Chromecast Not Showing Up? Here is How you Fix It!

Chromecast not showing up? If you are experiencing this issue, we have tried to provide the best possible solutions in this guide. Keep reading!

In today’s world, we have numerous choices to cast whatever we want from our mobile device to the TV Screen. Out of all the streaming devices available in the market, Google’s Chromecast is the most popular one. The configuration process of this streaming device is super easy. It is there for all types of individuals and compatible with all types of devices.

Chromecast not Showing Up

Many Chromecast users have posted about the “Chromecast not showing up” issue on various forum sites. When they try to connect the device using their mobile phone, the Casting icon is not present.

Apparently, there is no specific reason why the Chromecast would not show up on your smartphone. Many issues can prevent the device from showing you the Casting icon. However, there are several fixes that you can try out to resolve this particular issue.

Not just Chromecast, even the users of FireStick, Apple TV, and all the other streaming devices have reported similar issues. The common reason behind this issue is “connection”.

Fix Chromecast not Showing Up

In this article, we have listed down all the working methods to fix the “Chromecast not showing up” problem. Many Chromecast enthusiasts post such solutions so that more and more users can fix such common issues quickly.

They have been able to fix this “Chromecast not showing up” issue by following these methods. If you too are experiencing the same issue with your Chromecast device, then keep reading this post to find out the right solutions.

Before we jump on to the methods, we all should know why the Casting icon of Chromecast is not showing up on smartphones. Let us find out!

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Why is Chromecast Not Showing Up on my phone?

How to Fix Chromecast not Showing Up

1. Improper Configuration

Sometimes, users don’t pay attention while setting up the Chromecast device for the first time. Due to the improper configuration of the device, the cast icon may disappear. You won’t see it on any streaming apps that you use on your Smartphone.

Even if you have configured the device successfully, but the internet connection is not stable, then the same issue will be persisted.

Check if the Wi-Fi option is enabled on your device. To cast anything from your mobile device to Chromecast, the Chromecast device and the mobile device both need to be connected on the same Wi-Fi network.

Resolve Chromecast not Showing Up

2. Casting App is not Updated

If the casting app has received a new update, then the app may not show up the casting icon of Chromecast.

3. Software Update

Google Chromecast receives regular updates from Google. The new update arrives to fix the common issues reported by the users. If the device is not updated to its latest firmware update, then this issue could arise.

How to Resolve Chromecast not Showing Up

These are some of the reasons why your Chromecast not showing up on the casting app. Now, to fix this issue and to bring back the Casting icon on the Google Home and other casting apps, let us jump on to the methods that are listed below.

Methods to Fix Chromecast Not Showing Up

Solution 1: Check the Internet Connection

As noted above, the Chromecast device and smartphone both need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to cast a video from Mobile to TV. The first thing you need to check here is the Wi-Fi connection.

First, make sure to reboot/ restart the Wi-Fi router to see if the Internet is properly working or not. Turn on the main switch of the Wi-Fi Router and wait for 30 seconds. Once the router is turned on, try to connect the device back and see if the issue is gone.

You need to have a stable Internet connection so that you will not face such issues. The Chromecast device works well with both 2.4 GHz WiFi 802.11 b/g/n WiFi networks and 5 GHz networks. Make sure that the device is using either a 2.4 GHz or a 5 GHz network.

For more information, you may contact your Internet Provider who will give you brief information about the router’s compatibility. Once you get the connectivity, restart your mobile device and see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Check the Wired Connection to Fix the Chromecast Not Showing Up Problem

Chromecast device connects with the Television’s HDMI port. Sometimes, the wired connection becomes unstable that causes this issue. What you can do here is just go to the Television set and check if the device and the cable are well-connected.

For instance, just remove the device from the HDMI port and the USB port or the adapter, wait for a few seconds and plug them back into their respective ports. You can remove dirt and debris from the ports using a brush or a cotton cloth.

Chromecast not Showing Up

This solution has worked for many users that’s why we have listed it here. It is a very easy and most common method that can resolve a lot of issues with the Chromecast device. Give it a try and check if the issue is resolved. If the same issue is persisted, jump on to the next method.

check dirt and debris

Solution 3: Check the Wi-Fi Option on Mobile

Some users forget to turn on and connect their smartphones to the Wi-Fi network. Remember one thing, you can only start streaming videos from your smartphone if your device and the Chromecast both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How to enable Wi-Fi on Mobile Device?

1. Go to the Apps menu and select the Settings option.

How to Fix Chromecast not Showing Up

2. Locate the Wi-Fi option from the Settings menu and turn it on by selecting the toggle button.

Resolve Chromecast not Showing Up

3. You will be presented with the list of the available Wireless Networks. Make sure you choose the one which is the primary network and the Chromecast is connected to it.

How to Resolve Chromecast not Showing Up

4. Once done, check if the Casting Device is back on the casting app. If the issue is still not resolved, there’s one more solution which you can try.

Once done, check if the Casting Device is back on the casting app

Solution 4: Casting Apps are not Updated

Every streaming app releases its new updates regularly. Users post their feedbacks on their official websites and after finding out the glitches and bugs, they release new updates by removing those bugs and issues reported by the users.

Google Home is the official Casting App for Chromecast users. You need to check for the new update of this app on your respective Smartphone. Make sure that the Google Home is updated to its latest version.

If the app is not updated, click the Update button now. The following steps will help you to update the app manually for Android and iOS devices.

How to update the Google Home app on Android?

Android devices come with the Google Play Services package which includes the Google Home app. You need to update the Google Play Services package from the official Play Store app. Or you can even update the app separately by following the below-given steps.

1. Open the applications folder from your Android device.

2. Select the Play Store app from here.

3. Search for the Google Home app by typing its name.

Best Ways to Fix Chromecast not Showing Up

4. Google Home app will be presented. If the app is already updated, there will be no Update option. If the update is available, you will see the update option.

Google Home app will be presented

5. Click the Update button to update the app.

How to Solve Chromecast not Showing Up Issue?

6. Google Home app’s update process will take a few seconds. Once done, reboot the device and connect it to the Wi-Fi network. Open the Google Home app and see if the issue is resolved.

How to update the Google Home app on iOS?

1. Go to the Applications menu and select the App Store’s icon. App Store is Apple’s official application store for iOS users.

Go to the Applications menu

2. Click the Search button from the lower right corner of the main page.

Fix Chromecast not Showing Up Error

3. Search for the Google Home app by typing in its name.

Search for the Google Home app

4. Google Home app will be presented there. If you see the Update button, click it out. If the app is already updated, you will see the Open button here.

How to Fix Chromecast not Showing Up Issue?

5. Once the Google Home is updated, go to the Apps menu, select the Google Home app and see if you can locate the Chromecast device there.

Solution 5: Reset Chromecast

Resetting Chromecast is the last solution you can try out to resolve Chromecast not showing up the issue on your Smartphone. A detailed guide on How to Reset Chromecast will help you to reset the device with different methods.

We have provided proper screenshots also so that you can easily reset the device and can fix a lot of Chromecast-related issues with no professional help.

Even if the issue is not resolved after resetting the device, you need to seek technical help by contacting the help center of Google. If the device is under a warranty period, we recommend you replace it with a newer device.

Frequently Asked Questions on Chromecast Not Showing Up

Why am I not able to see the cast icon on the Netflix app?

Chromecast device supports several streaming apps to stream videos, movies, photos, and more from your Smartphone to your Television. If you use the Netflix app and can’t see the cast icon, first check the Internet connection.
If the connection is good enough, then check for the update of the Netflix app. Update the Netflix app and restart the device, your issue will be resolved.

Do I have to keep my Wi-Fi router closer to the Chromecast device to cast things without interruptions?

Sometimes, you will not be able to see the Cast icon on your mobile device. This issue appears when your Wi-Fi router is very far from the Television. For best results, make sure to keep the Wi-Fi router a little closer to the device so that it can receive proper signals and can cast things smoothly.

How can I change the Wi-Fi Network of the Chromecast device?

If you have multiple Wi-Fi routers or networks and want to change the existing network because of connection issues, then you can switch to a different network from the Google Home app.
If the existing network is not stable, you will have to face Chromecast not showing up issue on your device. To switch the network, go to the Google Home app and select the current device.
Select the Settings option, scroll down the page, select the Wi-Fi option. Click the Forget this network. Try to connect to a new network from the main Wi-Fi option of your device.

I can see the Cast icon on Google Home, but don’t see it on YouTube?

If the Cast icon is missing on your phone’s YouTube app, then you should restart the app to check if the icon is back. If not, go to the respective Application Store and update the app. Once the app is updated, reboot the device. The issue should now be resolved!

How can I update my Chromecast?

Chromecast updates itself. You don’t need to update it manually. Make sure that the device is well-connected and has a good Internet connection. Whenever a new update arrives, the device will update it automatically. You can see the progress of it on the TV screen.
To check the current Firmware update, just go to the Google Home app, select the device, and then the Settings option. Scroll down the page, you will see the current Firmware version at last.

Wrapping up “Chromecast Not Showing Up”

Chromecast’s popularity is increasing day by day and so does the issues. Many Chromecast users post their issues on different forum sites and also leave their comments on different blogs. We are here to help you with whatever issue you face with your Chromecast device.

Follow these given solutions to fix the Chromecast not showing up on smartphones or the streaming app. We have added all the working solutions here so that you can easily fix this common issue of the Chromecast device.

If you know of any other solutions to fix this issue, kindly share them with us. We would definitely like to add that to this list so that more users can get benefited from it.

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