How to Reset Chromecast

Hi, this is Nick, and in this post, you will find the instructions to reset Chromecast. The methods provided in this guide work with all the Chromecast devices.

Google’s Chromecast is easily one of the best and simplest ways to take your mobile phone screen to a big television screen. It is also one of the best ways to stream content on your mobile phone onto your TV.

However, sometimes, Chromecast stops working and doesn’t respond to your commands. This is when you need to reset the device manually.

If you don’t know how to reset Chromecast, then this article will give you all the information you need to know.

reset chromecast

But, we will not jump on to the instructions to reset Chromecast straightaway. First, let’s find out the reasons behind why your Chromecast device stopped responding.

Some users also complain about the connection issues with their Television set. We will take a quick look at that as well.

Why should I Reset Chromecast?

Apparently, there’s no specific reason behind why your device stopped working or stopped connecting to the Internet. However, you can consider the following reasons for this issue.

1. Did you replace the router recently?

You won’t be able to connect to the Chromecast device if you changed the router recently.

Chromecast must be configured first with the existing Wi-Fi Router (the same router you have connected your mobile phone to).

The Chromecast device won’t recognize the new router automatically.

As a result, you won’t be able to connect the device to the home Wi-Fi network.

In this situation, you will be asked to reset the device. It is better to factory reset Chromecast in this case.

2. The Cable Issue

Your Chromecast needs to be connected with a compatible USB data cable.

The one end of the cable is connected to the Chromecast and the other end to the back of the Television set into the HDMI port.

You may try to plug-in the data cable again. It might fix the issue. However, if it does not, simply remove the data cable and reset Chromecast.

So, these are the most common reasons why your Chromecast does not connect to the TV. Thankfully, you can reset Chromecast and start streaming from your mobile onto your TV again.

How to Reset Google Chromecast

You can factory reset Chromecast easily. It does not require any special skills or tools.

Basically, there are two different methods with which you can reset your device.

Here, we have listed both the methods with step by step instructions to help you reset Chromecast in a few seconds.

Let’s get on to the methods now!

Method 1: Reset Chromecast using the reset button built into the device (recommended)

This is an easier method. It works almost all the time. Therefore, I recommend you try resetting Chromecast using this method first.

Chromecast comes with a small reset button that lets you reset your device anytime you want. The button is located just beside the main mini-USB port.

Follow these steps to Reset Chromecast now!

1. Connect the Chromecast Device to your Television through a compatible USB data cable. If the device is already connected, keep it as it is!

2.  Now, take the device in your hand and press and hold the small black button on the device.

Hold this button for up to 25 seconds or until the white light on the device starts flashing.

reset chromecast
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3. Wait for a couple of minutes and then remove the USB data cable from the Television set.

4. Follow the Connection Setup to re-connect the Chromecast device as your device is now reset.

Method 2: Reset Chromecast with the Google Home App

You can also reset the device with your mobile using the Google Home App. The app is available on both Android and iOS. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it now from the respective app stores.

The first method is easier. However, this method isn’t difficult either.

Let’s see how it is done!

1. Connect the Chromecast to the Television and turn it on.

2. Now, open the Google Home app on your mobile.

reset chromecast

3. You should see the name of your Chromecast on the front page of the Google Home app

4. Click the Settings option to open the menu

click Settings

5. You must now see this window. It has a number of options with toggle buttons to customize the device. You can enable or disable the required service from the given options.

Scroll down the page and you should see the option Remove device. Click this option.

click remove device

6. Once you click this option, you would be asked whether to remove the device from the Chrome Home app or want to Reset the Device.

Select the Factory reset option from here.

click factory reset

7. Now, the screen will now ask you to confirm your action. This window also displays what type of data is lost when you reset your Chromecast device.

Simply follow the given instructions and select the Factory reset button given at the lower right corner of the page.

chromecast reset

8. The Chromecast Device will reset automatically.

Once the process is complete, you would be able to re-connect the device by following the setup instructions.

Alternatively, you can also reset your Chromecast device from a computer. However, you will need an Android Emulator and the process is a bit complicated. Therefore, we are not getting into the details.

For me, it is always an easier option to reset Google Chromecast using my smartphone.


Why is my Chromecast not connecting?

It could be a problem with the device. Thankfully, in most cases you can reset Chromecast and get it working again.

Why can’t I see my Chromecast on the Google Home app?

You can’t see Chromecast on the Google Home app as it is likely the two devices aren’t connected to the same network. Please make sure that both Chromecast and mobile are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you can’t connect Chromecast to the internet, reset it using Method 1.

How do I reset my Chromecast to a new WIFI?

You can reset the device using one of the methods provided in this tutorial. Once you have factory reset Chromecast, you can connect it to the new WiFi.

How do I relink my Chromecast?

To relink your Chromecast, you will need to reset the device. Once you have reset it, you will be able to connect it to the new WiFi or even the existing WiFi.

Concluding How to Reset Chromecast

So, this is how you reset Chromecast. While both the methods are easy, I find the first one easier. Once the device is reset, you can start streaming on your TV again from your mobile phone. I hope this takes care of the issue you were experiencing with your device. Please feel free to get in touch with us via the comments section below.

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