Best Unlinked Codes in 2023 for Movies, Shows, & More

Hi, this is Nick. In this post, you will find the up-to-date list of the best UnLinked Codes in 2023.

best unlinked codes

The codes I have mentioned work on FireStick, Android TV, Nvidia Shield, Mi TV, Android TV Boxes, as well as Android Mobile devices.

UnLinked is a file-sharing application. It lets you install your favorite apps.

I have included the top 10 UnLinked Codes in this post.

I have downloaded dozens of apps from these codes and did not run into any safety issues.

However, even though I am confident the codes are safe, I would refrain from offering any guarantees.

That’s because the UnLinked codes listed here let you download and install third-party apps on FireStick and Android devices. There are no guarantees with the apps downloaded from outside the Amazon Store.

As far as legality is concerned, there is nothing to worry about if you are not using any of the codes to download copyrighted or pirated material.

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Best UnLinked Codes in 2023

Your IP address is exposed.

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Here is a quick list of the best UnLinked codes for FireStick, Android TV, and other Android devices (scroll down to view the description of each code):

  1. 67664537 (250+ apps)
  2. 12341234 (100+apps)
  3. Firestick (30+ apps)
  4. Superapps (PIN: 911911) (50+ apps)
  5. 7CD6A4F1 (PIN 911911) (8 apps)
  6. 90D311FE (50+ apps)
  7. 710AB04D (150+ apps)
  8. 33627466 (70+ apps)
  9. EB2E4A4C (70+ apps)
  10. D9BCD4D8 (35+ apps)

1) UnLinked Code: 67664537 (one of the biggest UnLinked codes)

Number of Apps: 250+
Categories: 14
Key Apps: Cinema HD, Nova TV, Media Box HD, HDTv Ultimate, Aptoide TV, MX Player, Stremio, and more

best unlinked code for firestick and android

This Unlinked Store code is called Stream It All. It is probably the biggest UnLinked store so far with over 250 apps and 14 categories.

You will find the apps in the following categories, Top Movie & TV Shows Apps, TV and Movie Apps, Everything Kodi, Live TV Apps, Anime & Comics, Tools, VPN, App Stores, Media Players, and more.

With such a huge collection of exciting apps, 67664537 is easily one of the best Unlinked codes.

A the time of writing, the store was last updated on September 13, 2021.

2) Unlinked Code: 12341234

Number of Apps: 100+
Categories: Movies & TV Shows, Anime, Kids, Live TV, VPNs, Kodi Forks, and more
Key AppsCinema HD, Bee TV, Kodi, HD Streamz, Strix, and more

best unlinked codes

Even though the Unlinked code is named IPTV Super Store, it contains apps in dozens of categories and not just IPTV, including movies, shows, live TV, VPN, browsers, and more. It is one of the most popular Unlinked codes at this moment and features popular apps like Cinema HD, Bee TV, and various other APKs listed on our list of best apps for FireStick.

The creators of this code actively update the apps whenever the updates are available. This means you will always find the latest version of your favorite apps.

3) Firestick

Number of Apps: 30+
Categories: Movies and TV Shows, Live TV, Kodi, FireStick Tools, Ad-free Movie Apps, and more
Key Apps: Cinema HD, FilmPlus, Cuco TV, Bee TV, Flixoid, Tea TV, MX Player, and more

unlinked codes

Yes, that’s the Unlinked code, “FireStick.” This Unlinked store may not have as many apps as the other stores, but it has got plenty. There are fewer apps because this store primarily targets FireStick and Fire TV devices.

This code also features VPNs, antivirus for FireStick, and other utility tools. You can also install ad-free movie and live TV apps from here.

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Step 2:  Choose the Search option from your FireStick home screen

search option

Step 3: Search for ExpressVPN and download it on FireStick

expressvpn firestick search

Step 4: Sign in with your ExpressVPN account

expressvpn sign in firestick

Step 5: Connect to an ExpressVPN server and stream safely and privately

expressvpn connect to server

4) Superapps (PIN: 911911)

Number of Apps: 50+
Categories: Mega App Pack
Key Apps: Cinema HD, Rokkr, Nova TV, Viva TV, Bee TV, UK Turks, Redbox TV, and more

best unlinked codes

Superapps is one of the most widely-used Unlinked codes of the year. It has more than 50 apps that you can download on FireStick and Android devices.

In addition to streaming apps, this store also features utility apps like Blokada, VPNs, and more.

As I write this, Superapps was last updated in July 2021. Therefore, some of the apps may not be the latest version. Furthermore, this Unlinked code has put all its app in one category. Therefore, browsing and finding the apps may not be easy. Thankfully, you can use the Search feature of the Unlinked app if you know what you are looking for.

5) 7CD6A4F1 (PIN 911911)

Number of Apps: 8
Categories: Premium Apps, Good Stuff
Key Apps: Cinema HD, FilmPlus, HD Streamz, Tea TV


This store goes by the name Premium Apps. It is not exactly the best Unlinked code at this time. As I write this, there are only 8 apps in two categories. The apps have also not been updated since July 2021.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in this store, please try one of the other Unlinked codes provided in this guide.

6) Unlinked Code: 90D311FE

Number of Apps: 50+
Categories: Movies & TV Series, Movies
Key Apps: Cinema HD, Nova TV, Bee TV, Tea TV, Flixoid, Ocean Streamz, and more

unlinked codes for firestick

Named ‘Movies / TV Shows’, this Unlinked code puts all your favorite apps for movies and shows in one place. It features the most popular apps like Cinema HD, Bee TV, Tea TV, Nova TV, and more.

Additionally, it features some of the lesser-known, but good quality apps like DUST Sci-Fi, OLD Movies, AstonCine, and others.

7) Unlinked Code: 710AB04D

Number of Apps: 150+
Categories: None
Key Apps: Cinema HD, Bee TV, FilmPlus, Nova TV, One Box HD, Tea TV, and more

best unlinked codes for firestick

This Unlinked code for FireStick and other Android devices goes by the name Android Devices & Unlinked. It packs just about all your favorite apps or APKs you may need for your FireStick, mobiles, or tablets running on Android OS.

At the time of writing this post, the store was last updated on November 05, 2021. Therefore, you may find some apps with old versions.

Another challenge is that the store has more than 150 apps and no categories. Therefore, you may find it difficult to browse. Of course, you can use the search option if you are looking for something specific.

8) Unlinked Store Code: 33627466

Number of Apps: 70+
Categories: 4
Key Apps: Cinema HD, Bee TV, Cuco TV, FilmPlus, Nova TVTea TV, and more

best unlinked codes

This store code is named Stream Doctor and features 4 categories, namely Top Movie And TV Shows Apps, Best FireStick Apps for Utility, Adult Streaming Apps, and VPN.

You can easily install utility apps like Mouse Toggle, Blokada, Speed Test app, etc.

As I write this, the store was last updated on September 15, 2021. Some apps may still have older versions, but most of them are up to date.

You can get pretty much everything you need through this store.

9) Unlinked Store Code: EB2E4A4C

Number of Apps: 70+
Categories: 7
Key Apps: Cinema HD, Media Lounge, Bee TV, FilmPlus, Nova TV, Tea TV, and more

 code is called Seenys APK Store

This Unlinked code is called Seenys APK Store. It hosts plenty of popular apps for movies and shows. You can download them in just a few clicks.

The Seenys Unlinked store has 7 categories including Music, VPN, Live TV, Films & TV Shows, Browsers, Tools, & YouTube.

Some of the apps may not be remote-friendly. Hence, not suited for FireStick without Mouse Toggle. However, you will still find plenty of popular FireStick apps here.

At the time of writing, this Unlinked code had been updated only a few days ago. You are likely to find the latest version of almost all the apps.

10) Code: D9BCD4D8

Number of Apps: 35+
Categories: 2
Key Apps: HD Streamz, UK Turks, Live Net TV, Tea TV Sports, and more

best unlinked code

This code is dedicated to live TV apps for FireStick and Android. It features two categories, Live TV and Sports.

You can quickly install many popular APKs for FireStick and other Android (or Android-based) devices.

This Unlinked Store was updated last on December 09, 2021 (as I write this guide). Therefore, most of the apps must be up to date.

How to Use the UnLinked Codes

Since you are here, I am assuming you have already installed the UnLinked app. If not, please follow our detailed guide on UnLinked for installation steps. The guide also provides step-by-step instructions to use the UnLinked codes.

You can install UnLinked on any Android device from its official website.

I am providing the quick steps to help you get started with the UnLinked codes.

1. You may need to allow UnLinked to install unknown or third-party apps on your device. For instance, on FireStick, you can do that by going to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps

best unlinked codes for firestick

2. Open the UnLinked app and click Add a New Library

add a new library

3. Enter one of the codes provided here and click Next

unlinked code

If the Unlinked code requires a PIN, enter the PIN

enter the pin

4. Now, click the app you wish to install

click the app you wish to install

5. Click Download on the prompt

unlinked codes for firestick and android

6. Wait for the download to complete

wait forthe download to complete

7. Click the app again and when prompted click Launch

how to use unlinked codes

8. Click INSTALL to install the app

best unlinked codes

That’s it!

FAQs for UnLinked Codes

How do I Install UnLinked Codes?

You can install UnLinked codes by first installing the UnLinked app. Once the app is installed, you can enter the desired UnLinked code

Is it legal to use UnLinked Codes?

As long as you are streaming the content available in the public domain.

Is FileLinked still down?

Yes, FileLinked is still down. UnLinked is a great alternative to FileLinked. You can use the UnLinked codes to install all your favorite apps.

What can I get from UnLinked codes?

You can install a wide range of apps on FireStick and Android devices using UnLinked codes.

Wrapping Up UnLinked Codes

So, this is the list of the best UnLinked codes for FireStick and Android devices (such as TVs, mobiles, and more). Every code appearing on our list lets you download multiple apps in just a few clicks. Let us know if you are aware of any other good code that we might have missed via the comments section below.

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