How to Install elMubashir on FireStick

In this guide, we are going to discuss the detailed steps to install elMubashir APK on your FireStick, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube. We have included the steps to install elMubashir on Android TV Box later in this article. You can use these steps on devices like NVIDIA SHIELD, Mi Box, KODI Android BOX and more.

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elMubashir is an online Live TV streaming app that brings you all the latest and popular movies as well as tons of Live TV channels. The app has a solid content library, so you can be sure to find all the latest movie titles in the app.

Even though the app does not feature TV shows as of now, the app has a vast catalog of live TV channels for you to enjoy. You will find channels from across the World including the USA, UK, Canada, and more.

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How to install elMubashir on FireStick

Let’s get into the elMubashir APK installation steps on your FireStick.

Part-1: Install Downloader & Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

In order to install third-party apps like elMubashir, you need the Downloader app. Downloader lets you sideload any app on your device.

We will first get the Downloader app. In the next section, we will install the Elmubashir app using the Downloader app.

Follow the steps below:

1. Access Find Search from your FireStick home screen

install elMubashir on firestick

2. Write Downloader using the on-screen keypad and select Downloader from the suggestions below

how to install elMubashir APK on Firestick

3. Click Downloader app icon

Click Downloader app icon

4. Click Download

download elMubashir APK on Firestick

5. DO NOT open the Downloader app after it has been installed. We will do that later.

6. Highlight Settings from the main menu bar of your FireStick home screen

elMubashir APK for Firestick

7. After that, scroll to the right and click My Fire TV

how to install elMubashir APK on Firestick

8. Click Developer Options

elMubashir APK

9. Click Apps from Unknown Sources to turn it on.

install unknown apps

10. Select and turn ON Downloader

install elMubashir APK on fire stick

Part-2: Steps to Install elMubashir APK on FireStick

We are going to use the Downloader app to install elMubashir onto your FireStick device. Follow the below steps to do so:

1. Open the Downloader app. To do that, hold down the Home key on your remote for a few seconds. When this window pops, click Apps

click apps

2. On your first launch, the app will ask you for permission to access your device, click Allow and then click Ok to close the Quick Start Guide

set up elMubashir APK on Firestick

3. Click the address bar on the main screen of the Downloader app

click the address bar

4. Enter the following URL as provided:

💡 Use the FireStick Remote App for mobiles to type faster and easier

And then click GO

elMubashir APK for Firestick

5. The app will begin to download on your FireStick

6. Next, click INSTALL

elMubashir APK download

7. Wait for the installation process to complete

how to install elMubashir APK on firestick

8. Lastly, click OPEN to run elMubashir App

click OPEN
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Step 2:  Choose the Search option from your FireStick home screen

search option

Step 3: Search for ExpressVPN and download it on FireStick

expressvpn firestick search

Step 4: Sign in with your ExpressVPN account

expressvpn sign in firestick

Step 5: Connect to an ExpressVPN server and stream safely and privately

expressvpn connect to server


How to use elMubashir APK on FireStick

Follow the below steps to access the elMubashir App on your FireStick:

Step-1: Press and hold the Home button on your FireStick remote and shortly you will see a pop-up menu on the screen

Step-2: Click Apps

how to use elmubashir on firestick

Step-3: It will show the full list apps. Use the remote to scroll down and then click on elMubashir App to run it

how to use elMubashir APK on Firestick

When first launching elMubashir, you will be asked to select your preferred language. I am going with English

elMubashir APK for Firestick

Next, you will see the below prompt, just click OK.

click OK

Here is how the elMubashir home-screen looks like:

how to install elMubashir APK on Firestick

How to watch Movies on elMubashir

Here’s how you access movies on elMubashir:

1. From the Home screen, click Movies – Series

install elMubashir APK on fire stick

2. Click Open (don’t ask again until next restart). This option will make sure you won’t be asked this until your next app restart

elMubashir APK

3. To watch Movies in the English language, click on Movie4U 4 (English) category.

how to get elMubashir APK on amazon Firestick

4. You will be presented with the list of different categories. You can select your preferred category here. I am selecting All for demonstration purposes.


5. Now you will be offered with the list of available movies titles within elMubashir. Click on your favorite title to play.

how to install elMubashir APK on Firestick

Movies – Series section:


The Search tab on the far left corner of the screen will help you find any specfic title that you are looking for

The Menu icon (3 vertical dots) on the upper right corner of the screen has the below option:

download elMubashir APK on Firestick

If you click on Settings, you will find the below options.

elMubashir APK

You can change your default media player by clicking on Media Player under General settings

You will have the below options here:

  • Internal Player
  • MX Player
  • Wuffy Player
  • XMTV Player
  • Webcast Video Player
  • Other Player
default media player

You can choose any player of your choice. Here are our guides to install MX player and Wuffy player:

How to install MX Player on FireStick

How to install Wuffy Player on FireStick

How to watch Live TV on elMubashir

Here’s how you access Live TV on elMubashir:

1. From the Home screen, click Channels TV tab

click Channels TV

2. Click AIO Stream

elMubashir APK for Firestick

3. Choose your preferred country from the list. You will be presented with all the channels available for streaming.

Key Features of the elMubashir App

  • Solid content database
  • Loads of Sub-Categories
  • External video players such as MX Player, Wuffy players are supported
  • Offers download feature
  • Hundreds of working Live TV channels

How to install the elMubashir app on Android TV Box

Follow the steps below to install elMubashir on Android TV Box:

  1. From the home page of the Android TV Box, choose Apps
  2. Choose Get More Apps
  3. Access the Search icon
  4. Type in Downloader using the on-screen keypad
  5. Click on the Downloader app
  6. Click Install
  7. Go to the Home screen again
  8. Click Settings
  9. Click Security & restrictions
  10. Click the toggle button for Unknown Sources to allow Unknown Sources for the Downloader app
  11. Open Apps from the Home Screen
  12. Open the Downloader app
  13. Click where it reads http://
  14. Enter the URL provided below:
    Then, click GO
  15. Click INSTALL
  16. lastly, click OPEN and enjoy watching your favorite movies and Live TV online

ElMubashir FAQs

What is ElMubashir APK?

ElMubashir is a streaming app that allows you to watch movies and also hundreds of satellite TV channels from around the World.

Is ElMubashir Legal?

The app is legal to install and use. However, avoid streaming content from unofficial platforms. So, only watch videos that are available in the public domain.

Can I install ElMubashir APK on other devices?

Yes, you can. ElMubashir APK works perfectly on Android TV Box, Android Smart TV, Nvidia Shield, Mi Box and many more.

Can I download movies with ElMubashir APK?

Yes, you can download movies ElMubashir APK. However, we do not recommend downloading content on devices with low storage capacity.


If you are looking for a streaming app to enjoy the latest movies and also live TV, then the elMubashir Firestick App is a great option. It packs a huge collection of movies and live TV channels that you can enjoy for hours.

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