Best BeeTV Alternatives for Movies & Shows

Hi. This is Nick. In this article, you will find out about some of the best BeeTV alternatives for FireStick, Smart TVs, and Android Mobile Devices.

BeeTV is certainly one of the most popular third-party streaming apps for watching movies and TV shows. Its immense popularity is due to one of its features called the “Special Request”. Using this feature, viewers can request the developers to stream a particular content, like a TV show or movie.

BeeTV can be installed on PC/Laptop, Firestick, Nvidia Shield TV, and Android devices like smartphones, TV, etc.

Known Bee TV issues

  • Server Overload: Bee TV is known to crash or behave unexpectedly when its servers are overloaded with users.
  • Software Glitches: Sometimes Bee TV will fail to launch on your device. While network issues can be a common cause, these glitches can also be a result of corrupted cache data.

10 Best BeeTV Alternatives

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Here is the list of the streaming apps that you can use as BeeTV alternatives:

1. Cinema HD (one of the best apps like BeeTV)

bee tv alternatives

If you want to stream high-quality videos of TV shows and movies, then you will surely enjoy using Cinema HD. Cinema HD is not your usual search engine-like app. Instead, it displays links that are freely available from the web. Cinema HD does not usually stream any copyrighted or illegal content.

Cinema HD has a variety of content across all categories. Everything from suspense thrillers to action movies can be streamed with this app. Although it is primarily meant for Android devices, it can also be installed on Firestick, macOS, and Windows devices.

Cinema HD allows you to use Trakt TV as an additional integration. Using Tract TV, you can edit and manage your playlists. It also provides notification in case of newly available content. Other than this, it provides you with Automatic Backup and restoration of Data, Low Profile Modes for performance optimization, subtitles for videos, and a host of other cool features.

Install Cinema HD on FireStick

2. TeaTV  (a decent BeeTV replacement)

beetv alternative

If you want limitless content, then Tea TV is one of the best BeeTV alternative app for you. It is compatible with Android devices and can also be tweaked for installation on Firestick, PC, Mac, and more.

TeaTV has a huge collection of content including content from different regions in multiple languages. It is also host to some unique content that is not found on any other app. All the TV shows and movies are available in Full HD quality. Therefore, this app is great for use on large screens.

Tea TV has a smooth User Interface that is very intuitive and easy to understand. You can quickly search for new content and create a personalized list.

Install TeaTV on FireStick

3. Nova TV

bee tv alternatives

Nova TV is more of a search engine for content and is constantly looking for fresh content on the internet. Nova TV will allow you to download content and view it offline if you want. It fetches Full HD and 4K links that have an ultra-fast download speed.

The one thing that makes Nova TV stand out among the crowd is its clutter-free and gorgeous interface. The interface may look very familiar to Netflix users. You can also use Trak.TV extension with Nova TV. Its SeriesGuide support helps you find the content that you are looking for.

Install Nova TV on FireStick

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4. FilmPlus


If too many sponsored ads on streaming platforms are bothering you, you could try FlimPlus. Many websites provide fake information that could lead to malware. FlimPlus serves you with genuinely good links from multiple servers. You can also get Real-Debrid Links.

FlimPlus has premium content from over 15 different languages including English, Spanish, and some Indian languages like Hindi, Telegu, and Tamil. If you want content for your kids, then it is also available. FlimPlus is compatible with the most popularly used Operating Systems and devices.

Install FilmPlus on FireStick

5. Media Lounge (another one of the best BeeTV alternatives)

best bee tv alternatives

Media Lounge has targeted the extremely annoying issue of buffering. High-resolution content streams very smoothly without consuming a massive bandwidth.

Media Lounge has been around for a while and is highly trusted by many users. Media Lounge can be used on iOS, Android, and Windows. It has a vast collection of high-quality TV shows and movies. Media Lounge is known for high-resolution videos that most apps can’t match up to.

This streaming app has a very attractive User Interface. You can quickly switch between the different categories and menus. The app receives regular updates for features and bugs. It has become quite stable and reliable since its launch.

Install Media Lounge on FireStick

6. CyberFlix TV (one of the best BeeTV alternatives)

bee tv alternatives

CyberFlix TV is one of the finest streaming apps that can be regarded as another potent Bee TV alternative to have taken over after the end of Terrarium TV. CyberFlix’s interface is just like that of the CinemaHD app. It is very intuitive and well organized.

Cyberflix TV has a very fast server that ensures zero buffering while streaming content. It also has subtitles in over 255 languages. Therefore, the chances of getting subtitles in your native language are pretty high. Cyberflix TV has support for Chromecast. Therefore, you can also cast the streamed content to your TV.

A great thing about Cyberflix TV is that it does not display ads or sponsored banners. It has an integrated media player that provides a great, clutter-free viewing experience.

Install CyberFlix TV on FireStick

7. Morpheus TV

morpheus tv

Morpheus TV has been primarily designed for the Android platform. The app has the capabilities of TV and D-pad navigation. It not only works on Android devices like smartphones but works well with smart TVs also. You can download movies or TV shows into your device directly with Morpheus TV.

Morpheus TV comes with a powerful search engine that enables you to find the content that you need. Every video on Morpheus has subtitles whose font and text style can be customized as per your needs. Over 50 video providers like Alluc, CartoonHD, IMDB Flixanity, etc. provide content to Morpheus TV.

If you want to limit the number of parallel downloads that take place to reduce data and memory usage, then you can set the threshold. Morpheus TV also allows you to integrate Trak.TV for organizing and tracking content. You can also customize buffering settings in case you have limited internet speed or data.

Install Morpheus TV on FireStick

8. Kodi

bee tv alternative

One of the most widely used apps for watching movies and TV shows, Kodi is really simple to install. Kodi is developed and supported by a large community.

It is basically an open-source, home theatre app. You can collect and organize TV shows, movies, music, photos, and also Live TV. You can organize your media and holds its rights without having to pay for it. Kodi even provides support for many game controllers and hosts a large number of console emulators for playing games.

Kodi is compatible with most popular operating systems like Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, iOS, tvOS, etc. You can also install it on devices like Raspberry Pi.

Install Kodi on FireStick

9. Titanium TV

best bee tv alternatives

Titanium TV is a great BeeTV replacement highly favored streaming app that features the latest content and updates itself regularly. You can literally watch hundreds of hours’ worth of videos.

Titanium TV has a smooth and great-looking user interface. With this app, you can access limitless content and even live TV channels from all over the globe.

In case you have a Real Debrid account then you can also log into it to access Real Debrid links for even more content.

Install Titanium TV on FireStick

10. CucoTV (one of the newest Bee TV Alternatives)

cuco tv

CucoTV is a wonderful app for devices like Mibox, Roku, Chromecast, Smart TV, Xbox, and Firestick. You can not only stream but download multiple contents in the background.

CucoTV has some thoughtful features for organizing content. It has a watched list and a favorites list that you can maintain. Subtitles are available for all content in most languages. Cuco TV’s internal player is sufficient as it provides all the features of popular players like VLC and MXPlayer.

Cuco TV’s built-in content request feature allows you to request new content from the developers. This feature works on a priority basis.

Install CucoTV on FireStick

FAQs for BeeTV Alternatives

Which are the best BeeTV Alternatives?

Instead of BeeTV, you can use all the alternative apps listed here. Among these, Cinema APK and CyberFlix TV are some of the best ones.

Is there a problem with BeeTV?

These streaming apps including BeeTV encounter glitches from time to time. It could be no streams available error, server overload, etc.

Has BeeTV been shut down?

No, BeeTV has not been shut down yet, however, sometimes, the app faces server overload and software glitches.

Can I still download BeeTV?

Yes, BeeTV can still be downloaded. Follow our guide to install the latest version of BeeTV on your device– How to install BeeTV on FireStick

Wrapping Up BeeTV Alternatives

As you can see there are so many potent apps like BeeTV. Although Bee TV is a very popular streaming app, some users have been bothered by connectivity issues. While internet speed and other related faults may be the cause of this, Bee TV’s servers may often be overloaded with too many users. Therefore, a good Bee TV alternative app would be quite handy in such cases.

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