How to Restart FireStick

Hello Everyone, I am Nick, and in this guide, you will learn how to reboot or restart FireStick.

The Amazon FireStick is one of the most popular media streaming devices available right now. However, you may find yourself in a position where you need it to restart your device. It could be for various reasons such as buffering, trouble connecting to the Internet, after a software update, frozen screen, black screen, etc.

Restarting your FireStick can potentially resolve a lot of your technical frustrations, as it gives your device a fresh start. And not just FireStick, this is true for all kinds of electronic devices. If you ever contacted the tech support, you must have noticed that their first advice always is — “Did you try restarting it?”

Now let’s learn when you should restart FireStick and how you can restart it.

When Should I Restart FireStick?

One big reason a reboot resolves so many FireStick errors is that it clears your RAM. While you stream on your FireStick, many temporary caches are created in the background process. These leftover footprints created by your FireStick device can hog the system resources, causing performance issues.

Restarting shuts down all the apps & processes that are currently running on your FireStick. Your FireStick will run a lot smoother without all those temporary files piled onto your FireStick’s memory. Therefore, whenever you face any technical issue on FireStick, a reboot should be the first thing that you do.  Here are some of the situations when you should consider restarting your FireStick:

  • FireStick is running slow
  • Unexpected freeze-ups
  • Lagging Internet speeds
  • Buffering issues
  • Software or hardware error
  • Apps stopped responding
  • After a software update
  • After any hardware installation

How to Restart FireStick

Rebooting your FireStick/Fire TV is a great way to help it run at its peak performance. In this guide, we will show you 3 different methods to restart FireStick.

Method-1: How to Reboot or Restart FireStick by Unplugging your Amazon FireStick

If your device is frozen, leaving you unable to access Device’s settings or if the remote stops working, this force-restarting FireStick method is for you. Here’s how you can force restart FireStick.

1. First, switch off the power outlet switch

2. Next, unplug your FireStick device from the HDMI port

3. Then, unplug it from the power source

4. Wait for 30 seconds

5. Plug it back into the HDMI port and the power outlet

6. Switch on the power source

7. Allow your FireStick a couple of minutes to restart and load fully.

Method-2: How to restart FireStick with Remote

If your FireStick remote is still working but you still can’t navigate the FireStick, you can use the remote to restart the device. Here’s how you restart FireStick with Remote:

1. Long press the PLAY/PAUSE & SELECT button on the FireStick remote simultaneously for a few seconds

How to restart FireStick with remote

2. You will see “Your Fire TV Stick 4K is Powering Off” message on your screen

3. And then the device will restart. Allow it some time to be up and running again.

Method-3: How to Reboot FireStick from FireStick Settings

This method requires you to be able to access your FireStick device’s Settings using the remote. Here’s how you do it:

1. From the home screen of your FireStick, navigate to Settings located on the top menu bar

How to restart FireStick

2. Scroll to the right using the remote & click My Fire TV

How to reboot FireStick

3. Click Restart

Click Restart

4. You should see your device restarting at this point. It may take a few minutes for the device to restart.

How to Turn Off FireStick

It is not possible to turn off FireStick with the remote or from within the FireOS.

Even pressing the power button on your remote does not actually turn off Firestick, it turns off the TV. The FireStick still runs even when the TV is turned off. It is because the power button, mute button, and volume control buttons only sync with the IR profile of the TV. However, the FireStick turns off automatically if it remains idle for over 20 minutes.

You could however turn off FireStick by turning off the power switch or unplugging the firestick from the power source or the device. This will turn off your Firestick completely.

Now, if you wish to turn on the device again, you can simply plug the device back in and restart your device.


Can you Restart FireStick with Remote?

Yes, you can restart FireStick with Remote easily. This guide explains how.

What happens when you restart a FireStick?

Restarting FireStick refreshes the operating system, network connections, and just about everything else. This solves many issues you may be experiencing.

Will restarting also reset FireStick?

No, restarting doesn’t reset your device. It simply reboots it.


So, those were the three ways to restart FireStick. And all three methods are pretty straightforward.  Restarting your device gives it a chance to start afresh by clearing your RAM and closing all the on-going apps and processes.

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