FireStick Keeps Restarting – How to Fix

Hello Everyone, I am Poppy, and in this guide, I will share with you simple solutions to fix the “FireStick keeps restarting” problem.

Amazon FireStick is a great home entertainment device that gives us access to movies, TV shows, sports, and a lot more. However, sometimes the Firestick keeps restarting repeatedly –This constant FireStick rebooting can be extremely frustrating when you are watching your favorite movies or shows. Therefore, in this guide, we have put together some simple solutions that you can try to fix this problem easily.

Why Does My FireStick Keep Restarting?

Like any other electronic device, FireStick is susceptible to software or hardware malfunctions. However, most of these issues can be fixed with easy solutions.

Amazon fire stick keeps restarting issue is primarily occurs due to erratic power supply. On other occasions, FireStick restarting is caused by a faulty HDMI cable, adapter, or USB cable. It may also be due to a software malfunction or even a faulty FireStick device.

So if you too are troubled by Fire stick keeps rebooting issue, this detailed guide will help you troubleshoot this issue.

FireStick Keeps Rebooting – Basic Troubleshooting

Before we move forward, the first thing you need to do is try some basic troubleshooting, simply follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, remove the FireStick device from your TV.
  2. Next, turn off your TV and then restart after a couple of minutes.
  3. Insert the FireStick back in and wait for it to establish a connection with your TV
  4. Finally, restart the FireStick to see if the issue is solved.

This basic fix method can fix many issues as it gives the FireStick a fresh start. If the issue isn’t solved, you can go ahead and try the other fixes mentioned in this guide.

Solutions for FireStick Keeps Restarting Problem

Make sure to try the solutions below one by one until your Amazon fire stick restarts itself problem is fixed.

1. Use only the official Amazon FireStick Accessories

When you buy a brand new FireStick, it comes with certain accessories that help FireStick to work flawlessly. Therefore, be sure to use only the official FireStick accessories provided along with FireStick as they are the most compatible with the device.

FireStick keeps restarting

If you use any other USB cable or adapter that is lying around in your to connect to the FireStick device, it may cause erratic power supply and lead to FireStick keeps restarting issue.

2. Check if the HDMI cable is Faulty

A defective HDMI cable can also be the reason behind the Fire stick keeps rebooting issue. To check this, use it without the HDMI extender cable and see if the problem persists. If your problem is solved, you may replace the HDMI cable or continue using it without the extender.

FireStick keeps rebooting

3. Check and Replace the USB cable

USB cables can get damaged over time because of wear and tear. The USB cable needs to be in good condition in order to provide the necessary power supply to your FireStick.

Check the cable properly for any tear. If you find cracks or breakages, consider buying a replacement. Meanwhile, you can try using any other USB cable that you may have to power FireStick.

4. Check and Change Faulty Adapter

Just like the HDMI cable and USB cable, a faulty power adapter can also cause this Fire stick keeps restarting issue. In that case, replacing the adapter will fix the restart issue.

5. Connect the Power Adapter Directly Into a Power Outlet

If you plug the FireStick USB cable to the TV’s USB slots for power supply, it may cause an inconsistent stream of power supply to your FireStick device.

As we have discussed earlier, this inconsistent power supply can lead to Fire stick restarting constantly as the FireStick does not get adequate power supply from the TV. If you are using any USB extension or a USB hub to power FireStick, try plugging it directly to the power outlet.

Use it as it was intended to be used by ensuring the USB cable is connected to the adapter, which is then connected to the power outlet directly.

6. Remove any other HDMI devices connected to the TV

Chances are there is more than one HDMI port on your TV. If you have multiple HDMI devices connected to the TV, remove all the devices including the FireStick. Then, just connect the FireStick and check if it’s working fine.

Multiple HDMI devices can cause signal issues sometimes, causing the FireStick keeps restarting issue.

7. Turn OFF HDMI CEC Device Control Feature

The HDMI CEC device control feature allows the TV to control the FireStick but sometimes this feature can interfere with your FireStick performance. Disabling the feature has helped many users resolve the Amazon FireStick keeps rebooting problem.

Here’s what you need to do to Disable HDMI CEC Device Control:

1. Go to Settings on the home screen of FireStick

Fire stick keeps restarting

2. Then scroll to the right and click Display and Sound.

click Display and Sound

3. After that, click on HDMI CEC Device Control to turn it OFF. By default, this feature remains ON. If it’s already OFF, you do not need to do anything.

Amazon fire stick keeps restarting

4. After that, restart your FireStick to check if it’s working fine.

8. Install the Latest Software Update

The FireStick device works best with the latest version of FireOS, therefore, if it’s not updated, your FireStick may run into issues like restating due to bugs. Here’s how you check for software update:

1. From the FireStick home screen, navigate to Settings.

Fire stick keeps restarting

2. Scroll to the right and select My Fire TV.

Amazon fire stick restarts itself

3. Then click About


4. Click Check for Updates.

Fire stick keeps rebooting

5. If a new update is available, go ahead and install the update

Once done, restart your FireStick device and check if the issue is resolved.

9. Clear Cache of Installed Apps

Clearing the cache of your installed applications can help the FireStick from being overburdened by unnecessary data. To clear cache, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings from the FireStick home screen

Fire stick keeps restarting

2. Then, navigate to Applications

Amazon fire stick keeps rebooting

3. Click Manage Installed Applications

Click Manage Installed Applications

4. Choose the apps one by one and clear their cache. Here, I am choosing Cinema HD app as an example.

FireStick keeps restarting

5. Next choose Clear Cache

FireStick keeps rebooting

And you are done. Repeat this process with all other apps.

10. Remove Extra Applications

If you have too many applications installed on your FireStick, it can drastically affect its performance as we know FireStick is a low specs device. To make sure your FireStick is not overburdened, uninstall any unnecessary and infrequently used applications from your device. Here’s how you do it:

1. Click Settings from the Amazon FireStick home screen

Fire stick keeps restarting

2. Then, go to Applications

click application

3. Click Manage Installed Applications

Fire stick keeps restarting

4. Choose the app you want to uninstall. For demonstration purposes, I am choosing Bee TV app here.

Amazon fire stick keeps restarting

5. Next, choose Uninstall

Amazon fire stick restarts itself

Repeat this process with all other apps that you need to uninstall.

11. Reset Your FireStick Using FireStick Remote

Resetting FireStick can solve your Amazon fire stick keeps restarting issue.

Note: We have a comprehensive guide outlining all the ways you can Reset FireStick, be sure to check it for detailed information.

There are two ways you can reset a FireStick using the FireStick remote:

  • Soft Reset – this is also an alternative to unplugging your device from TV and plugging it back in, which we discussed in the basic troubleshooting method.
  • Hard Reset – this is going to offer you a clean slate and remove all the previous data from your device.

Here’s how you do a Soft Reset Using the FireStick Remote:

Hold down the SELECT and PLAY/PAUSE button of your Amazon FireStick remote simultaneously until you see your FireStick powering off and then restarting.

Fire stick keeps rebooting

Here’s how you do a Hard Reset Using the FireStick Remote:

1. Hold down the RIGHT SIDE OF THE NAVIGATION RING and BACK button at the same time until you see this below Reset prompt.

Amazon fire stick keeps rebooting

2. Click Reset to continue.

Click Reset

Wait until the Amazon FireStick to reset itself. Once done, you will have to set up your FireStick from the start and install the apps all over again. Check out our detailed guide on how to set up FireStick.

If you have tried all the solutions and the issue still persists, your FireStick may have for some hardware issues as electronic devices can malfunction due to several reasons.

If possible, connect your FireStick to another TV to check if it is working. If not, get in touch with the Amazon FireStick customer care to get your FireStick replaced if it is still under warranty period.


Why does my FireStick keep restarting?

It could be due to a software or hardware malfunction. However, most of the times, the issue can be easily fixed. Go through this guide to find the solutions.

How do I fix my FireStick boot loop?

If your FireStick is stuck in the boot loop, you may need to carry out certain troubleshooting steps. We have provied the solutions in this guide which are very likely to fix the restarting and boot loop issue.

My FireStick keeps rebooting: Do I need to buy a new one?

Not necessarily. It could be a minor issue which requires a simple fix. Therefore, before you buy a new device, try the fixes provided in this post.

Is resetting FireStick same as restarting?

No! resetting FireStick means removing all the existing data and restoring your device to the factory defaults. Restarting, on the other hand, is simply turning your device off and back on.

Conclusion for FireStick Keeps Restarting

So, there you go, those were the fixes you can try to resolve your FireStick keeps restarting. Hopefully, one of these above solutions worked for you so that you can resume streaming videos on your FireStick without any interference. Be sure to let us know which solution worked for you in the comments section below.

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