How to Clear Cache on FireStick

Hello Everyone, I am Poppy. In this guide, you will learn how to clear cache on FireStick. The instructions provided in this guide also apply to other Fire TV devices.

clear cache on firestick

Amazon FireStick is a cost-effective home entertainment device that allows you to watch movies, shows, sports, news, and a whole lot of other things. You can do so by installing official apps like Amazon Prime Video, NetFlix, Disney+, etc., and also third-party apps such as Cinema HD, Typhoon TV, etc.

All these FireStick apps create cache or in other words, store bits of information to speed up your experience using the app.

If any of your FireStick apps has stopped working efficiently, it is usually due to corrupted cache or large cache data. In such cases, your first course of action should be clearing the cache of the app to speed it up.

What Is FireStick Cache?

FireStick Cache is information from an app that is stored on your FireStick device to make the app user experience faster.

The cache is temporary data such as files, images, etc. that are automatically stored on your device when you use an app. Caching helps to speed up the user experience by making these elements readily available when you use the app again.

However, if your cache has become sizeable, you may face problems like buffering, slow speeds, and app crashes. In most cases, clearing cache on your FireStick will fix such problems.

Should You Clear Cache on FireStick?

While Cached data saves on app loading time, it can be a problem if it is occupying too much space on your device. The FireStick device, as it is, has space constraints. For this reason, it is always a good idea to clear cache every so often.

Third-party apps like Kodi often create a big cache in a short period of time and end up slowing down your streaming experience. Therefore, it is essential to regularly delete the app cache.

If you are wondering if clearing cache is bad, it is not. Clearing App cache has no negative consequences. The app will store cache again. Just make sure to clear the cache before it becomes too large.

What Are the Benefits of Clearing Cache on FireStick?

If you spend a lot of time streaming or using an app, then the app may have built up a sizeable cache. This could affect the performance and speed of your FireStick, especially if you are running low on storage already. Here are some key benefits of Clearing Cache:

  • Clearing cache will free up valuable space on your FireStick device
  • It will maximize overall speed and performance

How to Clear Cache on FireStick

Clearing cache on FireStick will free up some space and in turn, help speed up the device again.

NOTE: There is no option to clear the cache of all FireStick apps at once. You need to clear the cache for each app separately.

To clear cache on FireStick, follow the steps given below:

1. From the FireStick home screen, go to Settings

How to Clear Cache on FireStick

2. Then, click Applications

Clear Cache on FireStick

3. Select Manage Installed Applications

manage installed applications

4. Choose the app that you would like to clear cache for. For demonstration purposes, I am picking the Cinema HD app. You can see the cache size on the right side of the screen.

cinema HD

5. Next, click Clear Cache

(NOTE: Make sure you are not choosing Clear data instead of Clear Cache, as this can delete from login info, customizations, preferences, and other settings. Clearing data makes dramatic changes and is normally reserved for when your app fails to launch or has bugs.)

how to clear cache on Fire Stick

To clear cache of other apps, press the Back button on your FireStick remote, choose another app, and Clear cache again. Simply repeat the process with all other apps with large cache and those apps that aren’t working properly.


What does Clear cache on Firestick mean?

Clearing cache essentially means deleting temporary data stored on FireStick. If you are having trouble with a certain app on FireStick, you should clear cache of this app first. In most cases, your problem will be solved.

Will clearing cache delete anything?

No, it will only delete temporary data on your device. Clearing the app cache will not delete app data such as account information, preferences, customizations, etc.

Do You Have to Clear Cache on Firestick?

The primary reason to clear cache would is to free up storage space as unnecessary data can impact the device’s performance. Therefore, you must consider clearing cache every once in a while.

Does clearing cache speed up FireStick?

If the cache has become too large and taking up unnecessary space on your FireStick device, clearing cache should speed it up.


Clearing cache on FireStick can dramatically improve your device’s performance. If done regularly, it will help you use your FireStick smoothly at all times. Not only does it speed up the device, but it also clears valuable space on your FireStick. So, if your FireStick is acting up or an app is misbehaving, find out the apps with large caches and clear them immediately.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any trouble clearing cache on FireStick. You can reach out to us via the comments section below.

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