How to install Nvidia Shield Kodi App

Hi, this is Nick, and in this article, I will show you how to install Kodi on Nvidia Shield. The steps I have provided will also work on the other Android TV boxes that use Android TV OS, such as Mi Box.

Kodi is one of the most popular and easiest ways to stream movies, TV shows, News, Sports, live TV, and more. While so many apps come and go, Kodi has stood the test of time and still is one of the best ways to stream content online.

How to use kodi on nvidia shield

Kodi supports hundred of add-ons and new add-ons keep coming out every day. It allows you to install various Kodi add-ons and builds that give you access to unlimited entertainment for hours.

Luckily, the Kodi app is compatible with Nvidia Shield; therefore you can enjoy all the benefits of Kodi on your device. Let’s get to the installation steps now.

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How to install Nvidia Shield Kodi app (official method)

Kodi is now available on Google Play Store, so it is easier than ever to install Kodi for Nvidia Shield. We do not need to side-load Kodi from any other third-party sources.

Installing Kodi via Google Play Store is the easiest method to get the app on Nvidia Shield. Follow the steps below to install Kodi:

1. Turn on Nvidia Shield and stay on the Home Screen

2. From there, click on Apps (9 squares)

Nvidia shield kodi

3. Next, click on Get More Apps

Install kodi on nvidia shield

4. Access the Search icon from there

How to install kodi nvidia shield

5. Type in the word Kodi using the on-screen keypad or use the Voice search option and then you will be presented with the search results.

6. Click on the Kodi app

search and click the app

7. Click Install. It will automatically download and install Kodi

Kodi for nvidia shield

8. Wait until the process is finished. It will only take a few seconds.

Kodi nvidia shield

9. Once the installation process is completed, click on OPEN to launch the app

click open

Alternate Method to install Kodi on Nvidia Shield

If you have already installed Kodi with the first method, you may skip this section.

It is unlikely, however, in case you can’t find the official Kodi app in the Play Store, you can still sideload it on your Nvidia Shield device.

You are going to need the Downloader app. I have provided the steps to install the Downloader app as well.

1. Click Apps on the Nvidia Shield home screen (on the left)

Nvidia shield kodi

2. Click Get More Apps on the prompt that appears on the right

Install kodi on nvidia shield

3. You now want to click the magnifying glass or the search option in the top-right part of this window

How to install kodi nvidia shield

4. Type Downloader here and look it up

type downloader

5. Install the Downloader app

How to install kodi nvidia shield

6. Click Settings on the top-right section of the Nvidia Shield home screen

Kodi for nvidia shield

7. Click Security & restrictions

Kodi nvidia shield

8. Click Unknown Sources

click unknown sources

9. Select Downloader and turn Unknown Sources on

turn on unknown sources for downloader

10. Click Apps on the home screen again and open the Downloader app

Dismiss any prompts that appear and click the URL section

11. Type in and click GO

How to install kodi nvidia shield

12. Wait for the Kodi download to finish

Download kodi on nvidia shield

13. Click Install

click install

14. Click Open to open Kodi

click open
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How to use Kodi on Nvidia Shield

Now that you have installed Kodi on Nvidia Shield, let’s start using it.

To open Kodi or any installed app, click Apps on the Nvidia Shield home screen

Nvidia shield kodi

Click Kodi on this popup that displays the list of apps you have installed

Kodi nvidia shield

Choose Continue if you see this popup

click continue

Click Allow (appears only the first time)

How to set up kodi on nvidia shield

Wait for Kodi to start

How to use kodi on nvidia shield

This is the main screen of the Kodi app

How to set up kodi on nvidia shield

What you need now to get started is:

  • Kodi Addons
  • Kodi Builds

Kodi Addons

To stream anything on via Nvidia Shield Kodi app, you need addons. Kodi does not offer any content of its own. Everything you want to watch has to be sourced through the addons.

With Kodi addons, you can watch video-on-demand movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, Live TV, and more.

You can install an addon on Kodi and start watching your favorite content.

Here are the links to some of the most popular Kodi addons:

Kodi Builds

The Kodi builds change the way you experience Kodi on any device. The builds make Kodi more interactive and probably more fun too.

You do not necessarily need a Kodi build to stream. You just need addons. However, streaming becomes a lot easier and convenient with a Kodi build. Furthermore, Kodi builds already include many popular addons. Hence, there is no need to install them separately.

Let’s look at the two images below (without a build and with a Kodi build)

Kodi with a build is clearly more attractive and more functional.

Here are the two most popular builds you would want to install:

I recommend trying a Kodi build. They are free. If you don’t like the build for any reason, you can always uninstall and reinstall Kodi and return to defaults.

Bonus: Kodi Repositories

To install any addon and most Kodi builds, you first need to install a related repository. Most repositories contain multiple Kodi addons. They also contain Build Wizards that let you install various Kodi builds.

Therefore, I recommend you to explore the following two repositories. You can install all sorts of addons and builds from them:

Useful Resources for Maintenance of Kodi on Nvidia Shield

Kodi is a great app but not completely flawless. you may run into issues from time to time.

Here are the two guides that should help you:

Nvidia Shield Kodi FAQs

How to download Kodi on Nvidia Shield?

Follow the method in this guide to get Kodi on Nvidia Shield within a few minutes.

Is Kodi legal?

Yes, Kodi is completely legal. In fact, it is available via the official channel. However, stream content available in the public domain only to avoid any legal issues.

Is Kodi safe?

Yes, Kodi is completely safe. However, make sure you install Kodi Builds and Addons only from the trusted sources.

What can I watch with Kodi on Nvidia Shield?

With the Kodi app, you can watch Movies, Shows, Live TV, and just about anything you like.


Nvidia Shield Kodi app is a great way to access inexhaustible entertainment online. Once you get Kodi on your device, you can install addons of your choice and start streaming your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. Furthermore, there are add-ons for all kinds of content that you may be interested in. So, go ahead and install Kodi following the aforementioned steps and enjoy streaming!

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