15 Best Cinema HD Alternative in 2023 (FireStick & Android)

Hello Everyone, I am Nick, and today we will talk about the best Cinema HD alternative apps.

The alternative apps mentioned here can be installed on Amazon Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Lite, FireStick 4K, Fire Stick 4K Max, Mi Box, Android TV Box, Android Mobiles, Nvidia Shield TV, and so many more. 

cinema hd apk alternative

Cinema HD is one of the most popular video-streaming apps. This app features an exhaustive collection of on-demand content such as movies and shows.

However, recently, the app ran into some issues. Even if the app starts workingworking fine again, it is always good to have some options for times when you face issues like these.

So, to give you some alternatives to Cinema HD APK, I have put together a list of apps like Cinema APK.  

A lot of these apps are also featured on our list of Best FireStick Apps for 2023.

Quick List of Cinema HD Alternative Services

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Here is the quick list of the apps you can use if Cinema APK is not working for you (scroll down for the description of each app):

  1. Tea TVinstallation guide
  2. CyberFlix TVinstallation guide
  3. Nova TV APKinstallation guide
  4. Bee TVinstallation guide
  5. Ocean Streamzinstallation guide
  6. Media Loungeinstallation guide
  7. UK Turks Appinstallation guide
  8. FilmPlusinstallation guide
  9. Morpheus TVinstallation guide
  10. Synclerinstallation guide
  11. MegaBox HDinstallation guide
  12. MediaBox HDinstallation guide
  13. Viva TVinstallation guide
  14. Cuco TVinstallation guide
  15. Kodiinstallation guide

Best Cinema HD Alternative to Watch Movies and TV Shows

Below is the list of the apps that we think are great replacements to Cinema HD app.

These apps can be installed on a variety of devices such as FireStick, Fire TV, Mi Box, Android TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Android Mobiles, and more.

Note: The following apps are not available on Amazon Play Store or Google Play Store. But, you can sideload them on your device. 

1. Tea TV

cinema hd alternativeWith Cinema APK currently working strange, you would like to try Tea TV.  This app has tons of high-quality movies, shows, and documentaries. It works great with Real Debrid as well.

Tea TV lets you easily browse the content. It pulls multiple links in high resolution as well as standard definition.

How to Install Tea TV on FireStick

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2. CyberFlix TV

cyberflixCyberFlix TV is another excellent alternative to Cinema HD app you could try. CyberFlix has remained as one of the most popular streaming apps for a long while. In fact, it is also considered a rival to Cinema APK.

You will find loads of options to stream movies and shows.

You can also integrate the app with Real Debrid for high-quality streaming links.

I have been using CyberFlix TV for a while and am confident you will like it too.

How to install Cyberflix TV on FireStick

3. Nova TV APK

apps like cinema hd apkAnother stellar Cinema HD alternative for streamers is Nova TV APK. The app is pretty similar to Cinema HD and CyberFlix TV.

It is easy to use. The user interface is sleek and intuitive.

The media library that this app offers is also enormous; you will find all the latest releases in this app.  The content is also updated on a frequent basis.

If you are looking for an app like Cinema APK, you must try Nova TV.

How to install Nova TV APK on FireStick

4. BeeTV

cinema apk alternativeIf you are looking for apps like Cinema HD, BeeTV is another great substitute and a great app for to watch movies and TV shows.

If you are an Anime lover, BeeTV also features a special category for Anime.

The app fetches high quality streaming links rather quickly.

Besides that, the app has all other features that you’d expect in a good streaming app.

With a vast content catalog and brilliant features, BeeTV is worth a shot as an alternative to the Cinema HD V2 App.

Bee TV works great on both – Fire Stick and Android TV (such as Mi Box and Nvidia Shield TV).

How to install Bee TV on FireStick

5. Ocean Streamz

cinema hd alternativesOcean Streamz is an all-in-one app which has gained a lot of popularity recently.

This wonderful app offers a big collection on on-demand videos, including movies and shows.

Additionally, you can watch live TV channels with this app.

The app works great on Fire TV and Android TV Box as well.

How to Install Ocean Streamz on FireStick

6. Media Lounge

cinema hd apk alternativesMedia Lounge is another all-in-one app for FireStick and Android devices.

This app features tons of quality content including your favorite movies and shows.

That’s why it is a viable alternative to Cinema HD.

The app does not support Real Debrid at this time.

However, it still provides a lot of working links.

Media Lounge also has a Live TV section with dozens of channels from around the world.

How to Install Media Lounge on FireStick

7. UK Turks App

best apps for fire tv cube and firestickUK Turks is one of the best streaming apps you can use as a Cinema HD alternative.

It is an all-in-one streaming app that gives you access to tons of on-demand movies and TV shows.

In addition, it also lets you watch Live TV on your FireStick and other Android (such as Android TV Boxes, Mi Box, Nvidia Shield TV, Mobiles, etc.)

UK Turks has a user-friendly interface that lets you quickly find and stream your favorite content.

The app is also incredibly easy to install.

How to Install UK Turks on FireStick

8. FilmPlus

12 best cinema hd alternativesFilmPlus is also a decent app for watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

The app features a load of content.

FilmPlus looks like a replica of the Terrarium TV (which is now shut down). However, this streaming app works great as I write this guide. You will find lots of working links.

Just like many other apps on this list, you can set up Real Debrid with FilmPlus to get even more high-quality streaming links.

FilmPlus has an easy-to-use interface. You can easily find content in various meaningful categories.

You can also use the search option if you are looking for something in particular.

How to Install FilmPlus on FireStick

9. Morpheus TV

watch free movies in public domainMorpheus TV is probably a clone of the now-defunct app called Morph TV.

This app currently works only with Real Debrid, the premium hoster.

But that also means Morpheus TV gets you only high-quality streaming links.

That’s the reason why I have placed it among the best Cinema HD APK alternatives.

You will find hundreds of movies and shows within this app.

The content is nicely categorized allowing for easy browsing. Give it a try.

How to Install Morpheus TV on FireStick

10. Syncler

sycler for firestick and android tv usersSyncler has quickly become a popular streaming app.

It is an on-demand service that gives you access to almost unlimited movies and TV shows.

You can also watch latest movies and shows. 

If you enjoy free streaming and without any hassles, you would like to give Syncler a try.

This app works only with Real Debrid integration.

This means that you will only get superior quality streaming links.

Syncler has a very user-friendly interface. It is also very easy to install.

How to Install Syncler on FireStick

11. MegaBox HD

get megabox hd on firestick and android phonesMegaBox HD is a well-known on-demand app for Fire TV and various other Android devices (including Android TV Box, Mobiles, Nvidia Shield TV, Android Tablet, Smart TV, etc.)

On this app, you will find a huge list of movies as well as TV shows.

The user-interface is quite easy to navigate. You get used to it within minutes.

MegaBox HD currently does not support Real Debrid. However, it pulls working links on its own.

It may not be the best Cinema HD APK alternative. However, it is still something you would want go give shot.

How to Install MegaBox HD on FireStick

12. MediaBox HD

media box hd for smart tvs and fire tvIf you are still looking for best Cinema HD alternatives, here is another one for you.

MediaBox HD is a free streaming app and offers a solid package of on-demand content.

It has tons of movies and shows. That’s why it is one of the best free streaming apps out there.

MediaBox HD works great with Real Debrid and Trakt TV.

You can watch content in HD Quality as well as 4K. 

How to Install MediaBox HD on FireStick

13. Viva TV

viva tv for mi tv stick, nvidia shield, fire tv cube, firestickViva TV is yet another great Cinema HD APK alternative you can try.

Just like the other on-demand apps on this list, this app too features a solid content library.

You can watch just about any movie or TV show of your choice.

If the app doesn’t get you quality links, you can always sign up with Real Debrid to enhance the streaming quality.

All in all, if you are looking for a free streaming service, take a look at Viva TV.

How to Install Viva TV on FireStick

14. Cuco TV

cuco tv a complete streaming packageYou probably already know that Cuco TV is a rebranded version of ZiniTevi app.

Cuco Tv is one of the best free streaming services at this time.

It has a huge content library with almost unlimited movies and shows.

You can use this app on Fire TV Stick or an Android OS device, such as Android TV Box or Android Smartphones.

The app gets you quality streams from various sources. You can also set it up with Real Debrid to get more links in HD quality.

How to Install Cuco TV on FireStick

15. Kodi

kodi cinema hd apk alternatives for fire tv cube, kindle fire, nvidia shieldKodi media player is a great option if you are looking for Cinema HD alternatives. 

All you need is working Kodi addons to watch your favorite content.

Kodi is not just a movie streaming app. 

You can stream , shows, Live TV, and more with Kodi addons.

How to Install Kodi on FireStick

Cinema HD APK Alternatives that Don’t Work Anymore

The following apps do not work anymore. I am still including them so that you know not to install them in case you turn into them. 

There might still be some dangerous files passing off as one of these apps. 

1. CatMouse APK

best cinema hd apk alternativesCatMouse APK continues to be a popular pick for Cinema HD alternatives since it has tons of amazing features in its arsenal.

This app has been a top favorite amongst the streamers for a long time. It has a huge collection of latest movies & TV shows and offers you the best quality streaming links. CatMouse is also FireStick-friendly, therefore a great substitute for Cinema APK. I recommend you try it if you haven’t already.

How to install Catmouse APK on FireStick

2. UnlockmyTTV

unlockmyttvOne of the top contenders of Cinema HD APK alternative is UnlockmyTTV. The app features a user-friendly interface, which is similar to that of the Cinema HD app. Movies and TV shows collection that this app offers is also huge.

The app pulls in good quality streaming links rather quickly.  The user interface is sleek and offers smooth navigation. Overall, UnlockmyTTV is a great Cinema app replacement.

How to Install UnlockMyTTV on FireStick

3. Titanium TV

cinema hd apk replacement titanium tvTitanium TV also deserves a place in our best Cinema HD APK alternatives list because it is widely known as a streaming app that regularly updates its media library.

Titanium TV offers smooth navigation on Amazon FireStick as well. The media library features pretty much all the latest movies and TV shows. The app also fetches good quality streaming links. All-in-all, Titanium TV is a great streaming alternative to Cinema and deserves a try.

How to install Titanium TV on FireStick

cinema hd apk alternative expressvpn

4. Typhoon TV

cinema hd apk alternativeIf you were impressed by Cinema HD, then there are high chances that you will love Typhoon TV. It has to be on our list of best alternatives to Cinema HD. The app pulls in high-quality streaming links. Another plus is its large media library. And the content is also updated frequently. The interface is sleek and easy to use – just like the Cinema HD APK.

The app also works flawlessly FireStick devices. All-in-all, Typhoon TV is a great replacement for Cinema HD.

How to install Typhoon TV on FireStick

5. UnlockMyTV

alternatives of cinema hd apkUnlockMyTV is easily one of the best alternatives for Cinema HD. The app has a large collection of movies an3d TV shows. The content is frequently updated, making sure the latest TV shows and movies available to you as soon as they are released.

The app offers similar features and an interface as Cinema HD. It also pulls in high-quality links. A fitting replacement for Cinema HD, UnlockMyTV is something you must install if you are looking for a well-rounded app.

How to install UnlockMyTV on FireStick

6. Morph TV

best cinema hd apk alternativeMorph TV works as a perfect alternative to the Cinema APK app. It’s a superb app for streaming movies and TV shows on a variety of devices. The app features a vast library with a wide range of content that you can stream for hours.

Morph TV is FireStick-friendly, therefore runs flawlessly on these low-specs devices. All things considered, Morph TV is an excellent Cinema HD alternative.

How to install Morpheus TV on FireStick

FAQS for Cinema HD APK Alternative

Is there anything better than Cinema HD?

There are many apps just as good as Cinema HD. I have mentioned top 15 such apps on this list

Is Cinema HD Illegal?

Watching pirated content is illegal. Always stream content available in the public domain.

Do I need VPN for Cinema HD?

Using a VPN with Cinema HD is highly recommended. It will help prevent buffering and provide 100% security and privacy. ExpressVPN is the best opinion based on my personal experience.

What is wrong with Cinema HD?

Nothing in particular. However, you may encounter some issues from time to time. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some Cinema HD APK alternative options.

Wrapping Up

So, this is our list for the best alternatives to Cinema HD. Although Cinema HD is still up and running, it is always great to have alternatives, just in case the app shuts down as these things are not uncommon with streaming apps.

The apps mentioned here are designed for FireStick, Android TV, and other Android users. However, if you use an Android Emulator (such as BlueStacks), you can download these apps on Windows PC and Mac OS as well.

If you know any other app that could cut it as an alternative to Cinema HD, please let us know by commenting down below.

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