How to Install Wuffy Player on FireStick

This tutorial will show you how to install Wuffy Player on FireStick and Android TV Boxes. This guide will work equally well with Fire TV, Fire Cube, Mi Box, NVIDIA SHIELD, Android Smart TV, etc.

What is Wuffy Player? Wuffy Player is one of the most popular video players available. It is a versatile multimedia player that allows you to play media in any format. This media player is usually used with the third-party FireStick apps as their default player. You may hardly need to use it separately. It is rather a supporting app.

However, aside from using the app to play live streaming videos, if you like, you can also use the Wuffy Player Firestick app to play local media files on your device.

Wuffy Player offers easy screen controls, allowing you to adjust the brightness and volume of any video so you can enjoy them in the best way possible. It’s a must-have app to enjoy a flawless streaming experience as it is compatible with most streaming apps.

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How to install Wuffy Player on FireStick

Below is a tutorial for installing the Wuffy Player app on your Firestick. We are going to use the Downloader app for this installation process. If you already have the Downloader app installed on your device, you can go straight to the URL you need to enter in the Downloader app. I have divided the tutorial into two sections so that it’s easy to follow.

Step-1: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

FireStick has some safety measures in place in order to prevent malware from affecting its system. So, we will have to enable the feature that lets us install third-party apps on the device.

Here’s how you do it:

1. From the Home screen, go to Settings located at the top menu panel

how to install Wuffy Player on Firestick

2. Under Settings, look for My Fire TV option and click on it

click my fire tv

3. Next, go to Developer Option

Wuffy Player for Firestick

4. Click once to enable the Apps from Unknown Sources feature.

download Wuffy Player on Firestick

5. A pop-up warning will show up. Confirm it by clicking on Turn On.

install Wuffy Player on fire stick

Step-2: Wuffy player firestick app installation

Now that we have enabled Unknown Sources, let’s get to the actual installation steps now:

1. Go back to the FireStick Home Screen and this time select the Search Icon (magnifying glass) located at the top menu panel

click search option

2. Type Downloader. You will see Downloader underneath the search results, click on it

click downloader

3. On the next window, click on the Downloader app

click downloader

4. Click on the Download button

steps to install Wuffy Player APK

5. The app will automatically download and install on your device. Once done, choose Open

how to use Wuffy Player APK on Firestick

6. Click Allow when the app seeks permission to access the media on your device

set up Wuffy Player APK on Firestick

7. Choose OK to close the Quick Start Guide

8. Now, click on the URL tab using the OK/Select key on your FireStick remote

click the URL tab to download wuffy player apk on firestick

9. Type the following URL to download Wuffy Player on Amazon FireStick:

Alternatively, you can use the shorter URL

Tip! Use the Amazon FireStick Remote App to type from your mobile. It will be easier

Once you have checked the URL is correct, click GO

how to install Wuffy Player APK on firestick

10. Wuffy Player will now start to download.

Wuffy Player APK for Firestick

11. Next, click on Install

click Install

12. Give it some time until the app is installed on your device

set up Wuffy Player APK on Firestick

13. You will see a notification when the Wuffy Player is installed on FireStick

You can open the app by clicking on Open.

However, there is no need to open it now. Wuffy Player is mostly used with other FireStick apps as their default player.

Wuffy Player APK download

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search option

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expressvpn firestick search

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expressvpn sign in firestick

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expressvpn connect to server

Key Features of the Wuffy Player FireStick App

  • Features easy-to-use user interface
  • It supports MP3, MKV, FLV, RM, DivX, WMV, TS, MOV, AAC, AC3, and several other media formats
  • Works with both live streaming and local media
  • Internal HW decoder aids Hardware acceleration
  • Supports subtitles
  • The app has an Automatic screen rotation feature
  • Easy screen controls for brightness, volume, etc.

How to install Wuffy Player APK on Android TV Box

Below is the guide to install Wuffy Player APK on Android TV Box:

1. Click Apps (9 squares) from the Home-screen of your Android TV Box

2. Next, click on Get More Apps

3. After that, click on the Search icon

4. An on-screen keyboard will appear, use that to type ‘Downloader’ and do a search

5. Choose the Downloader app from the search results

6. Select Install 

7. Wait until the Wuffy Player app is installed on your device

8. Go back to the Home screen

9. Click on Settings

10. Next, select Security & restrictions

11. Navigate to Unknown Sources and allow Unknown Sources for the Downloader app 

12. Go back to the Home Screen again and then open Apps

13. Launch the Downloader app from the apps list

14. Choose Allow to give permission to the app to access your device

15. Click Ok to close the Quick Start Guide window

16. Type in the below URL in URL bar


And click Go 

17. Click Install and wait for the app to install on your device

18. If you wish to launch the Wuffy Player now, click on Open. Or you can just choose it as the default media player with your favorite streaming app later.

Wrapping up

Installing Wuffy Player on FireStick will allow you to get the most out of your device. It has been my default video player app for quite some time now and it works wonderfully with most popular streaming apps available today. Do give it a try and in case you run into an issue while installing or using the Wuffy Player, let us know in the comment section below. We will do our best to solve your problem. Protection Status

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4 thoughts on “How to Install Wuffy Player on FireStick”

  1. Curtis

    Wifey player will not load on fire tv cube, why?

    1. Nick

      Hi Curtis,

      Uninstall the app. Then reinstall it.

  2. Zozo

    How vuffy player set as default player on amazon firetvstick?settings firetvstick?

    1. Nick


      You can’t universally set it as the default player on FireStick. You will need to set it individually within each app.

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