the Plex server on your computer.

install Plex on fire stick

8. It may take a few minutes.


9. Once installed, click Launch

how to get Plex on Amazon FireStick

10. A web browser will open. Click GOT IT.

Note: Make sure you are signed in to your Plex account

how to install Plex APK on FireStick

11. Wait for Plex to load

wait for it to load

12. You may also see the Plex Pass subscription prompt here, click the X to close it

click x to close

13. You need to name the server. Make sure it’s identifiable.  I am naming it Top TV Tricks. Then, click NEXT.

Important:  Make sure the box next to Allow me to access my media outside my home is checked. It will allow you to access your files on any external devices, anywhere)

Plex APK download

14. To add media, you may click Add Library and upload your files on the Plex server.

add library

15. Then, click NEXT.

16. Lastly, click DONE and Plex server setup is now done!

Subscription Plans of Plex Pass

To avail of Plex premium service, you will need to buy a Plex Pass plan first. The price will vary based on the duration of the plan. Currently, they are offering 3 different packages starting at just $4.99 USD. Here are some of the benefits of Plex Pass:

how to use Plex on FireStick

As of writing this article, the available subscription plans are as follows:

  • Monthly: $4.99 USD
  • Annual: $39.99 USD
  • Lifetime: $119.99 USD

Plex for FireStick

Key Features of Plex

Here are some of the key features of the Plex app:

  • Allows you to store and access media files on various external devices
  • It is compatible with a variety of devices including FireStick, Fire TVs, Android, Apple, Smart TVs, and more.
  • Diverse content category for you to choose from
  • It is efficient and offers superior user control


What is Plex?

Plex is a media server software that lets you store and play media on almost any device wirelessly. Besides that, Plex also offers several online streaming choices including movies, podcasts, shows, etc.

Is Plex illegal?

Yes, Plex is a legal app. It offers client apps on almost all platforms including FireOS, Android and Apple.

Is Plex free?

Yes, Plex is mostly free. You could use most of its key features for free. However, it also has a subscription program .

Can I use Plex on other devices?

Yes. You can use Plex on almost any device such as Amazon FireStick, Android TV boxes, Mobiles and more. However, the Plex server must be a Computer or a NAS device.

Wrapping up Plex on FireStick

Plex on FireStick is an incredible app that allows you to have access to all your favorite media in one single place. It gives you decent streaming choices including movies, web shows, podcasts, Live TV, and lots more. Not just that, you can store all your favorite media on the Plex server and access them anywhere on any device. Plex is incredibly user-friendly too. You must give it a try!

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