Install ZiniTevi on FireStick, Nvidia Shield, TiVo Stream 4K, Android TV

Note: ZiniTevi has been rebranded. It is now available as Cuco TV

Click HERE for the CuCo TV Installation Guide

Hi, this is Nick and in this guide, I will outline detailed directions to install ZiniTevi on FireStick and other FireTV devices. I have covered steps to install ZiniTevi APK on Android TV Box separately towards the end of the guide as well. These steps provided here can be used on Mi Box, Android Smart TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, and more.

zinitevi firestick

ZiniTevi is a video-on-demand app that features a decent collection of movies and TV shows. The app has an easy-to-use interface and is well-maintained. It is a one-click play app; therefore it automatically picks the best available link to play.

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ZiniTV has a wide range of titles from various genres; you will also find the latest releases on this app. The app offers Trakt integration, which will enhance your streaming experience significantly.

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How to install ZiniTevi on FireStick

I have divided the installation process into two easy to follow parts. Simply follow along the steps to install ZiniTV APK on your FireStick.

Part-1: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Since ZiniTevi APK is not a part of the official Amazon store, we need to allow the installation of apps from unknown or third-party sources. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Highlight Settings from the top menu panel of your FireStick main screen

ZiniTevi APK for Firestick

2. Scroll to the right and click on My Fire TV

how to install ZiniTevi APK on Firestick

3. After that, click on Developer Options

ZiniTevi APK

4. On the next window, click Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from Unknown Sources.

5. A warning message will pop up on the screen, click Turn On

install ZiniTevi APK on fire stick

Part-2: ZiniTevi APK Installation Steps

Third-party apps such as ZiniTevi need to sideloaded onto our FireTV devices. We will use the Downloader app here to install ZiniTevi. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Navigate to the Search icon (magnifying glass) from your FireStick main screen

how to get ZiniTevi APK on amazon Firestick

2. Type in the word Downloader and after that click on Downloader from the quick suggestions below the on-screen keyboard

how to install ZiniTevi APK on Firestick

3. Now, click the Downloader app icon

download ZiniTevi APK on Firestick

4. Click the Download button

Downloader app icon

5. Once installed, you will see the Open button. Click Open to launch the Downloader app

ZiniTevi APK

6. On the first run, the app will seek necessary permission to access your device, click Allow. And then click Ok when you see the Quick Start Guide

set up ZiniTevi APK on Firestick

7. Click where it says http://

Click where it says http://

8. Enter the below-mentioned URL without any typos:

And then click Go

💡 Use the FireStick Remote App for mobiles to type faster and easier

vpn for the app
ZiniTevi APK for Firestick

ZiniTevi website will open. Click the ZiniTevi for Android/FireStick link

Cuco TV on FireStick

9. Now, the ZiniTevi app will start to download on your FireStick

wait fo the download

10. Click INSTALL

how to install ZiniTevi APK on firestick

11. Wait until the app is installed on your device


12. Lastly, click OPEN to run the App

steps to install ZiniTevi APK
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search option

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expressvpn firestick search

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expressvpn sign in firestick

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expressvpn connect to server

How to use ZiniTevi APK on FireStick

Note: ZiniTevi has been rebranded. It is now available as Cuco TV

If you didn’t open the app in the previous steps, here’s how you can access the ZiniTevi App on your FireStick:

1. Hold down the FireStick remote Home button. Shortly, a menu will appear on the screen

2. Click on Apps

how to use ZiniTevi APK on Firestick

3. Scroll all the way down and then click on ZiniTevi App to run it

ZiniTevi APK for Firestick

On your first run, ZiniTevi will seek required permissions to access your device. Click Allow

Click Allow

Click Cancel or press the Back key on your remote to dismiss this below prompt.

how to install ZiniTevi APK on Firestick

Here is how the ZiniTevi main-screen looks like:

how to use zinitevi on firestick

It has a fairly easy to use interface; however, the layout is slightly different than other familiar streaming apps.

The Main Menu panel features the below tabs:

Home – The home screen has a mix of featured movies and TV shows.

Watched – The titles you have already watched will be listed here, so you will be able to easily find the shows and movies that you haven’t finished and want to watch them here.

Favorites – You favorited tittles will be listed here

Genres – You can choose your preferred genre within movies and TV shows. The genres include Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance, Horror, Thriller, and many more.

install ZiniTevi APK on fire stick

Downloads – Your downloaded titles will be available here

On the far left corner, you will find the Search feature, which can be used to look for any particular title that you may have in mind

On the far right corner, there is the Settings feature (Gear icon). It doesn’t have much but you can log in to your Trakt account from here. Features like Real-Debrid and External Video Players are not available so far but here’s hoping they will be added soon.

how to get ZiniTevi APK on amazon Firestick

Under the main menu panel, there are two tabs POPULAR MOVIES and POPULAR TV SHOWS. You can switch between these tabs depending on the content you want to watch.

Key Features of the ZiniTevi FireStick App

  • Decent collection of movies and TV shows
  • Well-categorized content
  • Variety of genres
  • One-click play feature available
  • Easy to use interface
  • Trakt support available

How to install the ZiniTevi app on Android TV Box

Follow the steps provided below to install ZiniTevi on Android TV Boxes:

  1. From the main screen of the Android TV Box, click Apps
  2. Select Get More Apps
  3. Access the Search feature
  4. Enter the word Downloader
  5. From the search results, click Downloader
  6. Click on the Install button
  7. Head to the Main screen again
  8. Choose Settings
  9. Open Security & restrictions
  10. Allow Unknown Sources for Downloader by clicking the toggle next to Unknown Sources
  11. Click Apps from the main screen again
  12. Run the Downloader app
  13. Click the tab with http://
  14. Enter the following URL:
    And click Go
  15. Click on INSTALL
  16. Finally, click OPEN to launch the app

ZiniTevi FAQs

What is ZiniTevi APK?

ZiniTV is a video-on-demand app that lets you watch popular and latest TV shows and movies.

Is ZiniTevi Firestick app legal?

We do not endorse streaming of copyrighted content as it may cause legal issues; therefore it is always a good idea to only watch videos available on the public platforms.

Can I install ZiniTevi APK on other devices?

Yes, it can be installed on a wide range of FireTV devices and also Nvidia Shield, Mi Box, Android TV Box, mobiles, Android Smart TV, and many more.

Can I download movies with ZiniTevi APK?

Yes, you can download videos on the ZiniTevi app; however, it is best to avoid downloading media on low-specs devices like FireStick.


If you love watching movies and TV shows, ZiniTevi Firestick App is a decent option. The collection of content is great and the one-click play feature is pretty convenient. The app is also easy to use. Even though the app lacks features like Real-debrid, it is a decent app to try!

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