How to Rename FireStick

Hello Everyone, this is Poppy, and in this article, you will learn how to rename FireStick.

Amazon FireStick is a fantastic and inexpensive way to stream movies, TV shows, sports, news and so much more on your TV. You can install various apps on your FireStick and watch HD content including 4K videos.

If you have multiple Amazon FireStick or Fire TVs at home, you will find that the device names allocated by Amazon are quite similar and can get to the point of becoming confusing.

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Luckily, it does not have to be that way and you can easily rename any Amazon device, making sure all your devices are well-organized.

This guide outlines the ways you can rename your FireStick in a just few easy steps.

How to Rename FireStick

By default, Amazon assigns random names to FireStick Devices. Hence, it can become confusing if you own multiple devices. To solve this problem, we can rename our devices and keep them organized. Here are a few things you need to do before we proceed with the actual renaming process:

a. Check the Name of Your Device

Before you rename FireStick, you need to first know the current name of the device that you wish to rename.

To check the device name, simply follow the steps below:

1. From the main screen of FireStick, go to the Settings tab located on the top menu panel

How to Rename FireStick

2. Scroll to the right and click on My Fire TV

Rename FireStick

3. Next, click About

Rename Fire TV

4. Click on Fire TV Stick 4K

Click on Fire TV Stick 4K

5. You will see the assigned name by Amazon under the Device Name section on the right panel. Note it down somewhere.

Repeat this process with all the Amazon FireStick that you own and want to rename.

b. Choosing the Right Name

When changing the name of your Amazon FireStick, it is important to choose the right name.  If you have multiple Fire TV devices in your home, it is always a good idea to rename it based on something you associate that particular device to.  Going for any random name will defeat the whole purpose of renaming the device. So keep that in mind. However, you can always come back and rename them anytime you want.

c. Ways to Rename your FireStick

Changing the FireStick name is fairly easy; however, you can’t do it from the FireStick settings itself. There are two viable ways you can rename FireStick:

  • Via the Official Amazon Website
  • Via Amazon Mobile app

We will discuss them in detail with step by step instructions in the next sections.

How to Rename FireStick via the Official Amazon Website

You can rename your FireStick by visiting Amazon’s official website. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Access Your Amazon Account

1. Visit Amazon’s official website

2. From the top menu bar, click on the Hello, Sign In tab on the top-right and then click on Sign in

How to Rename the Amazon Fire Stick Device


3. Enter your email/mobile phone number in the box and then click Continue

how to rename firestick

Note: If you have more than one Amazon account, be sure to sign in to the account that is connected to the FireStick device that you wish to rename. Or else, you will not find that FireStick device name on Amazon’s list of devices.

4. Next, enter your password and click on Sign-In

rename firestickNow that you are logged into your account, we can move on to the next step

Step 2: Change the FireStick Device Name

To rename the FireStick device, follow these steps provided below:

1. From Amazon website’s Home page, scroll down to the bottom of  the screen

2. You will see the Let Us Help You section on the bottom right. Under that, click on Manage Your Content and Devices

How to Change the Name of Your Amazon Fire TV

3. By default, the Content tab is selected. So, to access devices, click on the Devices tab from the menu. Then, click on Fire TV

How to Change Your Fire Stick Name

4. It will reveal the full list of Fire TV devices connected with this account. Locate the device that you wish to rename and then click on the device name.

how to rename firestick

5. Now you will see an Edit button next to the FireStick/ Fire TV device name.

change firestick name


6. Once you click Edit, you will see a new dialog box named Edit Device Information

7. Click on the box next to Device Name and enter a new name as per your choice. I am writing Top TV Tricks here.

8. Then, click on Save

click save

That’s all. You have now successfully changed the name of your Fire TV device.

How to Rename FireStick on Your Phone

Some of us prefer to use the Amazon app on our Smartphones, which makes it easy to change the name of your Amazon Fire TV and FireSticks. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Access the Amazon App

If you already have the Amazon app installed on your Smartphone, simply open the app.

If not, download and install the app from the App Store/ Google Play store. And then sign in with your Amazon credentials.

Step 2: Change the FireStick Device Name

Follow the steps below to change the FireStick name:

1. Tap on the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) on the top-left of the app screen

How to Rename the Amazon Fire Stick

2. From there, access Your Account

How to Rename the FireStick

3. Under Account Settings, tap on Content and Devices

click content and devices

4. Then tap on Devices, Content is selected by default. You will see the list of devices registered with your Amazon account

rename firestick

5. Tap on the FireStick or the Fire TV device that you wish to rename.

How to change the name of your Amazon Fire TV

6. You will see an Edit button next to the device, tap on it.

rename the Fire Stick

7. Here, click on the box next to Device Name and enter the new name of your choice and then tap on Save. You will see a message on-screen when your FireStick is successfully renamed.

rename FireStick

Change FireStick name

If you own multiple Amazon FireSticks or Fire TV devices, the assigned device names by default can become extremely confusing. The assigned names look pretty much the same. Luckily, it does not have to stay that way as you can easily change FireStick name from your Amazon account.

When it comes to managing your device from Amazon’s website, having identifiable names allows you to determine that you are modifying the right device. Keeping the devices organized is always a good idea when you use multiple devices under one Amazon account.

FAQs on How to Rename FireStick

Is it possible to rename a FireStick or Fire TV device?

Yes, it is possible to rename a FireStick or Fire TV device. Simply follow the instructions provided in this guide and you will be able to change the name in just a couple of minutes.

Can I rename Fire TV Cube?

Yes, you can rename a Fire TV Cube as well using the same steps provided in this guide.

Do I need to reset FireStick to change the name?

No, there is no need to reset your FireStick to rename it.

Will renaming FireStick affect my apps, services or subscriptions?

No! Renaming FireStick does not affect your apps, services or subscriptions. You can continue using your device like before.


So, those were the two ways you can rename FireStick. If you wish to keep your devices organized and want to change the names that have been assigned by default, you can follow the aforementioned ways and change the FireStick device’s name.

Apart from Fire TV devices, you can also follow these methods to rename your Kindle.

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