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Hello Everyone, this is Poppy. In this article, you will learn how to get a FireStick remote replacement.

After a busy day, you curl up to watch your favorite show/movie on your FireStick but realize you lost the Amazon Fire Stick remote. You have searched everywhere and it’s nowhere to be found. The remote just vanished. This can be annoying; however, it is a common problem.

If you’ve lost Amazon fire stick remote, do not worry. In this guide, I will share some workarounds on how to get a Fire Stick remote replacement. Read this guide to know how to deal with this problem. Let’s begin.

FireStick Remote Replacement:

If you have lost your Fire TV remote, not all hope is lost. I have listed a few ways you can still use your FireStick if you lost Amazon fire stick remote. Here are some ways to get your FireStick to work with Amazon fire stick remote replacement options.

1.   Use Fire TV App as Remote

This is the easiest solution that you can use when you can’t find the lost FireStick remote.

Even after you have lost your FireStick remote, your FireStick will still turn on and connect to the internet. But since you don’t have a remote, you cannot use the FireStick.

Luckily, you can use the Fire TV app on your Smartphone to control your FireStick. The app has the same features as the physical FireStick remote and works perfectly as the FireStick replacement remote. It does everything that the remote does. In addition, you can easily type text using the in-built keyboard of the app. You may even find the app to be more user-friendly than the remote.

And, if the Alexa voice feature isn’t available on your remote, you can get access to Alexa on Fire TV via the app. Check out our complete guide on How to install and use the Amazon Fire TV / FireStick Remote App.

The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Here’s how you can set up the Fire TV app as a replacement remote for FireStick:

Note: Your FireStick and the Smartphone have to be on the same network for the app to work.

FireStick remote replacement

1. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and install the Fire TV app. It will be listed under AMZN Mobile LLC.

2. When installed, launch the app

3. Sign in with your Amazon credential that is linked to your FireStick

Lost FireStick remote

4. Now, you need to pair the app with your FireStick to use it as a fully functional remote.

At the bottom of the mobile screen, you will see a list of available devices. To pair, click on your FireStick device name.

replacement FireStick remote

5. On your Fire TV screen, you will see a 4-digit connection request code

app connection request code

6. Enter this code on your app. And you are done!

FireStick replacement remote

This is how the app looks when it is paired with your FireStick:

app home screen

You can go ahead and use your phone as an Amazon fire stick replacement remote.

You can access Settings, the Alexa voice feature, enter URLs using the in-built keyboard, and practically everything else you did with the physical remote.

The app also works great when you are too lazy to get up and fetch the remote.

What to do when you are away from home and forgot to bring the FireStick remote?

The Fire TV app is extremely helpful if you traveled somewhere and forgot to pack the remote along with the FireStick. However, using the app as a replacement remote can be tricky when you are away from home.

When you are connected to your Home Wi-fi, connecting the app with the FireStick is easy. But if you are away from home without the remote, then it would take some more effort to connect it.

In this case, you would need two Smartphones. One will act as a FireStick replacement remote and the other Smartphone will be used as a Hotspot.

Note: You can’t change iPhone’s hotspot name. Therefore, use an Android smartphone, a Mac computer, or a Windows computer with a working internet connection for the same.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Install the Fire TV app on your Smartphone

2. Sign in with your Amazon credentials

3. Rename your Hotspot with the same credentials (Wi-fi name & password) as the Wi-fi that your FireStick was connected to previously. Please note that this step is crucial for the whole process to work.

4. Make sure Hotspot is turned ON.

5. Next, power on the FireStick after plugging it into the TV

6. It should automatically connect to the renamed Wi-fi hotspot.

7. Connect the other Smartphone (with the app installed) to the same Wi-Fi hotspot as well.

Now, you can use this Smartphone as a FireStick remote replacement.

2. Use any previous-generation FireStick Remote as Replacement

Amazon FireStick is backward compatible. This essentially means that if you have an old FireStick’s remote lying around the house, you can use it as FireStick remote replacement. You will find volume, power, and mute buttons missing in the previous-generation remotes. Apart from that, it works perfectly fine.

Here’s how the older generation FireStick remotes look like:

old generation

Here’s how you pair the previous-generation remote with the newer generation FireStick:

Hold down the Home button, Back button, and Left Arrow button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Next, restart your FireStick by unplugging it from the power source.

After you reboot, the remote will pair automatically to the FireStick

3. Use your Smart TV remote to Navigate FireStick

You can also use your TV remote to control your FireStick. Yes, the HDMI-CEC feature is available on most Smart TVs. This feature lets the TV’s remote navigate the electronics devices plugged into your TV via HDMI ports. It is an extremely useful feature if you have lost your FireStick remote.

This feature is turned ON by default on most Smart TVs, however, do confirm the same before proceeding. You need to find the HDMI CEC option in settings and turn it on if it’s not on already. This feature name varies from Brand to brand. For example, in LG TV brand, it is called SimpLink, whereas, in Philips TV brand, it is named EasyLink. Once you have turned the feature on, you can just use the TV remote to navigate the FireStick.

4. Buy a Replacement Remote

If none of the above methods work, then your last resort is to buy a FireStick replacement remote from Amazon.

However, it will cost you $29.99, which is even costlier than some of the new Fire TV devices. Therefore, you may even consider buying a new FireStick instead.

And pairing up a replacement remote is incredibly easy!

Here’s how you can pair a replacement remote with your FireStick:

1. Power on your FireStick

2. Make sure there are batteries inside the replacement remote

3. Hold down the Home Button on the new remote for 10 seconds.

Amazon fire stick remote replacement

4. You will see a message displayed on your FireStick when the remote is paired.

That’s all! Now, enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

FAQs for FireStick Remote Replacement

Can I replace my FireStick remote?

You can buy a new FireStick remote but it costs almost as much as a new FireStick. However, in this post you will find some ways to use your FireStick without a physical remote.

Is there a universal remote for Fire Stick?

Unfortunately, there is no univeral remote for a Fire Stick. However, if you have a remote from one of your older FireStick devices, you can use it with your current device.

What do I do if I lost my Amazon Fire Stick remote?

If you lost your Amazon Fire Stick remote, you can use your mobile phone as a remote by downloading the Fire TV Remote App from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Can I use my phone as a remote for FireStick?

Yes, you can use your phone as a remote for FireStick. You just need to download the Amazon Fire TV Remote app. It is available on Android and iOS devices.


These were some useful methods that you can adopt when you have lost the FireStick remote. Using these, you can enjoy streaming your favorite shows and movies once again.

Tell us which method worked for you as a replacement remote in the comments section below.

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