How to install Strix on FireStick

Hi Everyone, I am Poppy! In this tutorial, I will take you through the detailed instructions to install Strix on FireStick and Android TV box. These instructions can be used on all Fire TVs, Android TVs, NVIDIA Shields, Smartphones among others.

Strix is a brand-new streaming app for live TV, movies, tv shows, and more. It brings us access to several Live TV channels from different countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, France, Spain, and more. There are also various categories like sports, kids, religion in the live tv section. It has separate sections dedicated to movies and TV shows as well. Apart from that Strix also has an Adult section for the users, which can be password protected.

Note: You can now also install Strix via Applinked with the Store Code 144

Strix provides good quality streaming links on its own. However, the real-debrid integration feature within Strix will truly change your overall streaming experience with much higher quality links.

Strix looks like a promising app, therefore I am also adding it to our Best FireStick apps for 2021. Since this app offers a decent lineup of live TV channels, it is also part of our List of Best Live TV Apps and APKs for FireStick.

How to install Strix on FireStick  

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I have divided the installation process into three parts. Please follow them thoroughly and you will have Strix installed on your device in just a few minutes.

Part-1: Installing the Downloader app

Strix is a third-party app, therefore the only way to install it on FireStick is by side-loading it. We recommend using the Downloader app for side-loading purposes. Please follow the steps below to install the Downloader app:

1. Power on your FireStick. When your FireStick home screen loads, go to Search

how to install Strix on FireStick (8)

2. Enter the term Downloader with the help of the on-screen keyboard. Then, underneath the on-screen keyboard, select Downloader

how to install Strix on FireStick

3. From the search results, select the Downloader app icon

Strix APK

4. Click Get/ Download.

get/ download

5. Wait for Downloader to install

how to install strix on firestick

6. When you see the Open button, the Downloader is installed on your device. For now, leave it here. Do not click Open yet.

install Strix on fire stick

Part-2: Enabling Apps from Unknown Sources for Downloader

Third-party apps – such as Strix – need the Unknown Apps feature to be enabled within settings. Here are the steps to enable it:

1. Return to the FireStick main screen. Navigate to Settings on the top menu bar.

how to get Strix on Amazon FireStick

2. Scroll to the right and click My Fire TV

how to install Strix APK on FireStick

3. Next, click Developer Options

click Developer Options

4. Select the option Install Unknown Apps

Note: If you see Apps from Unknown Sources, click it instead of Install Unknown Apps. Click Turn On on the prompt that appears. Skip the next step!

download Strix on FireStick

5. Switch ON the Downloader app

set up Strix on FireStick

Part-3: Steps to Install Strix on FireStick

Now we are ready to install Strix on FIreStick. Here are the steps:

1. Long press your FireStick Remote’s Home button

2. Click Apps

install Strix on fire stick

3. From the installed apps, launch the Downloader app

lauch the downloader app

4. When launched for the first time, the Downloader app requests for necessary permission to access your device. Click Allow

Strix APK download

5. Next, you will see the Quick Start Guide, click OK

how to install Strix on FireStick

6. When the downloader app’s home screen loads, click on the address bar

steps to install Strix on firestick

7. DO NOT enter

Instead, enter the URL

The official website of Strix is currently unavailable for download

Note: You can now also install Strix via Applinked with the Store Code 144

enter URL and click Go


It will redirect you to the Strix website. Click Download APK Now

Strix for FireStick

9. Strix APK will now begin to download on your FireStick

how to install Strix on FireStick

10. Once downloaded, click INSTALL


11. Wait for the installation process to finish

Strix APK

12. When you see the App Installed notification, click OPEN

install Strix on fire stick

If you want to know how to use the Strix app, I have covered it in the next section.

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search option

Step 3: Search for ExpressVPN and download it on FireStick

expressvpn firestick search

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expressvpn sign in firestick

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expressvpn connect to server

How to use Strix on FireStick

Accessing Strix on FireStick is fairly easy, here are the steps:

1. Press and hold the Home button on the FireStick remote until you see a shortcut menu pop up

2. From that menu, click Apps

how to use strix on firestick

3. Now navigate to the Strix app icon, and click once to launch it.

how to use Strix on FireStick

On your first launch, Strix will ask you to set a PIN for the adult content. Set a 4-digit PIN of your choice and then click Submit. You will need this PIN to access the Adult section in the app.

click submit

Next, you will see a Disclaimer, click Okay to continue

Strix for FireStick

Here’s the Main Screen of STRIX on FireStick:

how to install Strix on FireStick

The app interface is slightly different than other streaming apps. As you can see, the main menu bar is at the bottom. However, you will get used to it in a few minutes.

It offers the below categories:

  • Live TV
  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Adult
  • Apps
  •  Watchlist
  •  Settings
  • Power

Now, if you select Live TV, you will find several categories on the left side. You may choose any category of your choice and then the channels within that category will appear on the right section. Click on any channel to start playing.

install Strix on fire stick

Similarly, you can access the Movies and TV shows category.

how to use Strix on FireStick

The movies and TV shows sections also have a Search feature for your convenience.

search feature

The Settings section has quite a few options for you to play around with. You can change Default Player from the below options.

steps to install Strix

You can also set up Real-debrid within Strix from here. The detailed steps are covered in the next section.

How to set up Real Debrid with Strix FireStick app

Signing in to real-debrid will allow you access to more HD links with almost zero buffering issues. Setting up Real Debrid within Strix is easy, here are the quick steps:

(Note: we have a detailed guide explaining Real-debrid and how to use it, so for more detailed instructions, you may visit the guide: Setup Real Debrid on FireStick Apps)

1. First of all, get yourself a premium Real Debrid account by Signing Up HERE!

2. Next, from the home screen of the Strix app, select Settings

How to set up Real Debrid with Strix FireStick app

3. Click on Real Debrid – Login

set up Real Debrid on Strix on your Amazon FireStick

4. The next screen will display a code. 

How to set up real debrid with Strix apk firestick

5. Now, on another device visit

6. Enter the code here and click Continue

click Continue

7. Once Real-Debrid is authorized, you will see this Application allowed notification.

Strix firestick real debrid setup

8. To access premium links, click on any movie or TV episode and enjoy a seamless streaming experience.

Key Features of Strix

·        Easy to use interface

·        Live TV Channels from various countries and genres

·        Wide selection of movies and TV shows

·        Allows Real-Debrid integration

·        Supports external Video player

·        Offers Adult content as well

How to install the Strix on Android TV Box

Let’s get into the steps to install the Strix App on Android TV Box:

  1. On the Android Box main screen, click Apps
  2. Choose Get More Apps
  3. Select Search and enter the term Downloader
  4. Choose Downloader
  5. Click Install
  6. Go to the home screen again and click Settings
  7. Select Security & restrictions
  8. Click the toggle switch to allow Unknown Sources for Downloader
  9. Go to Apps and run the downloader app
  10. Click the URL bar with http://
  11. Enter the below URL:

Click Go

  1. You will be redirected to the Strix app website. Click Download APK Now
  2. Click INSTALL
  3. Once installed, choose OPEN and enjoy streaming with the Strix app

FAQs for Strix on FireStick

What is Strix?

Strix is an all-in-one streaming app with Live TV, movies, TV shows, and more.

Is Strix Legal?

Accessing copyrighted content is illegal in many countries. Therefore, it’s best to avoid streaming pirated content.

Can I install Strix on other devices?

Strix can be installed on a myriad of devices including Fire TVs, Android TVs, Mi Boxes, Nvidia Shields, smartphones, and many more.

Can I download movies with Strix?

No, downloading is not supported on Strix.

Wrapping up

Strix on FireStick is a great source of entertainment for streamers out there. It has pretty much all kinds of content that you can think of it. Apart from that, it also allows real debrid sign-in, which is a big plus if you love HD quality content. The app is certainly worth a try.

If you face any issues installing or using Strix, please get in touch with us via the comments section below.

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