Fix: Morphix TV Asking for Username & Password

In this article, you will find the fix for Morphix TV username and password for FireStick, Android TV, and Android Mobiles.

Morphix TV is a third-party video-on-demand application. It lets you stream movies and TV shows. Even though this app is free, it is asking for the username and password every time you open the application.

how to fix morphix tv apk username and password error on firestick

Let us find a solution to this problem.

If you don’t have Morphix TV yet, here is our guide on how to install Morphix TV APK on FireStick.

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How to get Morpix TV Username and Password

Important Update!!! Morphix TV does not require a username and password anymore. Use the updated link in our guide on how to install Morphix TV on FireStick.

I am going to provide the set of steps to find the Morphix TV APK username and password. You can do that right on your FireStick without having to visit any website on any other device.

In fact, these are the installation steps which you will also find in our Morphix TV installation guide (along with the screenshots).

I am asking you to go through these steps, instead of providing the username and password right away. That’s because the username and password may change. So, I am pointing you to the source from where you can get the updated login credentials. You can also get the username and password from the official website of Morphix TV:

Here is what you need to do:

1. Open the FireStick Settings and go to My Fire TV

2. Next, click Developer Options and switch on Apps from Unknown Sources

3. Press the Home button your remote and return to the home screen of your Fire TV/FireStick

4. Choose the search option in the upper-left corner and look up for the Downloader app. Install the Downloader app

5. Open the Downloader app. Dismiss any prompts that appear. On this screen, click the box as highlighted in the image below

how to fix morphix tv username and password error

6. Now, type in the following URL

Click GO

firx morphix tv username and password error

7. You will now be redirected to the Morphix TV official website

Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Here, you will see the Download Morphix TV option

You will also find the latest Morphix TV username and password. As I write this guide, the username is tmdb and the password is morphix

If you haven’t downloaded Morphix TV yet, click the Download button and follow the instructions to install the app.

morphix tv apk username and password

8. Now, open the Morphix TV app. You should see the following login window

Enter the username and password in the respective fields

Important!!! Make sure you click Save Login before clicking the Login button. For some reason, you will not be able to log in to the app without doing this.

If you can’t select the Save Login option, use the Mouse Toggle app

morphix tv username and password error on firestick

9. This is how your screen will look like

how to fix morphix tv apk username and password error

9. You are now logged in to the Morphix TV FireStick APK. Start streaming!

how to fix morphix tv apk username and password error

In the End…

So, this is how you fix the Morphix TV APK username and password error. If the login credentials I have provided do not work, visit the official Morphix TV website again and obtain the details. Let me know if you have any questions. The comments section is open for you. Protection Status

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14 thoughts on “Fix: Morphix TV Asking for Username & Password”

  1. Tim Taylor

    I tried it …it didn’t work for me…..please help

    1. Nick

      Hello Tim,

      It worked for me again. I uninstalled and then installed the Morphix TV app again.

      Try the username – tmdb
      password – morphix

      make sure you select Save Login

  2. Russ

    In the movies section, nothing is highlighted. For both trending and popular it shows tv shows

    1. Nick

      Hi Russ,

      I can see that only the Trending category is available in the Movies section. Clicking the Trending category is displaying movies.

  3. Neil Houghton

    Ive tried the login details you advised and it says invalid login details

    1. Nick

      Hi Neil,

      You must click ‘Save Login’ first after entering the username and password.

  4. Kathy

    After I log in…….it has a circle T that just keeps spinning.

    1. Nick

      Hi Kathy,

      Uninstall the app. Reinstall it. Log in again. It should work.

      1. Jeff

        I also have a spinning T and the movies page just keeps doing this on trending and popular. I uninstalled and reinstalled and same thing is happening. Any advice would be great, thank you!

        1. Nick

          Hi Jeff,

          It works just fine for me. The ‘T’ spins only briefly before I see the list of the content.

          It could be your ISP blocking the app. It is suggested that you use a VPN with third-party apps like Morphix. Do you have one?

          You may want to try ExpressVPN. It is quite fast and very secure. On the yearly plan, you can save 49% and also get 3 extra months. Additionally, ExpressVPN comes with an unconditional money-return guarantee if cancelled within 30 days of purchase.

          Here is the link:

  5. Edward Pete

    I also have the spinning T with no movies. On TV shows it shows a paused T. I have IP vanish so my ISP is not the problem. Please advise.

    1. Nick

      Hi Edward,

      It won’t work for me either since the version update to 1.12. I am not quite sure how to fix it. I will let you know if I run into any solution.

      In the meantime, there are other Firestick apps for movies and shows here

  6. Slumdawdrsa

    How do I install this on Xiaomi mi box s

    1. Nick


      You may install the Downloader app from the Google Play Store on your Mi Box. Use the link and the rest of the instructions in this guide to install Morphix TV on Mi Box S.

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