Firestick 4K Max Review – Is It Worth Buying? First Hand Review

Hello Everyone! I am Nick, and I am going to give you a first-hand review of Amazon FireStick TV 4K Max, probably the best streaming stick available in the market.

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Amazon marked FireStick TV 4K Max as its best streaming stick so far at the time of announcement. It comes with super-exciting features like a faster processor, more RAM, and Wi-Fi 6 as well! But are these features really worthy of spending money on FireStick 4K Max?

What’s New in FireStick 4K Max?

firestick 4K max review

What makes the FireStick 4K Max the best streaming stick and why this is getting popular in a really short span of time is its 1.8 GHz processor, and 2 GB of RAM, and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. I found these features very useful as it speeds up the streaming and navigation as well. According to Amazon, there is a 40 percent performance improvement in FireStick 4K Max, which I found pretty near the truth.

The former version of the device, i.e. FireStick TV 4K has the same dimensions like the upgraded device, but the 4K Max is surprisingly a few grams lighter! It weighs only 48.3 grams, where the older version weighs 53.6 grams.

  • The Superfast Speed

The best part that Amazon has done with this version is the superfast chipset. The quad-core 1.8 GHz MT8696 with 750 MHz IMG GE8300 GPU has taken the performance of the device to the next level. I never thought that my device would run so fast, and so smooth too!

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  • More Memory

The new FireStick 4K Max comes with 2 GB of RAM, whereas the former version had only 1.5 GB of RAM. This upgradation in the hardware section gives FireStick 4K Max a low latency mode. And in this version, it includes a Live View feature too, which gives me a picture in picture feed, which I can use in selecting smart home devices like security cameras, or doorbells as well!

Moreover, it has an in-built storage of 8 GB. Now I can store my favorite movies and videos on the device and watch them anytime I want.

The Specifications of FireStick 4K Max

Now I’ll give you a list of specifications that this new FireStick 4K Max has, and will give you a brief idea of how the hardware works.

  • Streaming Resolution

firestick 4K Max review

I stream videos in 2160p, 1080p, & 720p in the new FireStick 4K Max. That means it gives me a chance to choose among streaming 2K videos, FHD videos, and HD videos all together. Not only that, I can raise the frame per second speed up to 60 FPS. This is something that they call a revolution in the streaming fraternity.

  • Chipset

In this upgraded version, what makes it superfast is its quad-core 1.8 GHz MT8696 processor. The processor gives the stick all the power it requires, and it results in smoother streaming of all the 4K contents.

  • GPU

The IMG GE8300, 750 MHz GPU gives you the experience you’ve never had in streaming your favorite web shows.

  • Storage

FireStick 4K Max comes with 8 GB of storage space. It might seem quite a low amount of storage, but it never was a problem for me, because I use external storage space for it!

  • Supported HDR Formats

I can stream videos which are Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG, and HDR10+. So you can see, high-quality streaming is never an issue if you are using FireStick 4K Max. My personal favorite is the video and audio combo of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It gives me the theatre-like experience right in my home!

  • Supported Audio Formats

The formats that support FireStick 4K Max are Dolby Atmos, 2-Channel Stereo, surround sound, 7.1 surround sound, and HDMI audio pass-through up to 5.1.

  • Wi-Fi 6 Connectivity

Thankfully I have one of the latest routers in my home, and that is why I can experience the difference. When I connect FireStick 4K Max to the internet, it gives me such a speed that is hard to imagine! The Wi-Fi 6 network gives the best coverage and stable connectivity to my device and gives me the best performance.

  • The Voice Remote

The Voice Remote

Did I mention that I got an Amazon’s Alexa Voice Remote with my latest FireStick 4K Max? It is very convenient, I just command the stick to play my favorite show, and it ‘listens’ to me! It is like asking your never-denying friend to do something for you!

  • Faster Performance

While I am using this Amazon FireStick, I have realized one thing. The new upgradation is quite well in terms of better and faster performance. With the improved power of processing, this device is quite capable of making its customers happy, just like me.

  • Additional Features

Apart from the main features, there are some additional features too, which made FireStick 4K Max a worthy experience. One of the most important features among those is the power saving feature. Now I can save 15 percent of power if I run FireStick 4K Max on low power mode. So this version not only gives you the best experience, but it is very reasonable for your pocket too! That is why FireStick 4K Max got the Energy Star Certificate.

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Why Should You Buy FireStick 4K Max?

fire tv stick 4k max review

FireStick 4K Max is your one-stop platform streaming device. You can stream your favorite OTT platforms via this streaming stick. Many of the OTTs come free with FireStick. Some of them are YouTube, Sony Crackle, Pluto TV, Hoopla and Kanopy, TED TV, etc.

The Price

The price you have to pay to get Amazon FireStick 4K max is relatively low if I consider the performance and the features I got with it. All you need to have is the subscriptions of your favorite OTT platforms. If you ask me, I would always go for this stick as it is perfectly priced according to its features and facilities.

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What makes the FireStick 4K Max superior to its previous versions is its superfast performance. It supports the latest Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos format, and it comes with the latest Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. It also has better RAM, and more storage space, making it better than all its previous versions.


Is FireStick 4K Max worth it?

Of course, it is! Even if you do not have a TV of 4K resolution, still the FireStick 4K Max would be worth an upgrade for the remote control. The remote control has an infrared emitter and volume & power buttons. That means you can control the basic TV functions even without a different remote.

Is FireStick 4K Max really 4K?

Yes, it is! It can stream Ultra High definition video, which is popularly known as UHD or 4K. It includes HDR, or High Dynamic Range media in Dolby Vision, which is popularly known as HDR10.

Should I upgrade to FireStick 4K Max?

If you want 4K stream, have already invested in the Amazon ecosystem, and are looking for a new streaming device, then FireStick 4K Max would be a great choice for you. Get the new FireStick 4K Max for a next-level experience in the streaming world.

Is there a difference between FireStick 4K and FireStick 4K Max?

There are few features in FireStick 4K Max which are absent in FireStick 4K. first of all, FireStick 4K Max supports Dolby Vision and has Wi-Fi 6 connectivity which is missing in FireStick 4K. FireStick 4K Max has 2 GB of RAM, whereas FireStick 4K has only 1.5 GB of RAM. So there are features that are absent in FireStick 4K and present in FireStick 4K Max.

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