FireStick won’t turn on | Here are the DIY Fixes

Hello Everyone, I am Poppy, and in this article, you will learn solutions for FireStick won’t turn on problem.

Amazon FireStick is an economical entertainment device that allows you to enjoy watching your favorite TV series, movies, live sports, news, documentaries, and a lot more. But some users have come across this issue where their FireStick won’t simply turn on. It can be extremely annoying when you are about to stream your favorite shows; however, this is a common problem that can be easily resolved.

In this guide, we have discussed all the possible reasons behind this problem and some quick fixes that will resolve your FireStick won’t turn on issue.

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firestick won't turn on

My FireStick Won’t Turn On! Why?

There are several reasons why the Amazon FireStick won’t turn on. Here are some of the common issues that lead to the device not turning on:

1. Faulty HDMI Cable or HDMI port

One of the main reasons behind this problem is a faulty HDMI cable. If you have plugged the device directly into the TV and it’s still not working, then the TV’s HDMI port may be damaged.

2. Loose Connection

If the USB cable from the device isn’t connected perfectly with the power outlet and there’s a loose connection between cables the Fire Stick won’t turn on.

3. Damaged Power Cord/ Adaptor

The problem could also be a damaged power cord or adapter, which leads to the device refusing to turn on.

4. Overheating

If everything mentioned above is working perfectly but still the Fire Stick won’t turn on, then the device may be overheated.

5. Faulty FireStick Device

Like any other electronic device, the Amazon Fire STick too may run into hardware issues and therefore not functioning.

Solutions for My FireStick Won’t Turn On Issue

Now that we know why Amazon FireStick won’t turn on, let’s look at solutions that will help you easily fix the problem.

A. Basic Troubleshooting for FireStick TV Won’t Turn On

Before we get into advanced troubleshooting, try the basic troubleshooting solutions below:

1. Force Start the FireStick

To restart the device, simply unplug the device from your TV and the power outlet. Plug them back in after a couple of minutes.

If restarting the device doesn’t solve the problem, move on to the method given below.

2. Restart the TV

For some users, restarting the TV solved this FireStick won’t turn on problem. Here’s how you do that:

Unplug the TV from the power source and then re-plug back in.

After that, turn on the TV and check if the problem is still there.

B. Advanced Troubleshooting for FireStick TV Won’t Turn On

If you have tried the basic troubleshooting and still facing the issue, then go on and try these below solutions one by one until your problem is solved.

1. Make Sure All The Cables Are Inserted Properly

More often than not, a loose connection between cables is the reason behind FireStick Won’t turn on issue. It could be that the power outlet isn’t connected properly to the power outlet. It can also be because the USB cable isn’t inserted properly into the device. So be sure that there’s no loose connection.

2. Check if the HDMI port number matches in the TV Input

Even though the TV detects the HDMI port where the FireStick device is connected automatically, it is a good idea to check if it’ correct. Press the Input button on your TV remote and see the right HDMI port number is selected.

3. Replace the HDMI extender/ Plug the FireStick Directly to the TV

If you are using an HDMI extender to connect your FireStick, check if is faulty. Plugging the device directly into the TV is the best way to check if the HDMI cable is faulty.  You can simply use it like that or replace the HDMI cable.

4. Check the HDMI Port of the TV

A faulty HDMI port can also be the culprit behind this problem. If you find this to be the issue, then you may get HDMI port in your TV fixed with the help of a technician.

5. Stop your Device from Over-heating

Your device may not turn on due to overheating. Make sure your device isn’t placed in a closed space or cabinet. Also, keep the TV and device switched off for some time to let it cool off and then restart it to check if it is working.

6. Check your FireStick with a Different TV

If none of these methods work and you have ruled out all other issues, the problem could be with the device itself.

To make sure, your device is working properly, use it with another device. If the FireStick doesn’t work and is still under warranty period, get in touch with the Amazon support team and get it replaced.


We hope that the solutions provided in this guide helped fix your, “FireStick won’t turn on” problem.

Which of the above solutions worked for you? Do let us know via the comments section below!

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