How to Install Mr ZIP TV on FireStick

In this guide, you will learn how to install Mr ZIP TV on FireStick. The steps provided here work across all the devices like Faduire TV, Fire Cube, Android TV Boxes, Android Smart TV, NVIDIA SHIELD and Mi Box.

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Mr Zip TV is a live TV app that gives you access to an extensive number of channels from different countries, sorted by country of origin. There are channels from the United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, and more.

Live sports, movies, news, series, cartoons, and a lot more are waiting to be explored on this app.

Mr Zip looks like a promising app to me. However, you may experience some non-working channels at times too.

Tip! Many channels on Mr Zip TV require an external video player called Ludio Player. Follow our guide on how to install Ludio Player on FireStick to get this app. 

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How to install Mr ZIP TV on FireStick

I have divided the installation into various segments. It will be easier to follow along.

Step-1: Install Downloader App & Enable Unknown Sources

What we need is the Downloader app to install third-party apps like Mr Zip TV. I am providing quick steps to install Downloader on FireStick. For detailed instructions, please refer to our guide on Sideloading Apps with Downloader.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the home screen of your FireStick

2. Using your remote, go to Find → Search present in the Main menu of the home screen

how to install Mr ZIP TV APK on Firestick

3. Type Downloader with the help of the on-screen keypad. Once you start typing, you will see app suggestions below, click on Downloader

download Mr ZIP TV APK on Firestick

4. Now, you should see the Downloader app in the search results. Click on it

click on the Downloader app

5. Click on Download to install the app. It will be installed on your device in a few seconds

set up Mr ZIP TV APK on Firestick

6. Once the insallation is complete, go bck to the FireStick home screen. DO NOT click on Open. We will use the Downloader app later.

Mr ZIP TV APK for Firestick

7. Now, click on the Settings from the main menu of your FireStick home-screen

Mr ZIP TV APK for Firestick

8. After that, click on My Fire TV option

how to install Mr ZIP TV APK on Firestick

9. On the next window, open Developers Option

install Mr ZIP TV APK on fire stick

10. Click on the option Apps from Unknown Sources

click install unknown apps

11. Scroll down and select the Downloader app. Now, switch it ON

how to get Mr ZIP TV APK on amazon Firestick

Step-2: Steps to Install Mr Zip TV on FireStick

Now, we are going to use the Downloader app you installed earlier to get Mr Zip TV on FireStick. Follow these steps:

1. Press down the Home button on your FireStick remote for a few seconds

When this window pops up, click Apps

click apps

2. Now, select and open the Downloader app

how to install mr zip tv on firestick

3. Once you run the app, first, the Downloader app will ask for permission to access your files, photos and media on your device. Choose Allow to give the app the necessary permission. Next, you will see a Quick Start Guide, hit Ok to continue

Mr ZIP TV APK download

4. You will be redirected to the Home screen of the Downloader app. Now, click on the URL field/adress bar

click on the URL field

5. Type the any of the following URL correctly:


Tip! I recommend using the FireStick mobile app to type the URL as using your phone keypad to type is much simpler.

Disclaimer: We do not host APK files on our server. This link redirects to an external link.

And choose Go

how to install Mr ZIP TV APK on firestick

6. The Mr ZIP TV APK file will start to download on your device now. It should not take more than a couple of seconds. However, the speed will depend on the internet connection that you are using

steps to install Mr ZIP TV APK

7. Click INSTALL when the app is downloaded on your FireStick

Mr ZIP TV APK for Firestick

8. Wait for the app to install on your device

how to install Mr ZIP TV APK on Firestick

9. Click on OPEN to run the app directly from here

Also, don’t forget to install Ludio Player on FireStick to play many channels on Mr Zip TV

how to get Mr ZIP TV APK on amazon Firestick
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search option

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expressvpn firestick search

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expressvpn sign in firestick

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expressvpn connect to server

How to Use Mr ZIP TV APK on FireStick

If you are new to streaming, you might need some guidance on how you can access the app later after you have downloaded the app. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Long-press on the Home button of your FireStick remote until you see a menu pop up on the screen

2. Open Apps

how to use mr zip tv on firestick

3. Scroll down and click on the Mr ZIP TV app to run it

download Mr ZIP TV APK on Firestick

This is the home screen of Mr ZIP TV APK:

how to use Mr ZIP TV APK on Firestick

To watch a channel, simply click on the corresponding country listed below.

On the left side of the home screen, you will find the Hamburger Menu (three horizontal lines) which is the Main Menu of the app.

It features the below tabs:


The Settings tab looks like these:

Mr ZIP TV APK download

However, it doesn’t have a lot of features as of now.

On the right side of the home screen, there’s a search icon. You can use it to search for the channel you are interested in.

Key Features of the Mr ZIP TV App

  • Almost all the Live TV Channels are in available in HD and are constantly updated
  • Multiple Channels are available for every country
  • Some channels have multiple links in case backup required when one source is not playing
  • Offers a fantastic user interface, making it effortless to use
  • Sports channels are available as well
  • Adult Channels are listed at the end of the country list and can be secured with a pin

How to install Mr ZIP TV APK on Android TV Box

Following steps will help you install Mr ZIP TV APK on Android TV Box:

  1. Open Apps from the Android TV Box home-screen
  2. After that, click on Get More Apps
  3. Click on the Search icon
  4. Type in Downloader using the on-screen keypad
  5. Open the Downloader app by clicking on it
  6. Click on the Install button 
  7. Wait until the Mr ZIP TV APK is installed on your device. It will not take longer than a minute
  8. Go to the Home screen once more
  9. Open Settings
  10. Click on Security & restrictions
  11. Navigate to Unknown Sources and enable Unknown Sources for the Downloader app 
  12. Once again, open Apps from the Home Screen
  13. Run the Downloader app
  14. Click Allow to give the necessary permission
  15. When the Quick Start Guide window appears, click Ok
  16. Enter the following URL in the URL field
    And hit Go
  17. Click Install and wait until the app is installed on your Android TV Box 

Mr Zip TV FireStick FAQs

What is Mr ZIP TV APK?

Mr ZIP TV APK is a live streaming app that offers you hundreds of Live TV channels from different parts of the World.

Is Mr ZIP TV Legal?

Mr Zip TV is legal only if you stream license-free content. However, you must avoid streaming copyrighted content as that can cause legal issues.

Can I install Mr ZIP TV APK on other devices?

Yes, Mr ZIP TV APK is compatible with a wide range of devices like FireStick, Mi Box, Nvidia Shield, Android smart TV, Android Mobiles and lots more.

Can I download movies with Mr ZIP TV APK?

No, Mr ZIP TV APK doesn’t let you download movies.

Wrapping up

Mr ZIP TV APK is a simple yet powerful Live TV streaming app. It allows you to stream favorite channels with just a single click. The best part is that there are multiple channels to choose from each country. Go ahead, and install Mr ZIP TV on your FireStick. Protection Status

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