How to Reset FireStick / Fire TV

Hello Everyone, I am Nick and in this guide, I share with you various methods to reset FireStick and Fire TV devices.

Amazon FireStick is a great way to stream Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports and so much more. However, since it comes with limited storage capacity, it may run into some performance issues when its storage capacity is full.

You may experience errors such as frozen screen, black screen, occasion hangs, streaming errors, FireStick stuck at one app, etc. These issues can be easily tackled with a simple factory reset.

FireStick factory reset helps free up FireStick’s storage & RAM and brings it back to its brand new condition.

Resetting FireStick will wipe it completely clean and remove all your apps. You will need to set up FireStick from the start and install all your apps again.

So, how do you reset a FireStick? Resetting FireStick is fairly easy. Let’s look at the various ways you can do it:

1. How to Reset FireStick with remote

There are two ways to reset a FireStick with remote. The first method requires you to navigate through your FireStick/ Fire TV device’s settings, while the second can be done just by using the remote buttons.

Note: With either method, resetting FireStick to its Default Settings will erase everything on the system such as apps, data, downloads, sign-in information, and all other settings. It will return to the same condition when you first purchased it. However, you can easily reinstall all the apps on the device again, like you did the first time.

a. Reset FireStick via Settings

It is easy to reset your Fire TV device and it only takes a few minutes. Here’s how you do it:

1. From your device’s home screen, go to Settings

reset firestick

2. Then click My Fire TV

click my fire tv

3. Click Reset to Factory Defaults

how to reset a firestick

4. Confirm by clicking on Reset

Confirm by clicking on Reset

5. Shortly, you will see Resetting your Fire TV Stick on screen. Wait until the process is complete.

Once FireStick is reset, you will be asked to connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network. After that, you need to sign-in to your Amazon account by providing login credentials and you will be good go.

b. Factory Reset Firestick With Just the Remote

Sometimes when you are experiencing a frozen screen, black screen, etc., you can’t access the settings feature to reset FireStick. In such cases, you can factory reset your FireStick to default settings using just the remote control. Here is how to factory reset FireStick:

1. Hold down the Back button and the Right side of the Navigation ring simultaneously until you see the reset screen

how do you reset a firestick

2. Click Reset

Confirm by clicking on Reset

And follow the on-screen instructions to connect to sign in to your Amazon account again.

c. Use Another Remote

If any of your friends or family members have the same FireStick as yours, borrow their remote and reset it. But first, you will need to pair the remote with your FireStick by pressing the Home button on the remote. Once paired, you can use any of the previous two methods and reset your FireStick.

2. Factor Reset FireStick No Remote

You can factory reset Amazon Fire TV and FireStick with no remote using the Fire TV App. Amazon has  Fire TV apps for both iOS and Android devices that can be used as a remote to control your FireStick.

Simply download the app on your mobile and make sure your mobile and your FireStick are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once you see your FireStick device name on the app, tap on it. Shortly, you will see a code appear on your TV screen. Enter the code into the app and your mobile will be ready to be used as a remote. Using the navigation area, you can reset Firestick easily. The steps are the same as the Reset FireStick via Settings method.

Here are the quick steps: Settings > My Fire TV > Reset to Default Settings > Reset

You can also click on the Gear Icon on the left side of your screen to navigate to Settings directly.


factory reset firestick no remote

3. Reset FireStick with Computer

Yes, you can factory reset your Fire TV device with a computer. This process is slightly complicated than the other method mentioned in this guide. For this, we are going to use an Android iOS emulator called BlueStacks since it’s not possible to directly reset it from a PC. Let’s learn how to factory reset a FireStick with a computer, here are the steps:

1. Visit on a browser and download the app

reset firestick with computer

2. Install the app and then run the app. It may take some time to launch for the first time.

install now

3. Open the Google Play Store and search for the Amazon Fire TV app. Go ahead and Install the app

click install

4. Once installed, click Open to run the app

how to factory reset a firestick with a computer

5. Now, you have to follow the same process as the previous method (mobile Fire TV App) to connect the app to your FireStick.

6. After that you can use the navigation area to go to: Settings > My Fire TV > Reset to Default Settings > Reset

You can also click on the Gear Icon on the right side of your PC screen to navigate to Settings directly and then follow the same reset steps.

reset firestick with computer

Resetting FireStick with the other methods is far simpler; however, if you find yourself without remote or smartphone, you can use this method.

4. Reset FireStick without Remote or Wi-Fi

Is there any way to reset a FireStick without remote or Wi-Fi? You can reset the device without remote using method two and method three. However, it is unfortunately not possible to reset it without Wi-Fi. You must either have a remote or your FireStick must be connected to Wi-Fi to use the FireStick remote app on mobile or PC.


I hope this guide helped you reset FireStick to factory default settings. Try not to overwhelm your FireStick/ Fire TV device with too many apps and files. Having some free space allows the device to run smoothly and avoid errors, occasional hangs, and crashes.

If none of these solutions work for you, you could contact Amazon’s technical support team and have them help you.

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