How to update apps on FireStick

Hello Everyone, I am Nick, and in this guide, you will learn how to update apps on FireStick and other Fire TV devices like Fire TV Cube.

The Amazon FireStick device is an excellent way to stream online content on your TV. That small dongle is quite a powerful media entertainment device. Like most devices that have apps, it requires those apps to be regularly updated to optimize their performance.

Normally, FireStick automatically updates apps that you have installed from the Amazon Appstore on its own if you have the Automatic Updates feature enabled. In this guide, we will talk about how you can enable automatic updates and check for app updates manually to install the updates. We have also provided instructions on updating side-loaded/third-party apps on FireStick later in this guide.

Note: While you are updating apps, also make sure your FireStick software is up to date for optimal performance. 

how to update apps on firestick

Why Is It Important to Update Apps on FireStick?

Why should you update your applications on FireStick? And do you need to do it at all? FireStick apps regularly come up with new updates and it is strongly recommended that users update the FireStick apps whenever there is a new update available.

Now, let’s talk about the reasons to update your app. Some of them are pretty evident, but they still need to be mentioned.

1. Bug Fixes

Even though the developers thoroughly test their apps prior to the release, some bugs can be tricky and they can appear in later stages. The developers usually come up with new updates to fix those bugs. Therefore, to enjoy a bug-free experience, you must update the app.

2. Enjoy New Features

Developers also release updates with new interesting features for the users. Therefore, to enjoy all the benefits of the app, its good practice to update your app whenever there is an update available.

3. The Older Version Stops Working

Sometimes, the older version of the app stops working. It could be because of a technical error or because the organization has rebranded itself and changed the look of their previous app. So, if you see a new update, go ahead and install it to enjoy your favorite app.

4. Enhance User Experience

This pretty much summarizes all of the above reasons. The regular maintenance and updates will the overall user experience.

All things considered, it is always a good idea to update apps on FireStick for a more pleasant experience.

How to update apps on FireStick

Now, let’s get into the process of updating apps on FireStick. First, we will be talking about how you can update the apps you installed from the Amazon Appstore, such as YouTube, Netflix, and Disney+.

Please note that you cannot update pre-installed apps, like Prime Video or System Apps like Alexa. Those will be updated when you update your FireOS.

Below are the three ways you can update Amazon Appstore apps on FireStick:

Method-1: Turn on Automatic Updates

The easiest way is to have Automatic Updates turned on. This way, FireStick automatically updates all the apps on your device. Here’s how you turn on Automatic Updates:

1. Go to Settings from FireStick Home screen

How to update apps on FireStick

2. Click Applications

How to check and update apps on FireStick

3. Choose Appstore

How to check and update apps on Fire TV

4. Click the Automatic Updates tab to turn it ON, if it says OFF. If it says ON already, no action is required here.

Automatic Updates

Method-2: Manually Check For Update

Now, if for some reason, the apps are not updating automatically, you can use this method to manually check for app updates and then install them. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Hold the FireStick remote’s Home button down for a couple of seconds and then select Apps from the pop-up menu

How To Update Apps on the Amazon FireStick

2. Highlight the app icon that you want to check updates for. I am choosing YouTube here. And then press the Menu button (three horizontal lines) on your FireStick remote.

3. You will see a menu in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Choose More Info

How To Update Apps on Amazon FireStick

4. It will load the info page for that particular app. If there is a new update available, you will see an Update button instead of this Open button shown in the below image.

5. Click the Update button to manually update the app.

This new version will replace the existing version of the app on your FireStick without losing any of your app data like settings and your login info.

Method-3: Uninstall The App And Then Reinstall It

Uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it is another way to update an app. When you install an app from the Amazon Appstore, always the latest version of the app gets installed onto your device. Please be informed that uninstalling an app will remove all of your App data such as settings, login information, etc for that app. Here’s how you can uninstall an app:

1. Long press the FireStick remote’s Home button for a few seconds and when the pop-up menu appears, select Apps

click apps

2. Highlight the app you want to uninstall and then press the Menu button (3 horizontal lines) on your remote. You will notice a menu on the bottom right side of the screen. Select Uninstall and you are done.

Select Uninstall

Once uninstalled, you can go ahead and install the app from Amazon Appstore again.

How to Update Third-Party Apps on FireStick

FireStick does not update the third-party apps such as Cinema HD, Cyberflix TV automatically. You need to update them manually. Here, we have discussed two ways to update third-party apps:

Method 1- How to Update a Third-party App on FireStick

Whenever there is an update available for a third-party app, the app will send you a prompt to update it. In this method, we are going to use this prompt to update the app. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Launch the app you wish to update. I am taking the Cyberflix TV app as an example here.

2. Once the app loads, a dialog box will appear, prompting you to update the app. Choose INSTALL. If you do not see a prompt like this, that means update is not available for the app yet.

How to update apps on FireStick

3. The new version of the app will be downloaded on your FireStick

4. Choose INSTALL again

How to update apps on Amazon FireStick

5. The app will start installing at this point. Wait until you see the App installed notification.

How to update apps on Fire Stick

6. Once installed, click OPEN to run the app

click open

Method 2- How to Update a Third-party App on FireStick

If you didn’t install the new update from the Update prompt that was mentioned in the first method, you can try this second method to update apps on FireStick. Again, I am taking the Cyberflix TV app as an example. Simply follow the steps:

1. From the main screen of the Cyberflix TV app, click the Hamburger menu (button with 3 horizontal lines) in the top-left corner of your screen

click the menu

2. Scroll down and click Settings

How to update apps on Fire TV

3. Now scroll quite a bit and check this box next to Check update automatically to receive updates (Please note that some apps may not have this option but they will always send the update prompt that we discussed in method-1)

How to update apps on Amazon FireStick


I hope this post answers your question: How to update apps on FireStick? As we have discussed earlier, it’s important to update your Apps to ensure the optimal performance of the apps.  It can drastically change your overall FireStick experience as you will be able to enjoy all the latest features, bug fixes, and much more.

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