How To Remap Buttons On New FireStick Remote

Hi everyone, this is Nick, and today I will show you how to remap buttons on your new FireStick Max remote. 

The new Amazon FireStick remote (shipped with FireStick Max and sold separately) has introduced a bunch of new app buttons at the bottom. These buttons are designed to open specific applications (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.) depending upon the country where you bought the remote or FireStick Max.

The buttons are meant for opening certain apps instantly. However, if you do not have those apps pre-installed, the buttons become a complete waste of space on the remote. For instance, if your remote has the Netflix button, but you don’t use Netflix, the button is of no use to you.

Thankfully, you can reprogram or remap the new buttons on the FireStick remote to instantly open any other app of your choice. Say, you can launch the HBO app by pressing the Netflix button on the remote.

In this article, I will illustrate how to remap buttons on the new Fire Stick remote. 

How to Remap app Buttons on the New FireStick Remote?

Remapping works with different types of apps including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Crave, CTV, DAZN, and TV NOW. You can easily use it for a remote that is paired to Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, and Firestick. The process will also work for different Fire TV devices.

Important Limitations

Before I explain the process, you need to know the different limitations. 

  1. The system does not allow you to remap the app buttons whose apps are installed on Fire TV. This means that you cannot assign an app button to get another app opened as long as the original app is installed. For example, you must first uninstall Netflix on your FireStick before you can assign any other app to the Netflix button.
  2. You will not be able to remap pre-installed apps including Amazon Music, Prime Video, and IMDb TV. That’s because you cannot uninstall these pre-installed apps. 
  3. Also, you will not be able to remap the PS Vue button. This is primarily because pressing the PS Vue button will actually launch the “Live” tab on Fire TV. However, Fire TV that uses the older version of the software allows you to perform this task.

Quick Steps To Remap app Buttons on the New FireStick Remote

I am providing the quick steps (without images) to remap buttons on the new FireStick remote. If you are looking for detailed instructions with images, please jump to the next section instead.

  1. Install the Downloader app on your Firestick from the Amazon Store
  2. Go to FireStick Settings > My Fire TV > Install Unknown Apps
  3. Give Downloader the permission to Install Unknown Applications.
  4. Open the Downloader app now
  5. Sideload the Remapper application by using the Downloader and the numeric code for the app you wish to reassign (codes provided later in this guide)
  6. Once the remapper app is installed, launch it.
  7. Choose the new app
  8. Exit the interface and that’s it. 

Detailed Steps To Remap Buttons on the New FireStick Remote with Images

Here are the detailed steps to remap the Firestick remote buttons.

Install Downloader app on FireStick

You will need the Downloader app to install the remapper app. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the FireStick Home

2. Move to the option ‘Find’ and click on the Search

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

3. Search for Downloader and once you find it, click on Download or Get

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

Permissions to install unknown applications

Now you have to give the Downloader app the permission to install unknown applications

1. Go to Settings from FireStick Home

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

2. Select My Fire TV

choose my firetv 3.

3. Choose Developer Options

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

4. Look for the Install Unknown Apps option

Note: If you see Apps from Unknown Sources, click it instead of Install Unknown Apps. Click Turn On on the prompt that appears. Skip the next step!

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

5. Turn On permission for Downloader

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

Steps To Remap Buttons on New Firestick Remote

Note: Make sure you uninstall the original app before following the remapping steps provided below

You may quickly check whether the original app is installed or not by pressing the corresponding button on the remote. If it launches the original app, it means you need to uninstall it first.

Let’s say, you wish to remap the Netflix button. But, when you press the Netflix button it launches the Netflix app. This means that the Netflix app is still on your device and you must uninstall it first before starting with the remapping process. Not doing so may show the error, “the package appears to be corrupt”

Here are the steps:

1. Open the Downloader app and enter the button code as provided here:

  • for Netflix – 2210 
  • for HBO – 2211 
  • for CTV – 2221 
  • for SonyLiv – 2250 
  • for DAZN – 2240 
  • for Hulu – 2212 
  • for Disney+: 2214 
  • for Freeview Play – 2230 
  • for Crave – 2220 
  • for PS Vue – 2213
  • for TVNOW – 2241 
  • for ZEE5 – 2251

remapper for hbo

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Remapper app. 

2. Launch the Remapper app once it is installed. 

5. This is how the Remapper app looks like

You can see the list of the apps installed on your FireStick. 

Now, simply choose and click the app you wish to replace Netflix with.

6. After you are done selecting the app, you can press EXIT. You should now be able to open the app by using the app button on the remote.

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

In case you wish to assign another app to the Netflix button, you can do it by resetting Remapper app.

To reset Remapper, quickly the corresponding app button repetitively 5 – 8 times.

You can also reset the Remapper app from within the FireStick settings. Follow the steps below

1. Go to FireStick Settings.

go to settings

2. The next step will be to select Applications.

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

3. Click Manage Installed Applications and select the remapper app.

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

4. Choose the desired Remapper app

remap app buttons on the new firestick remote

5. In the last step, click Clear Data.

clear data


FireStick TV remote lets you have a completely different experience and by remapping the app buttons, you will be able to have more comfort and convenience. With remapping, you will be able to use the specific app buttons for the specific app. You can easily set the buttons individually or even get back to the original settings when required. 


Can I remap all app buttons on Firestick remote?

No, you cannot remap all app buttons. For example, if a button is pre-mapped to an app that is installed on Firestick already, you cannot remap that. You have to first uninstall the app and then remap that dedicated app button. If you cannot uninstall the apps, you will not be able to remap.

Why don’t I have app buttons on my Firestick remote?

This is because you have an old Firestick remote where the app buttons are not included. The dedicated app buttons are present on the latest Firestick remotes only.

Why my app buttons are not working on Firestick remote?

Every app button is mapped to a certain app. If the app is not installed on your Firestick TV, the button will not work. This does not mean the button is faulty. You can install the mapped app or remap the button to a certain app at your convenience. 

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